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  1. bitcoin transaction takes upto 1-3 hours untill it gets confirmed stay logged on other tab while paying for tribot u get it instantly that way hence, coinbase wallet.
  2. can u try it with firefox and let me know if it works
  3. are u using LG with OSbuddy?
  4. contact @Worthy to make a private script like that
  5. our aircond is open 24,7 throughout the year `.`
  6. @TacoManStan this guy will help you
  7. i'm using ExpressVPN its really fast and has over 50 locations from wherever u want. it costs $12 a month but the big benefit in this for me is i can watch US netflix
  8. an iphone in a laptop
  9. i just dont want him to open a topic after 3 days being banned and leaving tribot