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  1. Think most importantly is that smart processing so that when it doesnt fletch it makes sure it hits over 500 points not just keep wcing for full inv
  2. Will you ever code en cutting the leaping fish for cook exp?
  3. Looks like the bot is on meth. Shilo fishing just runs around like its taken 25 tabs of acid and enjoying the scenery
  4. bump cause its a never fucking ending issue
  5. Man just presses smelt furnace chooses bar and doesnt enter in amount
  6. Stop copying and pasting the exact same shit. I think they get it. Its fucked until they fix it
  7. LG login is a huge issue. Always fucks up for me. I have to manually press "existing User" for it to work, so annoying.
  8. Hi there, The bot is failing to login and out after breaks. [02:13:25] Break Handler: Taking a break for: 00:06:12 [02:29:48] Break Handler: Break ended. [02:29:52] Login bot started. [02:29:52] Login Bot: Login... [02:39:56] Login Bot: Login... [02:50:00] Login Bot: Login... [03:00:06] Login Bot: Login... [03:10:10] Login Bot: Login... [03:20:12] Login bot failed. [03:20:15] Script Ended: Auto Fisher Pro. Now it is not the scripts fault. I have deleted hooks etc. What is happening is when the bot logs out, the main rs screen is there (New user + Existing User) For me the bot does absolutely nothing until you MANUALLY press existing user. This has been constantly happening over 2 weeks with all new installations of osbuddy/tribot so essentially I cant use break handler anymore. (I use LG with Osbuddy)
  9. Not jealous, you can spend money on whatever you want, doesnt mean your not a twat, i.e grown male doing a duck face with gay ass glasses.
  10. $500 to look like a twat. Rip. Well done though.
  11. My logic broke by reading this.
  12. Hey guys, Having problems with the login side of things. client is fine, lg is fine, bots being used are fine. But Ill come back and check my bots and its sitting at login menu (bots still running). If i manually press existing user with bot running it logs in and works fine but as soon as it has a break it just repeats the same thing over and over again. Its not manually pressing existing user/ just sits there while bot runs