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  1. stopped because of gold prices going significantly down
  2. it depends on the life of the account, they probably gave u 2 day ban on a long life account such as ur main, now u are getting bannned because u are creating fresh accounts @simongek
  3. i don't bot as much as before, but definitely @erickho123's Exshopper
  4. no it doesn't do that, but if he does it will increase bans from personal experience
  5. nothing is safe unless you experiment it, i can tell u my method right now and u go and do it and can get banned from it. there are many factors to consider, so even if u play legitimately and bot a little u can still be banned for example that u just brought its bad because ur patterns are uncommon and jagex can detect that easily
  6. do not use virmach or any proxy that is advertised on runescape forums, all of them are used, try to use a proxy site were its unknown
  7. dont, if u got caught now, ull get caught again simple logic. just stop botting it and make another account and try to max it out
  8. script doesnt run anymore. when i click on start it doesnt do anything it says [22:38:35] Definition is null, you need to restart tribot. If issue still persists afterwards, try deleting jagex cache i deleted cache and still dnt work. also i still get worldhopper limit after some time like 1 hour or so?
  9. New world hop limit? Suggestion I hit the cap after like 5 hops and it's taking me over 5 minutes to get back into a world after the first "Too many login attempts". This can't be intended 6 Comments Give Award Share SaveHideReport 100% Upvoted Comment asLimitenLess Saving... Switch to markdown SORT BY BEST level 1 Kodiak_ULV 4 points·9 hours ago I believe it is to help alleviate some of the server stress from the new content. I doubt it will be permanent. ReplyGive Award Share ReportSave level 1 SuspectBR 1 point·9 hours ago Same here, been happening all day :( ReplyGive Award Share ReportSave level 2 lonelybutter 1 point·9 hours ago How long until you could get back in? I'm legit at 10 minutes. ReplyGive Award Share ReportSave level 3 Thisnameisnotracist 1 point·7 hours ago I had this happen to me last week except I wasn't world hopping. I just went AFK and got logged. It took a full 15 minutes to log back in. Not sure what is going on with the servers. ReplyGive Award Share ReportSave level 1 LordanTroi 1 point·9 hours ago I hope it's just something with their servers and not them changing the limit. It was working fine this morning, now it's messed up.
  10. script doesnt work, it hops to DMM world W345 and gives message " we ran out of itmes to sell" how many times do u have to fix worldhopper and tribot not taking the important direction to fix this issue? Lots of downtime over and over and over here @Todd tells me to tell him the problem and when i do, he replies for first 2 minutes and stop responding anymore and then complains why i dont tell him the issue. pathetic. @erickho123 can u please fix worldhopper? i understand devs are outstandingly making u do more jobs than u have to do but please fix this issue.
  11. this has never happened to me, so probably something thta has to do with daxwalker if he uses that
  12. leoshiro


    more like tribot is a troll cuz they dont have their own webwalker @TRiLeZ
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