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  1. sent u 0.5 credits
  2. u need to use another java version, same thing happened to me but after this java versin 40 it stopped, install it and let me know if it will work PS: u need a java account too. http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/java-archive-javase8-2177648.html#jdk-8u40-oth-JPR
  3. pick debian to follow Fluffy's guide here
  4. i think u can check that by the member's id, if that's true then theres about 365K+ members registered
  5. if u don't have ur authentication enabled then u don't have to fill the form, maybe u have enabled it in the past and forgot? u can disable it if u have the key
  6. it has all the features u can ask for, the best in my opinion. anyways for alching i suggest @Starfox's magic script it's really good.
  7. the best advertisement so far
  8. it's ur ABCV2, if u make it to 0 or >100 it won't do that
  9. i have had many daily powerleveling/questing orders in the past and i used to train the account for them on my main ip, the accounts never got flagged even though the owners of the account used to bot on them, and i live in middle east while some of them lived in USA..
  10. for me its working just fine, i just restarted the client twice, didn't delete hooks or anything..
  11. finally it works with paypal!!
  12. @grantbradley32
  13. @Netami was going to release a script that does something similar but he never did, i wonder why