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  1. RuneSpanz

    3 accs permed

    i got banned at hill giants. this morning on pure.
  2. Good game, just got banned from this. 2 day ban. And it says next time I bot i get perm banned.
  3. I'm currently 63 range. Whats the best way to get the fastest xp for me? Bolts/Bow?
  4. I died overnight with 2k xp per hour and lost 40k bronze arrows. I don't know why. But maybe because I put eat at 20% health and my hp is 67
  5. Does this got high ban rate and im using range to train is that okay?
  6. I'm sticking to this haha. It ran overnight I started it yesterday and i got 75-76 strength almost 77 and 2 hp levels.LOVE YOU BRO <3
  7. Looking forward to using this script once I make enough money to get 99 from level 1 lol.
  8. Lol still, it's a ban. This script is too fken sick. I don't care if it's temp ban but a do you know any other good scripts for low level combat like 30 attk and 70 str 1 def.
  9. Whats the ban rate on this? I just started using and it's FLAWLESS. But at same time scared to get banned.
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