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  1. staff of dead dds scamming, nothing new here.
  2. Welcome to Jewbag3169's Instant TRiBot Credits You may pay in 07 GP ONLY. Price = 500k/Credit - My feedback ensures a safe trade. Willing to use Violent as MM ALWAYS. I will not be going first, and once either I get the gold or Violent MM's you WILL receive your desired credits. Add me on skype for more information! M8uokinb4dc Currently Sold: 0! Start buying!
  3. Please let USA use your account to make a random solver for it, it is a random that needs fixing.
  4. doesnt withdraw another lobbie pot from bank, just letting you know!
  5. Wrong Section. /delete
  6. Type of service requested: Fire Cape How many accounts: 1 What can be changed : XP in range/hp User(s) that will have access to the account: just me and you MAX amount of time that user(s) will have access to the account: 3 hours Picture of account stats and high wealth before service for your insurance: Do you understand that you may NOT edit this post, you must re-post this form for any changes: yes Do you agree to follow our Terms of Service?: yes Did you add my skype?: yes Your skype username: You've already got me added.
  7. Description of the bug: Enters the random, then doesn't do anything OR enters the random, completes it and then doesn't resume script. How often the bug occurs: Almost every time I get the randoms. Triggers of the bug (if known): Get the random. Java version: 7u45 TRiBot client version: 8.00_2 Operating System: Windows 8
  8. Description of the bug: What happens is either sometimes the client cant finish either of these randoms, or they do finish and then it says it failed it although it completed it, and then the script stops and you AFK until you log out. OR After i updated to the newest version of Tribot, I got the prison pete random and my bot just sat there and did nothing, i restarted the script it solved it quickly but then never clicked to exit the room to go back to real RuneScape. How often the bug occurs: Almost everytime I get one of these events (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but the majority don't work or recognize the event as completed when it is.) Triggers of the bug (if known): Get the random, allow the bot to try to complete it. Java version: Newest Version 7u45 TRiBot client version: 7.60_4 Operating System: Windows 8
  9. I can vouch for Violent's services, he has MM'ed my transactions before A+++++
  10. No problem man, come back anytime!
  11. Actually, my bad, the "Purchase VIP w/2checkout" is still 6.50, but the shops are 8.00
  12. Hi guys, I'm in need of repository credits and I have 9 vip vouchers just sitting around, I was wondering if anyone would like to trade me 15 repository credits for some vip vouchers. It doesn't have to be 15 from one person. And the scale of credits for voucher would be 8:1 since 1 credit = 1$ and a voucher = 8$.