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  1. How much for 1-85 mining?also it will be botted or by hand?
  2. thanks,very usefull information i will do it.
  3. That is what i was wondering,about banrate,and what do you recommend as fast exp and low banrate?
  4. I dont want to get banned so i dont want to get much risk,any advice for safe mining botting is appreciate.
  5. hey a question,if you get banned and you were using other ip(vps) what do you need to use to recover it?(mean like change passwordetc)
  6. Not bot but used tribot client,still rare.... Nobody else having this problem?
  7. What do you mean that?
  8. In your case you did bot and use proxy,i didnt use any proxy,just hotel wifi.
  9. Yes i am sure,2 major macro ban applied at same time.
  10. Guys while today i moved to other country to pass christmas and i log with this diferent IP and didnt even passed 1 minute and account banned,never botted on account. Anybody had have this problem? sounds weird for me.
  11. My english is very bad and also i dont use them much,so i am not famed. The most famed you are higher chance.
  12. https://www.reddit.com/r/2007scape/comments/3u914a/i_just_received_a_response_from_mod_infinity_and/cxdm2w7?context=3 EDIT: I'm not trying to be a dick, I just don't want you to waste additional money on charlatans. If someone is willing to try and help you for free, then by all means try whatever it is they are offering. Thanks for advice i didnt know it.
  13. Would you like to help me doing this?
  14. Didnt ever heard about Jagex added notes to accounts...Only thing i heard is that they block you from sending customer support ticket system.
  15. There had been people getting unbanned without using VPN claiming that they were hijacked,confusing Jagex.