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  1. dusk

    Botting in OSRS??

    I've been out of the scene for nearly a year now and a lot has changed. Whats happening with botting? Is it still going strong or are Jagex banning you on the spot? Would be awesome if some people with knowledge of these situations could give me a bit of an insight into things Cheers
  2. I brought it for 2m in like March 2013 and can still redownload in repository
  3. Also, when finishing the Pinball random event the script just turns stops? Here's a link off the client debug http://gyazo.com/cbc40330b4b14808c6c4b23c12f4c2b4
  4. Something is coded wrong in the course, It's not the scripts fault. All you have to do is click outside the wall and it walks on through. Glitched the script out a couple times though.
  5. Having problem with Falador rooftop course. Occasionally it gets stuck when finishing the course and glitches behind the wall. The script doesn't know what to do and just stands around until it logs out. http://gyazo.com/e5e5009029b93f80098f466501ab4e38
  6. How much you lose? And did you bot it?
  7. Got me 99 hunter from 80 in 1 week of baby sitting + suiciding
  8. I got killed at chins by jerkyll? Does that qualify? I have a screenshot to prove it. Happened yesterday. Lost 3k chins http://gyazo.com/4a457b931daefb153a8beae1a2d57918 Not sure if that's the scripts fault or the client
  9. I brought from you around 4 days ago. Has got me to 93 hunter from 83 already Would recommend baby sitting it though. Helps reduce the ban rate a little.
  10. Very quick and easy trade Testing soon
  11. Please contact me Wanting to pay through paypal. My skype is Dusksy
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