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  1. Yeah Tribot needs a revamp, but because they are profit-oriented, they will segregate useful features (proxies/Looking Glass) to pay-to-access areas like they are now until people see the competition is offering the same features, at equal or greater quality, for free.
  2. [BETA] [ABCv2] F2P Trainer

    [12:53:04] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class scripts.gui.l
  3. JJ's Recorder - Create your own scripts

    ABCL is all this needs. I'd pay $5 for it!
  4. [Opensource] mfAIOMiner [Opensource]

    Whats the ABCL level at?
  5. Z3D AIO Miner [Open Source] [Flawless!]

    Thanks for release, ABCL?
  6. [ABC2] Progressive Chopper

    Don't see any GUI or paint, however the ABC2 delays appear to be working!
  7. AceChopper - Powerful Quality Woodcutter

    What level ABCL does it have? Also it never seems to move the mouse after clicking to chop, it should occasionially move the mouse after chopping.
  8. [ABCL 10][157hr Proggy] FC Woodcutting [AIO]

    ^ Getting banned for not having abc2 could be considered script breaking
  9. Doesn't fish shrimp in Lummy. I have a net, start at the fishing spots, it just wont click the shrimp spots. ABC2 reaction times enabled.
  10. [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    25 hours of legit zulrah.... ok.