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  1. dude it just hovers over the guy in waterbirth and doesnt travel or even pay the guy, stands their without paying and jusst hovers
  2. my dude, it keeps withdrawing and then puting the trouts back in the bank?? any ideas
  3. so if the scripts eats at 56? you cant really stop from eating at that hp?
  4. hi man, it banks the brass key in the bank and doesnt withdraw the food properly gets stuck lol
  5. hi bro, it eats till full hp? amnyway you can set the eating at 10 hp or 12hp?
  6. I did like 100 times? are you have the same problems
  7. ill cancel the dispute but no before I know why my scripts started acting up all of sudden? help explain this
  8. okay but I also did pay 6 purchase credits? will I get those when i cancel the dispute??
  9. I cant seem to get any of my scripts to work from yesterday? does it have to do with the client update because all of my scripts started acting up....
  10. it charged me the 6 dollars but i wasnt given 6 purchase points in my respitory???? am i able to get refund for the 6 dollars i spe nt?
  11. yes dude please help me fix it, i bought 6 credits omg
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