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  1. seems the woodcutter isn't working, just banks and withdraws axe over and over.
  2. yeah not talking about the quality of the paint, just the functionality =P edit: the picture i linked should show what i mean. 2.1b xp an hour and 00:00 runtime for example.
  3. lava rc'ing not working? says missing 11787 , what item is that? edit: nvm, had a custom steam staff instead of normal one. could be a nice quickfix if you add that ID with the skin
  4. scripts working perfectly now sorry for the confusion the other scripts apart from the mining one could use a little love in the GUI, otherwise great job edit: added a picture hope it helps
  5. so just to be clear pouch repair via abyss only doesn't work when NOT crafting in the abyss already right? for example... I'm crafting natures in the abyss: pouch repair works. i'm crafting laws via balloon, pouch repair does NOT work True?
  6. super quick resolution scripts working well, thanks for the fast fix and quick response!
  7. What script were you using in the package? - Agility - What settings did you choose in the GUI? Falador, normal settings. - Describe the problem as much as possible. It litrally won't start - Do you have a picture of the bug happening? (a picture tells more than just text) - Is there any errors or anything in the client or bot debug? - Have you tried restarting your Tribot client completely? Close all tribot windows and then restart it. (this sometimes fixes some issues) yes Since it's not working can I just get a refund to buy the agility script seperate please? i've been trying to contact you for a while now.
  8. Question, what are the recommended stats for the script? interested in using it on my tank but I'm only 40 attack, 40 strength, also does this use prayers? Thanks!
  9. hey curlseyes, ur not the only person who uses the script
  10. Yo. Can you code balloon method? would pay 10m for it.
  11. Still not a VIP, I sent Trilez an email. No luck. If anyone can help I'd appreciate it! need to start botting before my social life deteriorates!
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