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  1. Been out of the loop for a bit, just getting back into scripting and was wondering if anyone could look over my code? https://github.com/ConnorPeticca/AIOChopper/tree/master/src/main/java/scripts Any feedback helps, just trying to overall improve my code.
  2. Rewrite is done, will be adding a better paint in the future.
  3. Doing a full rewrite, should be done in the coming days.
  4. Currently I am using Dynamic Clicking and Web Walking with astar enabled. With the introduction of abc2 have these become obsolete? Another thing I wanted tot know was the best way to implement the the opening of the menu and selecting an option, ChoseOption seems to not work but that could be my implementation.
  5. Not to sure if I am allowed to ask but I guess i will find out. I was looking for a client deobf to get some more info on how the game works client side.
  6. I have a working method I just would like it to be better. The cycle is around 30 secs, whoever you if start the script on the 29th second of the cycle it wont know that.
  7. Where is the time for the next health regen located. Is it a setting or part of the api?
  8. Once i realized the rsitem can be constructed with methods from the rsinterfacecomponet it was smooth sailing.
  9. Okay so how do i convert the rsinterface component to an rsitem?
  10. @Usa Yes, I can't seem to find anything recent on how the new shops work
  11. Haven't been scripting for a while have they changed the shop interfaces ?
  12. The world hopping is the tribot login bot failing. I am working on the doors and ladders right now.I will add mouse speed soon.
  13. Updated script let me know how it goes, report any bugs please.
  14. It world hops but it doesn';t use the world switcher
  15. It seems that the TRiBot world hopping API doesn't seem to work. WorldHopper.changeWorld(WorldHopper.getRandomWorld(!freeToPlay));
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