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  1. leoshiro

    TRiBot Release 10.5_0

    thanks for fast updates @JoeDezzy1
  2. leoshiro

    How long have your accounts survived lately

    pls dont wc for money
  3. leoshiro

    [ABCL 10] ExShopper - AIO Shop Buyer & Seller

    it's runescape related, if u try to do it without a bot it will do the same.
  4. leoshiro

    TRiBot Release 10.0_0

  5. leoshiro

    Please welcome our new developers

    congratulations gentlemen
  6. leoshiro

    HELP, Previously bought scripts are gone

    i think theres no contract and it's all BS, any lifetime support that u see on the internet will just last for few years, nearly any product that i bought on internet lasted only few years with their" lifetime support", same goes for in real life stuff.
  7. leoshiro

    HELP, Previously bought scripts are gone

    yea well what to do i complained nothing happened xD, anyways the good thing is that gold is up in price
  8. leoshiro

    HELP, Previously bought scripts are gone

    its not a problem, theres no more lifetime support for any script in tribot
  9. leoshiro

    Can't run a script *HELP*

    weird, right now im running over 9000 bots instance, maybe ur account needs fixing
  10. leoshiro

    need private script

    no it doesn't lol
  11. leoshiro

    Welcome our new administrator, Fluffee

    definitely deserves it! congratulations!!
  12. leoshiro

    Multiple IP's VPS

    hi, can u open the vps from the different ips? like connect to them using the other ips, usually my dedicated server gives me 2 ips were i can connect in either of them and still connect to the same hardware but with different ip, can u ask ur host to do that for you? i dont know if this will work im just suggesting it not sure.