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  1. Bought proxy but still afraid

    hey all I started botting few days ago , and I read many guides before starting on how to safe Bot etc.. my question is about proxies , I bought proxies from virmach, I first tried 1 proxy for about 4.5 dollars +2 dollars setup which were expensive , and I thought this was the prices, then I bought 3 proxies for 12 dollars , and all of the 4 ips were similar so wouldn't jagex could chain ban them? I mean if its like XX.XXX.XX.X1 and XX.XXX.XX.X2 etc... only the last number differs? I mean isn't that noticeable enough by jagex since im botting on the two , and they both have similar emails but using different last digit , I mean jagex would sense that I was using different last number only! that's really easy for jagex to sense that im botting I thought proxy would help a lot , what do you guys think!?
  2. the client keeps looking for the farmer in lumby , when there are 2 farmers so it goes to the chicken place keeps opening the door and keeps entering then it locks the door , it sometimes get stuck there doing that , that being said , in ardy when there are 2 farmers it keeps misclicking and attacks the other farmer and when hes under attack he goes to the gate , stops there and continue fighting the farmer PS: im not saying the bot is not good , im impressed by the bot more than anything it works perfect after 38+ thief.
  3. Making new bot accounts

    I don't think so
  4. Making new bot accounts

    you can always do 7QP to unlock the trade limit immediately it would take u like 10-20 mins depend on how fast ull do them , do the following quests: 1) cooks assistant 2) sheep shearer 3) romeo and juilet congratulations now you can trade 500B
  5. guys would it be better for me to purchase it for a life time per auth for 90 dollars? or just buy it for 50 dollars multiple auth per month?
  6. Looking Glass!

    hello Im a new botter and I have many questions so ill just go ahead first things , I have proxies, vip extended which allows me to use looking glass in order to use looking glass I must run tribot on JDK , which I have already done and then open a browser such as maxthon which allows me to use proxies which I did to prevent chain bans after using proxies on maxthon I opened oldschool rs and everything went well when I go to my looking glass client in tribot it only says looking for runescape client and it cannot find it I searched on the forums they said that the browser must me on a 32bit and I think maxthon is on 64bit , and I couldn't find a 32bit maxthon download , well I did but it was for Linux which I cannot download and then I downloaded firefox , but now I looked up they say firefox doesn't enable the use of proxy so now im really confused , and even in the looking glass it says you cannot use proxies , the thread of it says that so I am really confused now , which way to go ... please help,ty
  7. Looking glass option

    whats the benefit of botting in real rs client?
  8. Bot till Bond

    hey guys im a new botter and I was wondering if for example you have made an F2P account and you don't have any money to make it to P2P , which script would you use that would make you the 2m for a bond and then make it a member? I just wanna know a way that I can make 2m for a bond in f2p that would get my bot P2P to allow me to use other scripts I think this is a good way to make more accounts so that if ur other account gets banned you have other options. ty
  9. new here have problem with tribot

    ok but what if my main account was a mule that takes the gold from the bots ? I would get banned also so idont think using different ways to get the money is kind of unbannable.? any other suggestions