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  1. yh i have to active game neck my selfto.. very enoying..
  2. please fix the bot, or i want a refound... i start at bank, and it keeps taking about food, all the time, when invotry full, and it wont teleport...
  3. bot looks likes it working, but it sips ranging pots like hell... 1 sip every 20sec... fix please :/
  4. works great! bot made me 70-80str 70-80att- 70-80def + 46 d defenders and like 3mill :DD thx ran flawless after talking manually to lady downstairs
  5. i had the same problem, so i just bought vip
  6. just bought this so far got 1000 tokens, walked inside to get black defender, 30mins. so far so god thx