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  1. Yeah I had tried it just after he updated. I havnt tried again yet, I think it was client sided bug though. I could not end the script only pause it. Had to close Tribot. WIll update in a second. EDIT: Working fine now. Must have been tribot. Thanks for the quick reply. Is there anyway to save the scripts last used settings? @laniax
  2. Having a bug at Ardoune Silk Stalls. It goes to click the stall then it runs away as if it were in combat. It does this repeatedly. Im on resizeable Ill try deleteing Hooks.dat
  3. No more lifetime or unlimited instances for scripts or private scripts. Max is 100 instances I think, and 180 days or six months is the longest time you can buy a script now. You can read more about it here.
  4. I was talking about the lifetime sub. He said something about buying the lifetime years ago. All lifetime subs that were purchased before February when Tribot changed the rules, will end in August.
  5. Well you'll only have access to it until august before you have to buy it again.
  6. Are you going to offer 2 account instances again? I only have 1 account and dont feel justifed paying 15.00 for the "unlimited lifetime instance" thats only 180 days and 25auths since tribots new rules. Would love to pay the 4.99
  7. This is the only reason I dont buy the script.
  8. Key listner has been broken for a while. I have a proper bug report on the github.
  9. OMG this is awesome! For mains that bot watch this is fuckin great. <3 Ty Trillez. Please fix key listener bae.