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  1. I'm also having this problem.
  2. add me on skype to buy! austinkopesky
  3. Yeah I'll have to do some more training, but now it runs outside the bank eats food, then attempts to teleport. sorry for the trouble.
  4. I've deactivated and reactivated the script, but my hp lvl is 18 I have also tried filling my inventory with the necessary items, but it still wants to eat food and repeat.
  5. No Idea what's going on lol , now it just withdraws lobsters, eats them, and repeats. It continues to eat lobsters when i set it to take food with for the trip, but it just spams withdrawing items when i set to not bring food for the trip. I understand that you are probably as confused as I am. I am running other scripts at the moment and they seem to be working fine, so I'm not really sure. This is how I have it setup if this helps anything. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= I have cosmic runes, unpowered orbs, and lobsters in the top row of my bank. In the GUI for the script I have it set to eat lobsters and charge air orbs I have it set to bring food during the trip I have mouse speed set at 80 and the emergency teleport set for about 40% =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= I understand that teleport runes, tabs, or mounted glories can speed up the process, but are they required?
  6. I tried messing around with the settings, and I've noticed that it only withdraws the food, but then the mouse doesn't move or try to click on anything else as the debug spams "withdrawing items"
  7. I tried bringing salmon and trout, I also tried bringing no food on the trip. I am also not using energy potions, and I'm at fully recovered stats.
  8. Not working for me atm. I'm trying to craft air orbs. I have all of the required items (unpowered orb, cosmic runes, food, etc.). The problem I am having is that I will start the script at edgeville bank with nothing in my inventory, and it will open my bank, spam that it is withdrawing items (it's not) and then shuts off. Crafting Air Orbs withdrawing items withdrawing items withdrawing items withdrawing items withdrawing items withdrawing items thanks for using! Script has ended. Cool script though. I appreciate the work put into it.
  9. Like the script a lot. One small problem I'm having with ent detection though. Not sure if that's from the new dev release or the script itself. Maybe a nice feature to have would be bringing the broken axes to Bob in Lumbridge to be repaired. Nice work so far!
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