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  1. shadowisle

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    I wish it could alch while doing agility. That'd be sweet, id buy it totally then
  2. So im wondering, ever going to make it ZMI compliant?? That'd be sweeeeeeeet.
  3. it keeps on taking off my dpick? why is this?
  4. like itll actually do the auto chat but it wont put up the money.
  5. ok im not anymore, but now its not even setting itself up, its not auto chatting or anything at all. no errors either brother.
  6. hey bud, its getting stuck at the second screen where you put the gp up to move forward. is this cause im using looking glass or?
  7. how is the law slave running, it working good? Anyone know??
  8. I would prolly buy like 3 or 4 auths for this if he fixed the law running. But idk if he is. No response. :/
  9. he should fix the slave running for crafting laws, they run to fally bank and sit there.
  10. Hey brotha, every-time i get attacked by someone, it doesn't tele away from being attacked by a player. I was at 14hp & had to tele it myself. Can you check this out please.
  11. You should update teh script, make a lil more antiban aka human like, i used trail was gonna buy it but then it loks like a real bot kinda thing. Maybe make the banking a little faster on withdrawing shit, no1 sits at bank for 20 minutes you know? Just lookin out.
  12. shadowisle

    USA Dragon Killer [500k/hr+][ABCL]

    It doesnt deposit the looting bag contents into the bank when banking, also, it gets stuck "eating"???
  13. shadowisle

    USA Dragon Killer [500k/hr+][ABCL]

    So its not using looting bag correctly., it gets stuck on ABC2 antiban alot and it horrible right now, can you please fix USA?
  14. So are you ever going to update the script for the new update or did all the people that got it, get screwed for buying it?
  15. Assume, can you fix the second screen glitch? it gets to second screen, and if they dont accept fast enough, it sits there.... loses alot of stakes cause of it.