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  1. Love the script and the updates works perfectly, had it going for 12 hours straight several times with no problems (only stopped cus my internet is shit), great work
  2. Thanks a lot for the update! One issue. I don't have the attack level required for a dragon axe and have it in my inventory but the bot banks all of my inventory including the axe when banking :/ then it kinda stops
  3. Gah! Spiker please reply! we need help we payed money man! Maybe just upload a short video to show how to use the path logic stuff.
  4. Hey man would you mind posting the settings you inputted to make this bot work? or even a video? I can't seem to get it to work and it's probably an easy solution. I'd appreciate it so much!
  5. I keep getting this error: http://gyazo.com/bd8fceb39b2823a1ca2d361a4d2dab5d Please help bro, do you think it might be a client problem? I am also free to play for the moment could that affect it? Edit - I'm running the version 9.132_0 of TriBot which I assume is the most recent, I even tried copying your actions exactly in the video but again, the script stops after about half a second. I really hope you have a solution :/ -I've tried everything now, reinstalling etc but no use... Something must be out of date idk plz respond asap
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