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  1. I was wondering if they care about you chaning location, i own accounts that i have switched proxies on multiple times, ex. Chezch republic , Russia -> Germany -> Netherlands And nothing happened from this, while botting 10 hrs / day + Also have an account that has only ever connected trough Tor, tor nodes change every x seconds/ minutes and been fine aswell.. Still curious as people say they do that IP changes in accounting.
  2. Amni

    Digsite Lamps Bot

    Big support, looking forward to the progress of this genious idea!
  3. Extremely lucky, or talking out of your ass. Please notice we are talking about recent, it sure is possible u botted 1800 total a year ago, but at this time i would highly doubt it.
  4. Use the proxy to register the new account, and log in only using the proxy. So you dont leak your flagged ip onto the new account.
  5. ^ This, if you have your password, email, username & ip all over leakedsource, its very easy to get ur ass whooped. Dodan Runescape Server, Zybez.net, Powerbot,Boostbot 2016 (LOL) ,MPGH DB & VB Dump. Im pretty sure these are yours. O no, guess it is all Tribot's fault.
  6. Amni

    tribot is detected

    That is true, our discussion went off topic. Excuse me for that. But i cant have him post misinformation, because he thinks " accounts hardly last that long " .
  7. Amni

    tribot is detected

    Obv, i stick to LG only. Ericc doesnt seem to realise theres quite a few amongst us in this community, who do manage to farm "succesfully" or atleast have their accounts last longer than 1 month ++ Guess im a wizard, heh?
  8. Amni

    tribot is detected

    You're accusing me of lying now? If you trough think your botting you're able of achieving much. I bot 8-16 hours a day, with breaks for 2 months now.
  9. Amni

    tribot is detected

    No, i dont even own Auth to Tau grand exchange, or any GE script at all. Where the fck would you even get that from?
  10. Amni

    tribot is detected

    Exactly what i thought.
  11. Amni

    tribot is detected

    This is completely unconfirmed, and just something that comes up in my mind. But perhaps they could check for MAC adresses aswell? (MAC Adress = an adress bound to your hardware, your router has a MAC adress for example.) OR Tribot is detected, memes.
  12. Amni

    tribot is detected

    I dont have a brother, what you say there does makes sense tho. I thought it was the way Jagex worked, chain banning accounts by IP, if that IP is known to bot. O well, dont play the game anymore. Mainly goldfarm now.
  13. Amni

    tribot is detected

    Back when i got into botting again, i had my main banned because 2-3 goldfarm accounts were banned on the same IP. Main had never botted, ever. Never interacted with bots, only shared IP adresses. I have now about 8 accounts using LOOKING GLASS ,going good, 4 of them are on their 4th 14 day bond right now.
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