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  1. Fully Automated :)

    700 eur?
  2. Fully Automated :)

    If I may ask, how much are you making monthly right now with botting?
  3. @Underpaw I botted the account from lvl 3, 100% botted so never played it myself actually
  4. @Underpaw HAhaha I'm not sure if I'm gonna try again..I'm maxed man lol
  5. Passive income

    @lets be friends lol sounds like a good idea dude
  6. Passive income

    Hey guys, How to build passive income beside botting? Do u guys have more methods ?:D resulting from cash flow received on a regular basis, requiring minimal to no effort by the recipient to maintain it
  7. I used autoalch script on the account, NMZ for a long time, 1 year ago I got a 2 day ban for the autoalch script, for nmz I never got a ban So yeah I've botted on the account before
  8. People can never get enough...:P
  9. Do u guys use mage pots?
  10. @Dickeater7832 lol sick
  11. What is the default mouse speed on this bot? Can anybody check for me? Thanks <3
  12. @erickho123 Thank you for the scripts you've made. I got maxed last week...100% botted account. This is all for the guys who want to make a max account. IT IS STILL POSSIBLE . Also used your free prayer script got me more then 70 prayer levels in total.
  13. bot make for os-scape?

    Kill the npcs and pick up blood money
  14. bot make for os-scape?

    Hi guys, Is there a possibility to make an os scape bot with this money making method?