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  1. TRiBot needs to implement a select team of scripters or such that are only focused on fixing random events. Random events are a big problem with botting in Old School Runescape and I've seen soooo many topics about broken random events. You guys need to make a new Rank that says "Random Event Support" and that will monitor the Client Bugs section OR make a section in Bugs/Glitches that says Random Events and have them moderate that subforum. Obviously Trilez and Bradsta and the other scripters fixing random events cannot keep up with what they have to do (aka premium scripts, etc) and fix random events. Applications for the Random Event Team should require the person to have encountered a random bug reported, produce a fixed solution and then present it in their application and have it approved. I made this topic because I'm honestly tired of random events failing.
  2. Wrong Section. /delete
  3. Thanks for this update, now i can run overnight without worries, and have myself look much more legit with that random message update
  4. got banned on 4/4 accounts including my main. well old school it was a fun time while it lasted! had been playing ever since release and ever since wBot was around and got shut down, then came here and have been here ever since. it was fun while it lasted but i guess ill just have to move on. heres my mains stats before it got banned, got 70 prayer and 60 herb but forgot to screenshot it.
  5. can you make it right click on the anvils, it sometimes clicks on players and that looks very bot like.
  6. Used this script when it was free and i can defineatly say that it is premium quality. Was able to run for 80+ hours. To those of you skeptical about the monthly fee, you can easily make the money back in 2 days on just one account.
  7. okay, ive asked before but can you please remove GUI Errors? It really isnt necessary and everytime i get them they dont go away so i have to close the tribot client completely.
  8. Amount of gold to sell:15m Payment method:paypal Have you PM'ed me your skype or msn:yes Have u added me already:yes Will you leave me positive feedback and a vouch:yes
  9. Hopefully this won't turn into a Mute fiasco, and i would be happy to purchase! Suggestion: For people on lunars, add the NPC Contact option. looking forward to this!
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