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  1. leoshiro

    did i just waste my money?

    try to delete hooks.dat and maybe restart the tribot and see if it works?
  2. leoshiro

    Charging Orbs

    i think u just exploited and gave away your method to the community lol there is already.
  3. leoshiro

    Best FREE combat scripts?

    i would say try to get 8 credits , buy them for like 7,3m RS 07 GP and then try to purchase a script and atleast 1 proxy to make some money ,then invest that money in more proxies etc.. its worth it
  4. leoshiro

    New PayPal System

    well after seeing how many people complain about paypal and them having trouble with it , now this will make half of the community happy xD
  5. leoshiro

    Still no help!??

    i only read the ps i do like that bambi gif btw , xD ty
  6. leoshiro


    u dont need to download it u just activate it and it will be on the list bro
  7. leoshiro

    Still no help!??

    bro cant u notice how people post topics about how trilez is bad suddenly ? he stated that tribot was one of the best oldschool botting site and now hes dissapointed and he mention trilez? alot of people do that , i guess him accusing trilez and many ppl accusing trilez cuz of their money and shit , should be accused to , they just judge trilez before knowing anything its unfair , so to be fair other ppl should judge them to like they judge and blame trlez for every single mistake.. + u got alot more problems in more big sites , even jagex himself makes mistakes , even the support can answer u after 2 weeks , and u expect a reply within 48 hours ? maybe they are trying to solve ur problem but they dont reply to u , u never know,so please instead of judging a side site , try to test it in runescape itself and see how fast the response will be in tribot, or from jagex...
  8. leoshiro


    u mean blank on the script option not the client option right? did u go script> new script? cuz it gets added immediately for me
  9. leoshiro

    Still no help!??

    there must be a mistake , u cant just become mad and insult the owner of the website just because of one mistake that he doesnt know of , or not reponsible of , you can't blame trilez like that or any other person and say this site is the worse site on earth just because they paypal took ur 6 dollars... seriously, trilez doesnt need ur 6 dollars he got 5000x ur whole family wealth.
  10. custom option no longer works it goes to ardy automatically idk for what reason!!
  11. leoshiro

    My RuneScape is very slow/laggy only on 1 PC?

    since u know what is 3,4GHZ internet connection can u tell me whats the difference if i use 5GHZ or 3GHZ ? i have both in my broadband router which one to use?
  12. leoshiro

    My RuneScape is very slow/laggy only on 1 PC?

    bro are u kidding me , not enough cpu to running client? as he said it happened after the update , has nothing to do with cpu.. lol
  13. leoshiro

    My RuneScape is very slow/laggy only on 1 PC?

    it didnt fix it
  14. leoshiro

    My RuneScape is very slow/laggy only on 1 PC?

    same thing , 1 pc is good other pc is running without lag , same problem exactly the same THE FUCK?
  15. leoshiro


    what that guy said , ihad the problem after i deleted the new java version and i had to delete/keep some ,if u still having problems after what he said feel free to PM me i know how to solve it now btw.
  16. increase mouse speed maybe?
  17. leoshiro

    Anyone else struggling to purchase credits?

    yes , see the recent topics that were made it seems that theres a problem with the payment just dont purchase yet
  18. leoshiro


    thats weird , it works well for me , maybe u updated to ur new java or something?
  19. leoshiro

    Bought 30$ worth of credit and didn't get them

    maybe the transaction wasnt accepted? because i always pay with a prepaid card and sometimes its declines , but when i purchase it says transacation done but it wasn't
  20. yep man same struggle here. keeps getting stuck
  21. thats weird ... maybe its a secret update to ban bots xD
  22. it keeps attacking other npc while under attack please fix asap!!
  23. can u please fix it when its suicide thieving from a farmer in lumby it opens tthe gate in chicken farm and goes out and then back in multiple times and then it goes back to lumby!