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    french guy
    -Skype : live:zfate13
  1. awsome guy made my script in 1 hours recommand him !!
  2. ned fast..
  3. We're lacking a script that can do this?n( i dont understand ) ? I'll make one free with ABCL 10 soon then.. ( do this mean youl make a free one soon ? )
  4. Hi im not new to the goldfarm but its my second time making a goldfarm , and at the moment i dont got time of making the accounts , members , and finding a bot so im only boting on 3 accounts , i can support 10 accounts 24/7 so theres 7 spot lefts, i would prefer some one having all the spot one shot , this is going to be cheaper than a vps profitable for both of us add me on skype we can discuss something up im sure !! Skype : Live:zfate13
  5. Request: - This should have the title of your request. Description: - Explain exactly what the script should contain Payment Amount: - How much are you paying? Payment Type: - In what ways can you pay? Time: - How soon does this need to be completed? Additional: - Anything else you'd like to say. hi i need a bot that can run more than 15 hours straight without lagging , all the free one cant do the job, im willing to pay in 07 gps the bot is simple need to bowstring in lumbridge bank , no lagg that wait behind door or anything ! add my skype : live:zfate13
  6. theres some issue atm , exemple with proxies the firewall promp always pop up so you cant bot , tri will prob update the bot soon.
  7. theres somme issue with the bot atm , we need to wait tri to fixt
  8. what to do : / ?
  9. Hi yeah i bought some proxies , and i know they works , i use to use them to bot allot, but now when i add the proxies all works and the first time it ask me to allow the conect to the ip.. wich is normal.. i always click ALLOW ALWAYS but the firepromp always pop every 40 seconds,so i cant bot more than 40 second consicutif before i need to click always allow again -.- http://tinypic.com/r/2pq7rwy/8
  10. oh thanks !
  11. Hi im selling private socks 5 HTTP proxies 99 % uptime 4/5 works for tribot verry well , prices is : 1.2 M 07 per proxies, can have some discount for many... can use a MM anytime or i can go first to trusted members.. add my skype : Live:zfate13