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Everything posted by leoshiro

  1. need a Meal thats 1k calories with 2:1 carbs to prtoein ratio that i can add in 3 meals seperately, note: no chicken and rice or meat and that stuff Ex:Lentils,Bulgur,Rice, lentils is 60carbs 25 protein every 100g dry, i need something similar thanks!
  2. Giving away free 8 Credits: Date/Time[of picking the winner(s)]: 27TH april 24:00 GMT+4. Comment below anything and i'll enter the names in a simulator/Random picker. Total giveaway: 10 Credits, 8 Credits for 1 person, 2 credits for 1 other as a bonus.
  3. im not vegan by choice though, im vegan cuz of something wrong in my colon i cannot explain in english, if i can eat meat i would eat everyday
  4. triggered? nah man not a single time, i just feel sorry for you, hopefully it will get better, wish u the best.
  5. right, did u forget about discord and exposing me? cuz @erickho123 didn't
  6. i clearly said "behind" but u clearly don't have a big difference from him, i mean you breach to feel better about urself, i wonder how ur life is going for u really
  7. kind of reminded me on how feminists gets triggered when u are a man and minding ur own business ;p
  8. no i dont use reddit, only occasionally, but why are u upset ;o?
  9. oh wow, why i never thought of that lol, seems rlly delicious
  10. vegeterian? eww, more like vegan
  11. no way near 1k calories, salmon 100g is like 100 calories, so useless good idea, heals 200 calories per sip(rs3 HP) hmm peanut butter is good idea but idk if ill do that i need SOMETHING delicious like Bulgur
  12. i am just curious, why don't script writers just tell other new members who is going to use their script a method to bot and be safe at, it's so obvious its all in the forums, if u reasearch enough u will find every bit of info u need( well not all but like 80% ) and u can make a fortunate out of that if u are smart enough
  13. ok thx mr tanged
  14. u still didn't get me, i don't think the ones who use ur scripts will research, they will mostly just quit and stop using ur script and quit botting overall
  15. ur so mysterious, i wanna get to know u pls add me
  16. who are you?
  17. the method that all gold farmers use are relatively the same, the new botters just dont know how to reach their yet, jagex knows too..
  18. are u telling me u don't know the right way to bot/gold farm? most of scripters know how to bot but idk why they dont tell, that way they will get way more users and profit more, i am just so curious, if i was a script writer, i would of told everyone in the forums on what to do exactly, atleast to keep them safe enough from getting banned and stop using my script
  19. everyone gets banned on this date/time, try to avoid it
  20. its monday, everyone getting banned, concidence? try some E-book guide on botting.
  21. i need you to tell me what are the numbers inside the boxes, i cannot see them, thanks https://gyazo.com/c68bed4f7868e5b235a6c983733db9fa?token=76139b757995ef2556aaf50f3e15080f
  22. ur script doesn't work anymore, it just downloads the script and closes it thast the debug
  23. if u buy me two, i'll let you have one :), some people in my uni doesn't even own a car