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  1. Is it still profitable from 1-99? If so can someone tell me method?
  2. Slayer Cave doesnt work..... Just enters the cave and sits there, i tried to move to fire giants (my task) to see if it wud help, it goes crazy and runs everywhere and nearly got my acc killed @ bronze dragons, NEEDS TO BE FIXED!
  3. Seems like a good script. Id probably add it to my collection if i could see a video of it in action.
  4. What version were you running: 2.4.9 What is your issue: When it was going to moss giants i had iron knives equipped so it just sat in the dungeon trying to cut the web until i stopped it. How do you think it happened exactly: Did not have a scim to cut the web... Severity rating (1-10): 5+ Percent of Occurrence[1-100%(How often does it happen?)]: 100%
  5. Was really messed up for a week or so for me but its working smoothly again. Good 6 hour run yesterday.
  6. Just hit 90 thieving so will definately buy this week, looks great!
  7. Script works great, love all the herbs im getting, but when it logs out and back in it cant do the bank pin? Any idea why?
  8. Found devloader. Now it just stands there and right clicks loots and doesnt attack anything.
  9. Haha the only guy who took my suggestion thread seriously! Well done mate! Im still getting reqs for lunar but ill surely use this. THANKYOU!
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