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  1. Im looking for a script that supports fishing sharks, and successfully banking them, preferably in catherby. Im looking for the most successfully, error free, premium or not
  2. couchie97

    no free bot keeps fishing/banking sharks succesfully

    Enough with the life lessons, its a damn bot, and we all pay for VIP so we want some quality scripts. its that easy... Clearly there isn't any successful free scripts, so lets work with what we got and pay the extra few dollars, no big deal. From past experience which scripts work best for banking sharks in catherby, free or not? Anyone
  3. couchie97

    Any free scripts to fish and bank sharks in catherby?

    Please let me know
  4. couchie97

    Any free scripts to fish and bank sharks in catherby?

    I was able to get the fishing part down, but I couldn't get the bot to bank the sharks. He ran to the bank, thats it
  5. I was wondering if there is any free osrs scripts that support fishing sharks in catherby with banking? anyone with experience know or can help?
  6. Making all kinds of money gains, all kinds

  7. couchie97

    TRiBot Release 9.130_0

    So how do I update my tribot?