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  1. Loving the script. Great release. Probably the best Gui set up ever haha
  2. Nope nothing, and I restarted the entire tribot client and os buddy client EDIT; Tried again today and same thing, just opens bank tab and sits there... nothing printed in debug. The paint says "banking"
  3. Just got the trial and super energy potions are broken. Restarted a few times and it doesn't see the pots or the mort myre funge in my bank.
  4. https://mega.nz/#!W0AUyZpD!rl9oG-Gw0ZEl93umNSZXqFhS8tdt5EqhARY0cdErQrY
  5. I sent a mega link in your pms
  6. I sent you one with 100bpm chop it so it only uses the I need you part. And maybe add a small baseline or synth behind her talking so its not as drab Should be mucho fuego
  7. I am not. I will send samples What bpm is this? like 120? 145?
  8. Some reverbed Female vocals on this would be insane.
  9. What is magic imbune? I just learned about lava rcing. Is that the best way to maximize runs per hour?
  10. yes +1
  11. Without even so much as a please? You sir, are a proper jackass
  12. Anyone? Still cant get it to work??
  13. So Ive deleted java and re installed it. Deleted .tribot in my temp folder and re downloaded and same problem? Tribot has always worked seamlessly in the past I dont know whats wrong now.
  14. No like I mean i cant do anything after I login to Tribot through the loader. It just sits at the Client Main page. (where i can choose to do looking glass or view store view client advanced etc. I dont know what I should do. And how do i make a gif?
  15. Hey guys for some reason when I open Tribot I cant click anywhere inside the client. I can type my user and pass and login but after I can't go to settings or start an applet? I recently put a new SDD in my computer and a fresh windows and java install on it. Is there a driver or something im missing?