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  1. Close to a year since the script's release and it still doesn't do Dharok's with absorptions? I'm surprised the writers even know that NMZ exists.
  2. Pauses a lot prior to burning. About 5 or 6 times every inventory leading to less than 600 logs/hr. Everything else is fine. Client paint delay set to minimum (10ms) btw (and have tested 25ms, same issue).
  3. Sorry Smoke, I don't want Proxiesnow.
  4. Sometimes gets stuck by the gate just north-west of the pyramid's northern entrance, hopefully you can look into it sometime but other than that great script.
  5. Yes, my client paint delay was the problem. I moved it back to 25 and now I'm burning 1k/hr.
  6. I'm not lagging at all. It just pauses a lot. http://postimg.org/image/ervjhrowz/ I do have the client on Lite Mode with maximum client paint delay if that makes a difference?
  7. I'm only seeing about 500 logs/hr at Falador. Seems to misclick logs in inventory quite a bit and pauses while firemaking.
  8. aswerf

    fucking herbs

    There's a table around here somewhere showing the ID's of herbs in their unid form. You can get all the good ones identified in Nardah and keep the crap ones as unids so you maximize their value.
  9. Runtime info will come in very handy.
  10. Do swamp lizards to 49. 44-49 takes like an hour or two but instead you complain on here for 2 days.
  11. Very nice script but a big bug you may want to look into: When catching salamanders if the script tries to check the trap (after successfully trapping a salamander) when it has less than 3 free inventory spaces it just spazzes out and requires a manual reboot. Probably only a problem at orange salamanders though because of waterskins filling the inventory.
  12. Yeah you're account is forcibly logged out after 6hrs of continuous play but in oldschool you don't have to reload the client, you can just log back in straight away. OT: I don't think they use session ID's.
  13. good luck. 85 mining was the only skill i had after 07 came out lol, took me 2 weeks although i did it legit
  14. How are bank PIN's and the 6 hour log handled? Can a script made using this script log in and enter my bank PIN after being booted off every 6 hours?
  15. Are bank PINs handled by the client or the script? I use another script that enters my PIN but this one doesn't. Means I can't use this script for more than 6 hours before I have to manually enter the bank PIN. Very good script though, would be flawless if it could do PINs.
  16. The script drops my barbarian rod every 30 mins or so, drops them intentionally when I have more than one in my invy and it also dropped my small fishing net when I tried monkfish. it doesnt pick them back up either
  17. Do you guys realize the source is in the OP? Just update the ID's yourself, it's a five minute job. nevermind, the script's a bugfest now anyway.
  18. The ID's have changed if you haven't already been informed. Runite rocks and probably the doors as well need updating. int[] runiteRock = {13591, 13592}; Heroes' Guild ladder (top): 2119; Heroes' Guild ladder (bottom): 2125; Heroes' Guild door: {2624, 2625}; Pub's door (closed): 2486; (Pub's door (open): 2487;) Pub's trapdoor: 7257; Rogue's Den passageway: 7258; Rogue's Den door (closed): 7259; (Rogue's Den door (open): 7209;) <-- not sure on this one.
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