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  1. BACK AND AVALIABLE! Questing/Minigames and much more! why use my service? [$50] Donator on sythe -Trusted with high ranked accounts trusted with banks and high QP pics under proves everything! NMZ ACCOUNTS , MTD, guthans or demon Quests ( Pricing depends on the stats) Torso or firecape ( no void) ( Pricing depends on the stats) Skype: Live:leoshiro55_1 or add me here -Can Stream/Take screenshots or even record the whole progress for you if requested. trusted with bank! -done torso for ironmen low stats -done desert treasure for many accounts with low stats, EVEN IN DMM! -done many quests for pures and they trusted me with their stats and 1 def! Terms of services ~:
  2. ask your sister/brother/dad/mom/stepdad/stepmom/stepsis/stepbrother/stepgrandmother/grandmother/niece/stepniece to do it for you
  3. i hope u will keep updating this
  4. it has worked, thanks swagg and everyone!
  5. i need to get autocad or 3dmax 2016 please where can i get those for free? piratebay doesnt work :/
  6. it's installing right now i will see if it functions as what i assume it will, thanks!
  7. u should contact @TRiLeZ for that as erickho cannot do anything about it :/
  8. it's hardly noticeable man u font have to abuse him
  9. bot update waiting room if u liked this and u are not from here, you are weird cuz u don't understand what he's saying xD PS: this is a local song, majority of population are not locals, neither am i, but 90% of my friends are locals soo...
  10. haha, i didnt want to mention it cuz its overrated X.X
  11. A DIFFERENT kind of Khaleeji(Gulf) songs for cool ppl
  12. u british http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=bruv ?
  13. @Azuz53487 ur tribot background is so boring
  14. Operating System: Linux Java Version: 1.8.0_102 64 bit Issue I'm Having: 3 of @Tri scripts right clicks to walk,the npc, etc.. the AIO Combat worked on third reset What Script I'm trying to use:
  15. stuck on clicking the tiles on multiple other scripts ( couldn't edit my comment ) i also get this flashy screen where it sometimes turns black for a miliscecond \ Webwalking: works.
  16. Exshopper doesn't work, doesn't trade the npc just right clicks it @TRiLeZ Operating System: Linux Java Version: 1.8.0_102 64 bit Issue I'm Having: Exshopper doesn't work, doesn't trade the npc just right clicks it @TRiLeZ What Script I'm trying to use: exshopper
  17. becareful of the two beta worlds... @erickho123
  18. jagex did two updates today btw
  19. *residentsleeper*, goldfarmers waiting room
  20. PROS:you had better exp rates to get to 99 range CONS: now range is shit