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  1. WYD 20th Birthday

    happy birthday mate
  2. left or right?

  3. u should add me on skype for fast respone, but that would depend on ur agility lvl and combat lvls add live:leoshiro55_1 or live:leoshiro55
  4. idk why jagex even ban us, i mean like we never did anything wrong, **** u jagex
  5. proxy not working/timed out

    been having this problem for a month now, none of my proxies are working they work perfectly fine on other browsers that support socks5 but on tribot they dont, can anyone tell me what to do? "remote host closed durng handshake"
  6. H1Z1 Highlights week #2

    no PUBG?
  7. u are never alone mate, i have been having that since 2 years, i know exactly how it feels, u cannot do anything no motivation or so but u have to fight really hard this past month 1) i went to jail for 5 days 2) i did surgery 3) i have no car and $20k in debt (had to pay $10k to leave custody) 4)uni is starting next week and i haven't registered yet just be thankful to whatever u are going through and hopefully it will be fine! nothing lasts forever trust me on this one, after i left custody my life changed 100% to the better...
  8. proxy timed out

    connection time out when opening from tribot, the proxy is socks5 and works on the browser but on the client sometimes works and sometimes not, like yesterday it was running smooth in the morning but wasnt working at night, and today its not working again, but working on the browser!
  9. help with all bots

    u need to delete ur hooks.dat , go to run and open %appdata% > .tribot > settings and delete hooks
  10. no u can never be banned for RWT afterall it's not against the rules, thank you.
  11. Any working method to autoaccept firewall?

    i suggest osbot
  12. Just got my mule auto-banned for RWT

    bro he wont add u to his friends list on facebook dw