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  1. did u put the info on account manager? like pass and user?
  2. technically u can login to tribot from any pc all around the world u will face no issues.
  3. did u do it by hand using tribot client?
  4. haven't seen any happy new year topic's so happy new year everyone and hope to see every gold farmer here a millionaire in the future
  5. it's against tribot rules to sell accounts, anyways what i suggest u to do is donate to sythe $50-$200 to become trusted on sythe and sell accounts worth less than the accounts u have donated and ask them to leave u vouches on your thread and try to get as much customers as possible and try to sell the accounts a bit lower to get more customers and more vouches.
  6. still same thing i have tried that many times before it gave the same error thanks alot i will do that next time i get the error, mean while i'll change ports.
  7. probably competition between other VPS providers i assume...
  8. ty so much, and yeah my VPS port is exactly were u said it is, i will do, thanks again!
  9. hmm, i think i'll ask them for an IP reset or something, and let them know what u have told me, cheers!
  10. hmm, would changing ports work? anyways look what the support sent me " there's something wrong with the security of your server. You don't need someone to physically go to this server to reboot it for that to work. You could have easily fixed it yourself via SSH, by restarting your VNC daemon or even performing a simple reboot from there, that is if SSH would have worked.What i'd recommend is probably starting form scratch, re-installing the OS, using a very strong password, not sharing this password with anyone, so it would allow you to work properly. "
  11. i keep getting that while trying to access it through TightVNC viewer, i have used @iFluffee's Guide for setting it up, followed everything, but this message have been getting it for weeks now and i cannot seem to get rid of it, the only way is restarting the server and i have to contact support for that which may take up to 3 hours, sometimes i just cannot access it.
  12. u ask your provider for whitelisting
  13. * your IP isn't whitelisted *Wrong username/Password *Proxy is offline it must be on of these three, and remember to press enter at every box when entering proxy details
  14. Did u remove this world from the worldhopping settings?
  15. Theres no fix nor its an issue that the bot or proxy make, runescape has limited logins per minute, u can try hopping on ur account constantly and see for ur self without botting