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  1. RedHawkLuffy

    Force Mouse Hop

    A very peculiar request but any way to force the mouse to hop on everything including api methods like Walking.walk?
  2. RedHawkLuffy

    GrandExchange API?

    Oh is it just 2 id's? Do you know which ones by any chance? Thanks I'll try his out.
  3. RedHawkLuffy

    GrandExchange API?

    Is there a working open-source GrandExchange API by any chance? Tribot one is broken and USA's also seems broken.
  4. RedHawkLuffy

    Cannot buy vip all of a sudden

    Worked fine for the past couple of years. All of a sudden it says cannot do payment because its fradulent. Using the same paypal I always have used. I haven't changed anything.
  5. RedHawkLuffy

    Recent Downtime

    CPU seems about the same or more but I could just be being paranoid here. Should I increase the paint delay?
  6. RedHawkLuffy


    I don't have looking glass so sadly I have not been able to test it. Script works perfect without lg though.
  7. RedHawkLuffy


    Well that could be it, works without lg
  8. RedHawkLuffy


    Logs in fine for me and most people. Are you using looking glass?
  9. RedHawkLuffy


    Oh sorry, fixing it. /e should be fixed now.
  10. RedHawkLuffy


    Thanks! Oh weird, that's probably a tribot bug. But I will try fixing the logging out thing so it doesn't happen as often and thanks!
  11. RedHawkLuffy


    Strange, was there any log?
  12. RedHawkLuffy


    That's really nice to hear, I will look into your suggestions!
  13. RedHawkLuffy

    Auto Cooker [Open Source]

    oops accidentally posted here /e looks like a great script tho!
  14. RedHawkLuffy


    New paint coming soon!
  15. RedHawkLuffy


    lol fixedddd