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  1. awsome guy made my script in 1 hours recommand him !!
  2. We're lacking a script that can do this?n( i dont understand ) ? I'll make one free with ABCL 10 soon then.. ( do this mean youl make a free one soon ? )
  3. Request: - This should have the title of your request. Description: - Explain exactly what the script should contain Payment Amount: - How much are you paying? Payment Type: - In what ways can you pay? Time: - How soon does this need to be completed? Additional: - Anything else you'd like to say. hi i need a bot that can run more than 15 hours straight without lagging , all the free one cant do the job, im willing to pay in 07 gps the bot is simple need to bowstring in lumbridge bank , no lagg that wait behind door or anything ! add my skype : live:zfate13
  4. Skype: live:zfate13 How many bonds:2/3
  5. well , i dont link it to a paypal , and i dont want to buy it on a website ? a ^user^ couldnt make me pay with credit card lol ?
  6. Only taking 07 gps , you can buy anything with it , a membership ? or anything it has 19,40 on it offer me 07 gps, skype : live:zfate13 you can even use the card to your paypal to upgrade the paypal you only need 1 $ on the card to do that and some peaple buy cards with 1 $ on it for like 3-4-5$
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