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  1. 1 hour ago, Product sr said:

    Having a "contract" broken

    i think theres no contract and it's all BS, any lifetime support that u see on the internet will just last for few years, nearly any product that i bought on internet lasted only few years with their" lifetime support", same goes for in real life stuff.

  2. On 8/19/2018 at 11:09 AM, we trippy mane said:

    Congratulations I remember months ago fluffee would always be helping out the community so was I. I just wanted to help so did fluffee. I think we had a few debates on topics as well but fluffee never gave up. I left months ago. Well deserved congratulations. I never was looking for reconiginition, I don’t think he was either. Much respect. After all that hard work well deserved. Surprised he continued for 6 more months.

    u will not get administrator

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  3. 8 hours ago, grammatoncleric said:

    Okay, so I feel foolish for purchasing multiple ips (an additional 6) for my VPS, in an attempt to run multiple instances of tribot on the one VPS, as I do with proxies on my home computer. However, I have not been able to setup / use the extra ip addresses... I can curl ipv4.icanhazip.com --interface eth97 for example, and it gives the ip address of one of the extras that I bought, however, if I don't specify the interface with whatever command I am running, it wont use it. I can't figure out how to use the other ip addresses to run tribot.jar I have spent days researching different ways in trying to accomplish this to make up for my mistake in not buying separate VPS's at a slightly higher $ rate. Would be very grateful for anyone who can help me out in trying to figure this out... I have tried things such as LXC, tuntap, creating virtual interfaces, assigning multiple ip's to one interface, which sort of works, however I cant figure out how to use the secondary ip address on the same interface. Hopefully I am not being too vague... If you have any questions for trying to help me, please don't hesitate, feel free to ask.

    Thank You,


    hi, can u open the vps from the different ips? like connect to them using the other ips, usually my dedicated server gives me 2 ips were i can connect in either of them and still connect to the same hardware but with different ip, can u ask ur host to do that for you? i dont know if this will work im just suggesting it not sure.

  4. i thought theres an option to remove dismiss randoms in the settings and open client advanced and choose which genie xp lamp u want to use skill on?

  5. 43 minutes ago, Boston said:

    Try proxifer, btw fuck your ISP. Pieces of shit.

    thanks man i love u alot, but do  u think proxifier will work if i load on my normal ip then connect the client to my proxy? 

  6. my ISP doesn't let me access any VPN avaliable on the internet, i have access to only one which im paying for and now they are blocked too, using L2TP protocol only to connect, and thats the only protocol i can connect to the vpn that reaches over 2000MS


    no proxy is working for me on tribot, but they work on firefox i dont know how and why, can anyone tell me a solution to this? i have tried every solution, turned every firewall and still nothing... nothing shows up on my Debug it just says loading client params and thats it, i can connect to tribot without using the proxy though