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  1. I was just wondering because on my main i havent done many quests, so maybe my account is ok..
  2. you need VIP to run free scripts and you can run 1 Premium script without VIP so either way you have to spend money
  3. ^ no because, certain quests give nMZ different monsters
  4. Hi, Im wondering what quests to do and not to do for NMZ, i just want to fight melee monsters so i can afk. Thanks
  5. Hi My stats are 75 Attack 80 Strength 70 Defence Im currently botting yaks, because it's easy, safe and don't need to bank. Im getting 40k - 42k per hour, im wondering what would be better? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the cash, easy customer, can't wait to buy from you again!!
  7. Damn! How much did you lose! please always ask for a PM in the future, sorry for your loses dude. EVERYONE PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ASK FOR A PM, AND MAKE SURE YOU ADD THE CORRECT SKYPE, THE IMPOSTERS ARE ONLY GOING TO INCREASE IN SIZE
  8. i will do this for 3m
  9. New rule * I will go first to vouched/mods/trusted people.*
  10. you have to digest a razor blade, no i think you have to verify you email
  11. Its terrible, I emailed a bug support email explaining im a parent. hahaha