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  1. been having this problem for a month now, none of my proxies are working they work perfectly fine on other browsers that support socks5 but on tribot they dont, can anyone tell me what to do?

    "remote host closed durng handshake"

  2. 25 minutes ago, TacoManStan said:


    The above information is largely a personal Thank You to my customers, and some explaining on my end.
    To those who have no interest in reading such information, know that the script will be fixed by the end of the day, and I thank you all for waiting.


    While most of you are simply customers, there are dozens of you who have been with me from the beginning; since the glory days of Sigma Merch. It is somewhat unusual for people to display signs of personal weakness when in business, but it is my belief that it is my obligation to be transparent with all of you rather than leaving you to wonder why (and therefore oftentimes assume the worst). Below I am going to be sharing quite a bit about myself and my personal life, so I once again warn those who have no interest or find that awkward, know that the script will be fixed by the end of the day. But I digress.

    I have been going through personal turmoil for many months now. This illness has certainly not helped the matter, so once I again I apologize for the horrendous timing of this incident, as well as my lack of public presence on the forums for the last 8-12 months. I will not go into detail as details are irrelevant to the vast majority of you, but know that if I could have been active, I would have been. To those who are familiar with the three most common mental health disorders — i.e., ADD/ADHD, Anxiety/Panic, and Depression — , you already know how difficult just one of the three can be to overcome, much less all three at once. Throw one of the worst cases of Perfectionism you can imagine into the mix and you've got a pretty good view into my head. (By the way, if you want an example of how even the best of us can fall, watch Iron Man 3. It's fiction, but it depicts PTSD-triggered Panic Disorder perfectly. But once again, I digress).

    I am not going to go into any more detail than I have above, but know that those are the conditions that I have been battling with (as well as getting my insurance to help pay for the help I need, but once more I digress). What I really want to say is thank you. Thank you to my customers who have been more than patient and understanding, but most of all, thank you to my support team for holding down the fort while I went through my crucible. I say this because I want everyone to know that I am taking no one for granted, I am ignoring no one, and I appreciate all of you.


    Well, that was fun, now wasn't it? Lots of feelings and what-not? Probably feels kinda strange for all of you reading this; but hey, it needed to be said. As the nice fancy italicized text says at the top of this post, Tau GE will be fixed by the end of the day, and the extension will then be given as soon as TRiLeZ has the time to apply it.

    If anyone has any further questions or would like to talk to me personally, please contact me via the Tau Support Discord Chat (link in signature), or shoot me a PM (via Discord).


    u are never alone mate, i have been having that since 2 years, i know exactly how it feels, u cannot do anything no motivation or so but u have to fight really hard

    this past month

    1) i went to jail for 5 days

    2) i did surgery

    3) i have no car and $20k in debt (had to pay $10k to leave custody)

    4)uni is starting next week and i haven't registered yet


    just be thankful to whatever u are going through and hopefully it will be fine! nothing lasts forever trust me on this one, after i left custody my life changed 100% to the better...

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  3. connection time out when opening from tribot, the proxy is socks5 and works on the browser but on the client sometimes works and sometimes not, like yesterday it was running smooth in the morning but wasnt working at night, and today its not working again, but working on the browser!

  4. 3 hours ago, marsiz202 said:

    every bot i run on tribot the progress sig is always wrong?


    any ideas guys?

    u need to delete ur hooks.dat , go to run and open %appdata% > .tribot > settings and delete hooks

  5. 9 minutes ago, Pkpower said:

    Okay I should know this but why does putting something in return help ? 

    dont put something in return


    27 minutes ago, Dukat said:


    But seriously, level and quest on your mule and use a middle-man account. Put up SOMETHING in return.

    just stop helping ppl 

    guys just quit helping ppl its useless, lets all fk each other and stuff ppl dont take the advises up their ass anymore

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  6. 39 minutes ago, sgt p0wned said:

    [TRiBot's #1 Cooking Script]
    [Anti-ban Compliance 2.0 Level 10] [ABC2]
    [No VIP Required] [LG Compatible] [Anglerfish support]


    i dont get the middle line.. how can it be both abcl10 and abc2?

    bro jst dont buy the script just leave so many stupid questions stop pls

  7. 3 hours ago, Rogath said:

    Hi, ive used tribot on and of for a while and i know how to use break handler and have used it succesfully before so i dont think its a setup issue, recently started again set up some break profiles but its not taking the breaks at all, anyone shed any knowlege here for me? thanks

    LG + breaks works fine for me, are u using exshopper?