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  1. gets to the house portal then does this 13:41:24] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/tribot/api/DynamicClicking$1Container [13:41:24] at org.tribot.api.DynamicClicking.clickRSModel(jg:908) [13:41:24] at org.tribot.api.DynamicClicking.clickRSObject(jg:37) [13:41:24] at org.tribot.api.DynamicClicking.clickRSObject(jg:857) [13:41:24] at scripts.GlidedAltarPro.enterHouse(GlidedAltarPro.java:178) [13:41:24] at scripts.GlidedAltarPro.triggerRun(GlidedAltarPro.java:220) [13:41:24] at scripts.GlidedAltarPro.loop(GlidedAltarPro.java:429) [13:41:24] at scripts.GlidedAltarPro.run(GlidedAltarPro.java:158) [13:41:24] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [13:41:24] Script Ended: GlidedAltarPro 1.51.
  2. where did the script thread go? you deleted it when it messed up??
  3. welcome man
  4. gl man
  5. holy shit...
  6. thanks a ton man! its working good now!!
  7. this.... script needs a major update it worked perfectly the first day i used it now it works like he described
  8. i start the script and it stands there
  9. your work is amazing... I'd love one Render: http://cache.gawkerassets.com/assets/images/9/2011/03/434_riddler_15.jpg Main Text: idkwhy Sub Text: Color Scheme: green
  10. sup buddy