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  1. Thanks, getting very low fps ~5 fps running like 16 bots, I have the 9900k i9 cpu so thats very strange.. I noticed disabling graphics or minimizing tribot increases the frames but then I cant check on the bot also for some reason doing this increases the cpu by a lot. Any tips?
  2. How do I view my current fps on the client?
  3. About 4 weeks. Almost 99 atk/str/def/range
  4. no just normal gear and pray flicking
  5. I don't know how but lately I have been having a lot of success with my nmz script I created. I have been running about 8 accounts 24/7 and only 1 account got a 2 day ban. Here's a progress report from one of my accounts currently. I don't even have any antiban on my script..
  6. Is there any way to get your own key? The free key does hit the max quite frequently.
  7. Ah got it to work, Is there any way to add paths to this? I noticed it is able to get to the destination and climb up the stairs at some locations but it cannot exit from that destination and climb back down. Noticed this in wizards tower and a couple of other places that require stairs/ladders.
  8. I don't quite understand how to import this into my IDE. When I copy the dax_api folder it does not come packaged with allatori and GSON and other dependencies. How are people using this?
  9. A couple of questions. 1. If you stop the script without calling ABCUtil.close(), does the background thread still keep running and affect the next script that is run? 2. Are we supposed to disable the default antiban when using abc2? Does the default antiban interfere with abc2 and is the correct way to disable it using General.setAntibanCompliance(false)? 3. The generateEatAtHp does not seem to be very human-like.. its always choosing a percentage between 44-48 percent and if you have low hp like 20-40. It picks the same value over and over and you are basically eating at the same hp every time. Am I using it wrong?
  10. I implemented some of the ABCL2 antiban behavior but I noticed sometimes TRiBot does some additional antiban? For instance it randomly moves mouse or rotates camera even though abcUtil.rotateCamera is not called yet or abcUtil.moveMouse is not called yet. Is there a way to get when that antiban occurs? In order to get the waiting time for reactionTiming I want to get when that antiban occurs to get the waitingTime since last action.
  11. Sometimes the bot doen't login after the 6 hour timeout? It's been like this for a few months now. Is this a known bug?
  12. Oh is it just 2 id's? Do you know which ones by any chance? Thanks I'll try his out.
  13. Is there a working open-source GrandExchange API by any chance? Tribot one is broken and USA's also seems broken.
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