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  1. contact jagex about this and be sure to be contacting them on the same computer/ip u have created the account with, provide recovery information to make new ones if that worked..
  2. i mean, why not try to discover it urself? i think if someone tells u the straight answer which he experimented over few months, u asked if we take breaks, why not next week try that and see if it works for u rather than asking someone who has done the same work that u should do..
  3. well then it means it's ur computer specs cannot handle it, same thing happens for me when i use my other laptop... i suggest renting a VPS
  4. increase ur paint delay to 80 from file>settings it will decrease CPU usuage by alot, also try using a browser instead of OSBuddy if u are.
  5. so one of my accounts which i've saved their info in the account manager got hacked, others did not, and i cannot seem to recover it i have entered every information possible but it seems that theres no way, its like a 3 month old account, anyway how can i secure my dedi server? i've asked my host and they didnt provide any information and also was wondering how can i change my SSH/VNC passwords?
  6. welp, i just kinda figured out to be honest, it seems that i haven't really got hacked, it seems that i got banned, because in the recovery it says character name is unavaliable, and not only that, when i try to recover it from the website it tells me that" due to ur account status u have to recover it using the client, it's weird because it says invalid user and password, its supposed to tell me i'm banned i guess it's jagex then...
  7. thanks alot, and yeah vncpasswd worked thanks to @yojoedude and u, so yeah i think im gonna have to reinstall my server again.
  8. u need to use another java version, same thing happened to me but after this java versin 40 it stopped, install it and let me know if it will work PS: u need a java account too. http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/java-archive-javase8-2177648.html#jdk-8u40-oth-JPR
  9. pick debian to follow Fluffy's guide here
  10. i think u can check that by the member's id, if that's true then theres about 365K+ members registered
  11. if u don't have ur authentication enabled then u don't have to fill the form, maybe u have enabled it in the past and forgot? u can disable it if u have the key
  12. it has all the features u can ask for, the best in my opinion. anyways for alching i suggest @Starfox's magic script it's really good.
  13. the best advertisement so far
  14. it's ur ABCV2, if u make it to 0 or >100 it won't do that
  15. i have had many daily powerleveling/questing orders in the past and i used to train the account for them on my main ip, the accounts never got flagged even though the owners of the account used to bot on them, and i live in middle east while some of them lived in USA..
  16. for me its working just fine, i just restarted the client twice, didn't delete hooks or anything..
  17. finally it works with paypal!!
  18. @grantbradley32
  19. @Netami was going to release a script that does something similar but he never did, i wonder why
  20. Scammer's Username: DeluxeLink to Scammer's TriBot Profile: @DeluxeChat/Discussion Methods: Discord/SkypeChat Username(If Applicable)*:DeluxeDescribe in detail in your words what happened: so this guy has been arguing with me the whole time while i was ignoring him, i replied back and he got really pissed and didnt know what to reply, after that , i suddenly get some another user in my pc in control of it, and he said himself that it might be teamviewer, and it was teamviewer so he was aware of that ,then he literally got pissed and came to my skype while in conversation while i was trying to type and he kept spamming and clicking everywhereEvidence**: https://gyazo.com/3a92d63891aab48d3d4dc5527c8d246c https://gyazo.com/f1651afe6e84f808a80cf69677fbd096 https://gyazo.com/1783b9c92f93afc5f6cb49d33cdcf634 https://gyazo.com/6655bb0abac389a31f7324b430cc0f18 https://gyazo.com/efd5082e1d54c8d83ece62436ff1452dOther: i was in a conversation with pepster while the conversation got interrupted https://gyazo.com/db9daa4ba34a58013a15967c0c753d92 https://gyazo.com/ae2b2332f7cc04687a34e037d84e9e7f https://gyazo.com/1237c4338b74048b1debe1f490bbb0ff and he replied to me instantly after i said i got hacked on discord chat, @Encoded backed him up too https://gyazo.com/688955e9cf64648224d40dc0214e4680 https://gyazo.com/29200df0508a691698674799c7344166
  21. i like this topic