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  1. Yeah Tribot needs a revamp, but because they are profit-oriented, they will segregate useful features (proxies/Looking Glass) to pay-to-access areas like they are now until people see the competition is offering the same features, at equal or greater quality, for free.
  2. [12:53:04] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class scripts.gui.l
  3. ABCL is all this needs. I'd pay $5 for it!
  4. Whats the ABCL level at?
  5. Thanks for release, ABCL?
  6. Don't see any GUI or paint, however the ABC2 delays appear to be working!
  7. What level ABCL does it have? Also it never seems to move the mouse after clicking to chop, it should occasionially move the mouse after chopping.
  8. ^ Getting banned for not having abc2 could be considered script breaking
  9. I'm using default client, but the problem appears to be resolved, thanks all.
  10. There was nothing said in the debug as usual for the ABC2 wait time.
  11. Doesn't fish shrimp in Lummy. I have a net, start at the fishing spots, it just wont click the shrimp spots. ABC2 reaction times enabled.
  12. ABC2? I think no WC bots have it LOL