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  1. winner is @gyrate hard luck to all i could not find a video recorder but i will next time, here are the screenshots i took https://imgur.com/a/BIIaieB next 10 credits is next week.
  2. no, if repo is down, u cannot use any script
  3. to enter just type anything and i will do the roll in a video, thanks. ill be doing more giveaways soon and this is nothing just a start to give back to the community ending in 48 hours
  4. leoshiro


    i suggest u let someone to do the torso for u will cost u around 10m or so
  5. also, the one thing that i did was staying away from social media in all kinds of forms but youtube and i only use youtube for education and music sometimes. but i suggest every guy to delete every kind of social media and stay away from it
  6. yeah am an introvert but also was depressed and i can admit to that because i had no goals in life, and i think anyone can change that, just accept what happened and move on and focus real hard on ur everyday tasks to a point were u can't wait till tomorrow to continue working on it again, that way u will have a purpose in life and will see urself valuable as a person and in the community. i think those who were always happy since day 1(meaning since they were kids till they were adults) are either ignoring the truth reality of the world or lack some kind of awareness, it strikes the person when knowing how the reality of the world works and its hard to swallow for so many of us
  7. mate, depression for me is power, im way less depressed from before because im using that energy toward the gym and other things in life, am now so confident of myself i join events and i present infront of audience with no issues, i have friends but i'd rather sit alone and gather that energy and put it toward something greater, everyone in the class ask me why am i so silent and why have i changed, and i just tell them some excuses like am tired or stuff, but too be honest i just keep that energy inside and i use it towards working on my goal,gym and other things in life that i keep working on every single day, depression is a blessing sometimes u just need to know how to use it in ur favour. anyways glad u are recovered, i have always wanted to have a german dog but its too hard to take care of, wish u the best
  8. if u want fast money i suggest being a worker for the being time, then saving ur way up to a donator on sythe were u can be ur own boss and get more customers, and i suggest u post on sythe and all other botting places if u want more customers, 1 customer can fill u the whole month
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