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  1. Trying to mine and bank iron ore and it just stands there and does nothing. Both Varrock East and West (I manually quit the script). I thought it was something with the settings, but no clue. [09:45:25] Current pickaxe is Steel pickaxe [09:46:42] Script Ended: aMiner v2 [PREMIUM]. [09:47:37] Downloading script 'aMiner v2 [PREMIUM]'. [09:47:39] Script Started: aMiner v2 [PREMIUM]. [09:47:49] java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space [09:49:22] Current pickaxe is Steel pickaxe [09:52:16] Script Ended: aMiner v2 [PREMIUM]. [09:52:29] Downloading script 'aMiner v2 [PREMIUM]'. [09:52:31] Script Started: aMiner v2 [PREMIUM]. [09:52:40] java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space [09:53:19] Current pickaxe is Steel pickaxe [09:54:29] Script Ended: aMiner v2 [PREMIUM].
  2. Just got back into botting after 2 years. Figured it bot an F2P account to some moderate stats.. banned on day 3. both of them. Wouldn't say I was suiciding either (8ish hours a day), but maybe a bit excessive. I think my mistake was botting in F2P. GG near maxed Rs3 acct. hahaha.
  3. The struggle! I got my main banned (near maxed combat). It was quite painful! lol.
  4. I seem to die a lot while using this script. I don't think my range/mage levels are too low (Mid 80's), but maybe that is just me. How come this doesn't loot the Zulrah tele scrolls (Maybe this is a dumb question, but I've never done Zulrah legit before).
  5. Does this support Stun-alching? Definitely interested if it does. Already found my answer + purchased Script. <3
  6. Couldn't watch past the first minute. Sorry. I see no reason why they would go through the hassle of faking it.
  7. I would also support adding a GUI button to add/remove saved settings. I'm on a mac and I can't even figure it out lol. But yeah, bone looting is still very weird. When using B2P, the monsters I camp hit fairly often so I typically use like 10-15 B2P an hour (As you can imagine, that's a lot of bones). It seems like it doesn't prioritize closer bones most of the time, but if you think that's more effective anti-ban, I'll go with it. The only thing I would LOVE to see is more random eating, or just healing up more frequently. I don't ever see a human eating 1 food randomly. Typically they'll get low, then eat to 75%, or almost full. Maybe randomize this? I know you mentioned my suggestion earlier. I just wanted to say thanks for the awesome script! got 65-85 range tanking some nooby monsters (Slow ass XP, mind you.. like 40k/h). Working on roughly 90... then I'm going to get 99 defense! Hopefully that'll get me the geepees for 94 magic. haha. I appreciate this script! It runs flawlessly. I got some long proggies. It's failed a couple times lately, saying that there is more than 1 instance running (There isn't). But I assume that is Tribot. Just a couple small tweaks! I'll keep the suggestions coming!
  8. oh shit. I thought you had to pay the full $8. lol. I was going to wait a full month. screw that. Thanks, tbh. Upgrading now.
  9. You could probably achieve your goal faster if you did something more lucrative, and just had constant offers in G.E. Just an idea. ...Gotcha
  10. I was able to utilize this post with a little bit of a work-around. Slightly more expensive GP/H.. but doesn't require me to pay for a private script. This topic can be closed.
  11. B2P was a great work-around. There are a couple more spots that are more profitable than Bandits, and about the same XP where I could use Shop Selling/Buying. However, the ONLY complaint I have about this script, is when doing B2P, the bot will sometimes run to some of the furthest bones away from me and loot those, rather than the ones that are literally within one tile. Is there any way to prioritize closest bones first? Other than that I'm on a 16 hour Proggy, and just achieved my first 99 (attack). Working on 99 defense now (Currently 81). (It's worth nothing that I paused the script to run to the G.E Several times. so XP rates are off a bit.) My Suggestions: - Prioritize B2P bone collecting to nearest bones first - Randomize eating. It's very bot like to eat exactly at the same HP, and only eat 1 food. Sometimes the bot could eat 1, sometimes 4 and just "Heal up". Thoughts on my suggestions? I'll post more as I explore more.
  12. The only thing that I would like to see implemented is the ability to sell noted food to some shop, and then buy it back.. for when a bank isn't readily accessible. I'd actually pay if this could be implemented into this script... or if you could utilize some of this code in a small Private script for me? Feel free to shoot me a PM for more details.
  13. Description: - A Combat script that will attack aggressive monsters, move around a semi-large area. The bot will travel to nearest Store, Sell food, then buy back in order to re-stock. Please PM me for more details. I honestly don't think this is too complex. Payment Amount: - TBD. Time: - How Fast can you complete? Please only post if you are a premium script writer, or know someone that is a premium script writer that may be interested.
  14. Was very excited to give this a try, however... I've been permanently banned for the 4th time Was unable to get past 70 hunter before they banned my new account. I Guess they're extremely vigilant with persecuting hunter accounts... LOL. I can't get to hunter fast enough before the ban... Losing money off membership *Sigh* Any suggestions?