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  1. relative agility was the one purchased by accident.
  2. @Einstein I recently purchased your fishing script and had the agility script on another tab and bought both on accident. I was really high and thought i didnt purchase the fishing script. Would you be willing to refund it? or perhaps renew my sub after the update releases?
  3. Tried out the trial. Got stuck walking after leaving varrock through the white mountains or whatever they are called. I'm sure this is a webwalk issue and not the script. I got up to 25 and it tried to go to the spot where i needed rep instead of heading somewhere where i could thieve. Maybe put in a check or something? or an option in the GUI to skip that spot.
  4. was doing mith bars until addy then did addy until 80ish then gold bars with gloves. Botting prolly 8-12 hours a day. i did mix up skills a bit.
  5. Great script man! I've been using the V3 beta and it works flawless. I can leave overnight while i go to work no issues with the motherload mine. at 80 and STILL havent gotten the damn pet yet
  6. Wow! what a GREAT SCRIPT!!! ive botted plenty of hours on my acct with this. currently at 93! I've left this script running while sleeping, working, and going out and about! No issues at all!
  7. let me know when you get yours solved ive been waiting almost a week lol. Mods maybe lock the thread and change it to out of stock or something so this doesnt continue happening? Seems like its a pretty common issue.
  8. Looking for a script that will do all the games so i can get infinity sets how much would that cost?
  9. Could someone tell me how to make the exe open this version instead? i have the 5.0 jar in the same folder as exe and 4. jar nay help appreciated!
  10. Sorry i also bought some while you were offline. I think an extension blocked your chat app. I would accept tribot creds instead or if you want to refund thats fine aswell
  11. cant wait to start an army and try to get banned lol
  12. Still having this problem. I have checked the instance manager and it doesnt even say im running anything. please help. Not running any other intsances of tribot or any script at all.
  13. have an idea to add a total magic xp gained when using the superheat option. Great script btw
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