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  1. Been doing some DMM botting Tried to login - came up saying my display name needs to be set - and my email registered too My bond had just expired, so i set name, set email, and logged into normal osrs f2p Does this usually happen when a bond has expired for the first time?
  2. GL with your exams JJ - keen to try this out when beta is nearing completion!
  3. awesome script - why does it want to connect to 'obduro.org'?
  4. thanks for the input - so i guess the key is to bot for short periods of time
  5. Hi guys, I think my ip's been flagged but im not sure- one of my accounts received a bot busting moderate - then my other account received one day or two after. Only been training combat stats I've seen some of yous go all the way to 99 but im going for pretty decent stats around 85-90 For combat is there any way to bot relatively safely? - I've been training at many places and now I'm scared to bot in case of a perma If you could pls tell me if the following would be of any use/worth doing and which one/s to implement 1:vps/vpn to run bot 2:somehow changing my ip address 3:scheduling hourly breaks on the break handler 4:avoiding certain hot spots (if so what are they) Thanks!
  6. Been working well for me dude! 88-90 so far touchwood Encountered problems - 1: character gets stuck behind one of the rocks (at east), rock crabs are still aggressive and the character just stands there when all its gotta do is take one step to continue attacking 2: sometimes runs to reset crabs and just stands there thanks for the script
  7. lmao hahaha i love the script esp this [23:45:13] Lumb Flax Spinner V4: found dat shit [23:45:14] Lumb Flax Spinner V4: here keeps messing up when depositing bowstrings
  8. Bank pins not working. Any thoughts? I really don't want to remove it since I got cleaned 3m when i didnt have one :/
  9. Thanks so much! - pinball random glitched where after obtaining a score of 10 it missed the cave exit and ran to the corner and spun around the camera constantly - other than that great!