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  1. Does this still create accounts? I can't seem to figure out how to get it started. I fill out all the settings, but if I want to create a new account, it brings me to a new page in my web browser? How does the script create accounts?
  2. Banned running this on an account for only a couple of hours a day. Be warned, this may not be as low of a ban-rate as it used to be.
  3. I've been having issues with the script. I keep finding it repeatedly logging in, checking the GE, and then logging out again, not doing anything even though I have offers waiting to be collected, a large cash stack available to continue buying/selling, and a relatively long item list (at least to my knowledge). I tried searching and found some talk of "idling" problems, but I'm not sure if this is what I am experiencing as well, and or if there was ever a solution available to it?
  4. When trying to use this script with Looking Glass, everything seems to work besides logging in. The script gets stuck at the login screen with the "New Player" and "Existing Player" buttons. If I click on "Existing Player", then the script logs in successfully. Console during this is a bunch of messages that say ""Un-handled login message:" Is this a problem with the script, or LG? If it's with the script, would a fix be easy to implement?
  5. Hey, don't know if you did anything to fix it or not, but Trollheim is working again. The fletching failsafe is working as well. Was able to run the script for hours yesterday with no intervention. Great job, and thanks! Can't wait to try cooking soon.
  6. Script's been working well lately, with a few minor problems. When the script is stringing bows, sometimes it will withdraw 28 unstrung bows instead of 14, and then infinitely try to withdraw bowstrings even though there is no inventory space. Also, the Trollheim patch seemed to stop working for me again. It never gets to the ladder, it stops a little bit before it and repeatedly right clicks the ground. Other than that, script is great as usual.
  7. Got the "withdraw as item" problem today again when I wasn't even alching, this time it was when I was fletching and withdrawing logs to cut. Don't really know why the script would even be toggling the withdraw mode in this case. Also, sometimes when it goes to withdraw compost, it fills up the inventory with them and then continues to try and withdraw more until I manually deposit enough to make room in my inventory. Other than that, script's continuing to work well.
  8. Figured out that the problem with alching occurs because the script doesn't seem to be able to find fire runes when it goes to bank, even though I have thousands of them (also I'm using fire staff, but I know this probably doesn't matter). When the mouse gets stuck, if you move the mouse exactly two times (after the first time, the mouse snaps back to the position near the "Items/Notes" buttons), the bot is able to exit the bank and continue working. Just wondering if I'm the only one having this issue and I'm doing something wrong somehow.
  9. Yeah, it keeps right clicking in which I'm assuming it's attempting to open it. The strange thing is, the door seems to be cosmetic and not an actual functioning door. Did they change it or something maybe?
  10. I don't know if this was posted already, so sorry if it has been. The bot doesn't make it up to the Trollheim patch. It climbs up the stairs into the room right before the ladder that leads to the patch, however the bot just repeatedly right clicks on the open door that's there. If I pause the script, climb up the ladder myself and unpause it, the script continues to work as intended. However, this problem makes it impossible to use the Trollheim patch without constant careful babysitting. Edit: Also, I've been noticing that the script has also been getting stuck while in the bank and preparing to start alching. The mouse will just go down by the "Withdraw as Item/Note" buttons and the script will not do anything until human intervention helps it along. Edit 2: Just as I posted this, I noticed the script was alching by itself. I think it gets stuck sometimes and sometimes it is able to start alching eventually.
  11. A little while back in this thread, I posted about a problem with the script not depositing my Yew Longbows when a plant needed attention, and thus running out of inventory space. I may or may not be wrong, but from my observations, after you fixed this, the alching problems began. I'm not sure if it is a problem with other items besides Yew Longbows, but I suspect that the fix you did a while back for me may be the culprit. Reminder of what happens: Bot withdraws noted Yews, withdraws runes for alching, deposits noted Yews, and idles. Just trying to help.
  12. I'm not seeing it say anything. Edit: if I pause the script, withdraw the bows manually, and start it again, it starts to alch.
  13. New issue I've been having: when going to alch yew longbows, it withdraws the bows, the runes, and then it deposits the bows back into the bank and closes the window. Then it just afks.
  14. Just wanted to say that you did a great job with fixing my problem with the longbows last night very quickly, and now the script is running for me more smoothly than ever. Awesome job, best script I've ever purchased.
  15. I do have alching enabled for yew longbows. In my farming setup, though, I have it set to cut and string the longbows first. In the past, the alching step would only be enabled after I had no more yews to cut/string, and then it would start alching them instead of logging out in between farm runs. It's always behaved this way in the past, I don't know what changed. I just tried changing my food settings for Trollheim to 1, but it's unrelated; just got the problem again when the script went to farm at the Canifis patch. This time however the inventory wasn't even full. It managed to withdraw everything it needed and sat there in the bank window until I deposited the bows, and then it insantly exited the bank interface and started working again.
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