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  1. Bought 9 bonds from him. Trusted!
  2. all sold , will sell agian soon. Thanks!
  3. I've got around 40m for sale. I can go first if you are trusted or can use a middleman.
  4. Done! mouse_data-131410-1408013047629.dat mouse_data-131410-1408017783791.dat mouse_data-131410-1408018938632.dat mouse_data-131410-1408173860699.dat mouse_data-131410-1408201713214.dat mouse_data-131410-1408744549671.dat mouse_data-131410-1408745215241.dat
  5. got another bond from him , he is trusted.
  6. 17ark

    Buying 10 bonds

    Got my bonds , thanks
  7. Just bought 10 bonds from him @950k each.
  8. 17ark

    Buying 10 bonds

    Hello, I'm looking to buy 10 Bonds with 07 Gold as payment. Looking to pay 900k per bond. Willing to go first to trusted sellers, If you are not trusted you will be going first. My Skype is Shermansnyg
  9. Skype: Shermansnyg How many bonds: 10 Have you added me on skype: Yes Do you agree the TOS: Yes
  10. Just bought 3 bonds from him , nice and fast!
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