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  1. Problems/Oversights/Bugs i've noticed: I have to manually accept tasks due to it seemingly not knowing about this dialogue due to my cb level. As it only supports Vanakka, can this get patched in soon? See: http://puu.sh/3WRux.jpg http://puu.sh/3WRuN.jpg Doesn't use "Steel key ring" in place of dusty key. Doesn't recognize DFS as a better alternative to antidragon shield. For example, unequipped my DFS and equipped antidragon for a Hellhounds task. Not ideal. No antipoisons for Hellhound task (walks past poison spiders). When it begins pathing to the next monster to fight, if another one (of the desired monsters) attacks you on the way, it doesn't break pathing and attack that one, it moves to the "focused" one and continues to eat dmg from the one that is attacking. Noticed a lot of dmg taken while it walked (didn't run? also would be useful if it would ctrl click on the pathing) between Hellhounds upstairs/downstairs and it didnt stop to attack the ones that were already attacking. Also gets stuck on way from bank -> hellhounds @ the blue dragons. stands there. if i manually path it to black demons it then continues. Only done 1 task so far, but they're some things worth noting. Otherwise bot seems solid, look forward to feature implementation and fixes. Cheers
  2. Any advice on navigating SOS? Currently I'm having problems with it opening the right doors as the pathing doesn't always seem to put me next to the door I need, particularly when im between them i.e. it doesn't walk 3 steps to the next door and just reopens the one it came through, due to pathing inaccuracy.
  3. I think you should've really polished it before release, because lacking things like prayer/potion which are simple as hell to code make it rather unappealing for the price. You've made something great but only gone 95% of the way. Will purchase this when you have implemented potion support.
  4. Wussupwussup, can you please explain what SCP/Set Home is/do? Also besides rementioning the fact the saving thing is busted, do you have any ETA/progress on fixing it?
  5. Not sure what those logic files actually are, but is there any way you could output them to a more manually editable format i.e. xml or plaintext or something? Just another suggestion for the list. Wouldn't really add any function, but users like myself would appreciate it - if it was an easy format to take in/out it would also help with troubleshooting i'm sure. Suggestion might be less relevant if the current implementation was solid/didn't break in another way every patch. Seems like it'd be easier though
  6. I'm having trouble saving "To monster" logic. It seems "To bank" saves, but "To monster" doesn't. I opened the monster.logic file in Notepad and it looks like theres the information in there, but it doesn't reopen. Any help?
  7. Are you able to troubleshoot/resolve without change log? As a few users have asked/mentioned, their logic seems to get corrupted very often. Is this resolvable? It noticed it did it 90% of the time if I tried to resave logic under the same name. Bit frustrating. Also pre-emptively, is looting using just ID's now and not the names stored in the hashmap? It looks like the names are returned from something like runelocus? Problem being the names don't match 100% up to the ID's in RS i.e. in game both half keys are "Half of a key" and the one stored in the .ini file is "Loop half of a key" and "Tooth half of a key". This is just one example. Haven't even been able to see if this works yet due to not being able to recreate my logic =/
  8. Can confirm ^ Seemed to be working earlier after the 1.5 update as I messed around with some of my old logic in trying to get it working after the new patch. However doesn't work now. Have wiped all my old logic - was there another update pushed maybe that broke it?
  9. Is there any way to set it up so it keeps melee protect on as well as piety? And can you make it turn prayer off when out of combat (i.e. waiting for spawns)? Also being able to set a re-dose threshhold on potions would be fantastic. For example at Mithril Dragons i'd like to be repotting far more constantly than it does at the moment - but at most locations it's fine.
  10. Hi guys, I have just purchased, waiting on auth in email. Out of curiosity, would you guys consider implementing telegrab looting? It's some pretty specific use cases (Ogre cage, Greater Demon Cage come to mind) but i'd personally use it. Is this possible or is it too out of scope? I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be hard to implement. Also, high alchemy on particular items on would be fantastic. Maybe being able to flag looted items with 'alch'. Would be great for locations you like to camp for long periods of time. Cheers
  11. Thanks for this Spectrum, going to test out implementations in my own scripts but without a doubt will be flawless like all your stuff. Cheers.
  12. Would you be able to share any snippets/advice for implementing safe spotting? Taverly Black dragons seem like they'd be fairly easy (not sure on Zanaris location) and I could see how it'd work, but not sure on other locations/monsters. Do you just ensure the character is standing on a particular tile at all times, and set the radius to search for nearest NPC to something very precise, or..? Cheers
  13. meatwallace


    Can't wait to implement this in all of my scripts, thanks.
  14. Not really a snippet, but I couldn't find this anywhere on here, and I found it a bit painful to get the right ones. 2677,2678,2679,2680,2681,2682,2683,2684,2685,2686,2687,2688,2689,2690,2691,2692,2693,2694,2695,2696,2697,2698,2699,2700,2701,2702,2703,2704,2705,2706,2707,2708,2709,2710,2711,2712,2713,2716,2719,2722,2723,2725,2727,2729,2731,2733,2735,2737,2739,2741,2743,2745,2747,2773,2774,2776,2778,2780,2782,2783,2785,2786,2788,2790,2792,2793,2794,2796,2797,2799,2801,2803,2805,2807,2809,2811,2813,2815,2817,2819,2821,2823,2825,2827,2829,2831,2833,2835,2837,2839,2841,2843,2845,2847,2848,2849,2851,2853,2855,2856,2857,2858,3490,3491,3492,3493,3494,3495,3496,3497,3498,3499,3500,3501,3502,3503,3504,3505,3506,3507,3508,3509,3510,3512,3513,3514,3515,3516,3518,3520,3522,3524,3525,3526,3528,3530,3532,3534,3536,3538,3540,3542,3544,3546,3548,3550,3552,3554,3556,3558,3560,3562,3564,3566,3568,3570,3572,3573,3574,3575,3577,3579,3580,3582,3584,3586,3588,3590,3592,3594,3596,3598,3599,3601,3602,3604,3605,3607,3609,3610,3611,3612,3613,3614,3615,3616,3617,3618,7236,7238,7239,7241,7243,7245,7247,7248,7249,7250,7251,7252,7253,7254,7255,7256,7258,7260,7262,7264,7266,7268,7270,7272,7274,7276,7278,7280,7282,7284,7286,7288,7290,7292,7294,7296,7298,7300,7301,7303,7304,7305,7307,7309,7311,7313,7315,7317,10180,10182,10184,10186,10188,10190,10192,10194,10196,10198,10200,10202,10204,10206,10208,10210,10212,10214,10216,10218,10220,10222,10224,10226,10228,10230,10232,10234,10236,10238,10240,10242,10244,10246,10248,10250,10252,10254,10256,10258,10260,10262,10264,10266,10268,10270,10272,10274,10276,10278^ List of all clue scroll ID's. Not broken down by difficulty. Just whack em in your hashmap - there's 286 of them if you want to map them programatically.
  15. Millions of thanks for this Absolutely fantastic.
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