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  1. Added you on skype
  2. Add me on skype OdysseyJay @Daxiee
  3. 1.175 m
  4. still swapping, looking for at least 8.5
  5. why not you just offer me?
  6. Skype me: OdysseyJay Leave your rates here/pm/skype
  7. Added you on skype but did not accept the request. Skype: OdysseyJay
  8. Yup his a scammer no doubt. traded with him 7m for $22.20, took my money and went offline So now you guys know his a scammer as well, take care guys. I don't mind losing money if you guys know his a scammer. Will post a report soon http://puu.sh/9Meyn/90bf807fa2.png
  9. BTW there is a scammer with a similar name. Skype: Sun.Tribot Didn't notice and went first. http://puu.sh/9GITN/9b563b465c.jpg http://puu.sh/9GIRN/55cc3da27a.jpg http://puu.sh/9GISC/0ddfdc401d.jpg http://puu.sh/9GQ0e/04926bf72c.jpg Agreed on price but didn't pay me. went offline after an hour. Since I already got scammed, please take note of the username letter by letter
  10. Thanks for the support everyone the sale has ended
  11. Yeah i know, just sold one I'm more active in other forums Anyways are you still buying 07 gold for 3.15/m?
  12. Add me on skype: toyourbeat94 You'll go first or find a mm (you cover the fees) Please leave a vouch after. Thanks