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  1. this has never happened to me, so probably something thta has to do with daxwalker if he uses that
  2. leoshiro


    more like tribot is a troll cuz they dont have their own webwalker @TRiLeZ
  3. i reported issues to @erickho123 many times ill send u debug via pms, he told me its a tribot issue and he had to add his own hotfix, pming u now
  4. can u please work on client worldhopper? its been 1 year and i cant run any script without running into issues
  5. error from tribot not erickho fault, also servers are on peak players right now
  6. cooked karambwan to monkfish/shark/manta ray
  7. been trying that since last year posting every once while
  8. exshopper uses client worldhopper when being logged out, theres no way to avoid that. going to unfortunately stop using it and buy my own, tribot doesnt have good support anymore, been using this script for over 3 years
  9. can u please fix worldhopper? its been over a year
  10. scripter was forced to update, no scripter is allowed to sell lifetime unless its a private script.
  11. worldhopper bug still occurs 1 year later, can u please fix ? @erickho123
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