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  1. |w| Constructor [REWRITTEN 2.0] [ABC2 L10]

    Yeah the script stops the building to talk to the butler whenever he comes even if it can take more logs. I think the script needs a little change. I can get 290k an hour without the money bag by hand. Sadly I'm getting way less than that with .1 or even ABC disabled.
  2. |w| Constructor [REWRITTEN 2.0] [ABC2 L10]

    Im having the same issue. My looking glass is getting about 180k an hour on Mahogany Tables. Thats at ABC2 0.1 setting. In the normal tribot client it seems much faster. But it has trouble getting stuck with the demon butler. If the butler ask's for more money it breaks. Using hotkeys for building and the demon butler.
  3. Human Mouse Data not loading

    Are you sure you have V.I.P e? I dont see the tag on your forum name
  4. Im in fixed mode. Im using the tribot client. Will send a video now
  5. Had this exact thing happen to me. Also grand exchange buying seems to be bugged. It goes to buy an item. Then no matter what it will; close the G.E tab, re open tab, close tab, search for item, close tab, re open tab, collect item. close tab, and so on and so fourth. Seems very very bot like. Nothing is being posted in the debug except this [18:06:33] ClickObject interact() result: true [18:06:17] Successfully put in offer for (954x1) [18:06:33] ClickObject interact() result: true It just clicks around the tabs a bunch trying to do something.
  6. This is a very detailed description of your problem but somehow I still don;t understand.
  7. TacoManStan's Tutorial List

    Seriosuly MAte!
  8. OMG is all I can say. Perfect flawless script. Are you interested in making private scripts? Can Pm for details if you are.
  9. Future of tribot???

  10. tribrid pking script with overheads

    LOL I highly doubt its possible
  11. Looking Glass - Runescape client not found

    I am now having the same problem as @Mynic. Ive follwed the link worthy posted and it didnt work. Ive also tried using the 64bit java with 64bit osbuddy and it doesnt show up for some reason. Any help is greatly appreciated
  12. [P] looking for scripter to build a private niche code

    I would go to @Mute. He is by far the one of the best here.
  13. [BETA] [ABCv2] F2P Trainer

    Loving the script. Great release. Probably the best Gui set up ever haha