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  1. Thanks for the response. I figured it was extremely CPU intensive, but I like that it uses the OSB client. I'm sure that TriBot is not detectable, but that doesn't really worry me. If anything, could that not be considered a red flag? If Jagex could detect OSB client, perhaps that is something they use when determining what's a bot, and what's not. Simply speculation. With that being said, I'm going to run 5 on, and 5 off and see if I have different results.
  2. Quick question for you guys... I'm looking to run 10 Tribot clients (ideally all looking glass), but it seems like I can only run approx 5 before my CPU spikes to about 70-80%. I'm going to try and run all 10, but I have no idea if it'll work. Most of my CPU is going towards OSBuddy, not the TriBot client instelf. My computer: Intel Core i7-8700k CPU @ 3.70GHz 32GB of RAM 64-bit operating System (Running Windows 10) Any suggestions?
  3. Works great. Just cranked out an insane run time (very conservative with breaks), but regardless. runs buttery smooth. Only thing I'd like to see if an option to collect herb boxes daily. @erickho123 Any idea what it'd cost to add that feature? Also, any option to add another purchasing option for those of us that are larger than 3, but less than 25 (Like 10 auths per month for $30?)
  4. Release 9.312_5 loaded successfully after restarting Tribot. Everything seems to be working fine. Will update if I find anything that's not working.
  5. I personally don't bot during JaGeX hours of operation, which is during the day for me (Live in USA). The best thing to do is just to test it out, and see what works best for you.
  6. I actually just had this same issue. I'm running several accounts at NmZ as we speak. 4 of them worked totally fine. Withdrew potions and entered a dream. 2 of them, however, got stuck in a loop with the chat with Dominic trying to enter a dream. It would go through, select previous game (Rumble: Hard), accept the 6K, and then it would go to where dominic says to go drink the potion to enter. Instead of heading to the potion, it would repeat the dialouge with Dominic until I paused the script and manually entered the dream. It took over for me no problem after that. Oddly though, it was only 2 accounts that had the issue, not all 6. Same settings for all 6.
  7. @Starfox, Possible to add a fail safe if the bot ends up in a F2P world, and is attempting to cast a P2P Spell? (Such as Jewelry enchant, or bolt enchants etc). I accidentally forgot I logged in to F2P to trade my mule and my bot was stuck for 30 minutes clicking a spell, and then an item repeatedly for 30 minutes. Logged this morning to a 2 day ban. Darn.
  8. If you find a private scripter willing to do this, lmk. I might be interested in splitting the cost for access. My only req. is ABC2 implemented.
  9. I'm curious what everyone is using for spec weapons on Power Surge? Using Gmaul is basically useless with how slow it clicks the spec (Would be ideal if a spam click was implemented during power surge on Gmaul as spec wep). I'd love to find something a little more effective, otherwise it appears best to just NOT use a spec weapons during power surge.
  10. Riiiiiiiiggght. So let me get this straight, you want to try to hustle a REAL casino? LMAOOO. Ok.
  11. Ironically enough, I was NOT using hot keys. I was actually clicking the Oak larders. I'll try again and see if I get a different result. I've sent you a PM with a video (Didn't block out my username.. so I don't want to post publicly).
  12. Hmmm. This worked fantastic for Crude wooden chairs and Oak chairs. However, now that I am trying to do Oak larders it won't let me set up the profile for it. I start the Script, type in Larder space, and Oak larder> Search> Right click Larder space> Select Build> (This is where it gets stuck "Getting Hotspot Location"). I've tried waiting, and then selecting Build Oak larder, but it goes back into the loop of requiring me to Right click Larder space> Select Build... Super weird considering it worked flawlessly for other tasks.
  13. Works great. Would love to see a task system or progressive leveling so someone could auto-level from 1 a little more efficiently. I will more than likely be purchasing this in just a couple hours.
  14. AustinS

    Ban waved

    I got hammered today too. I started Fletching and I forgot they updated the "Make All". my bot sat there and clicked Unstrung bows and bow strings for 9 hours. FML. Made it to 93 fletching too! Two of my other accounts are good though (Thankfully).
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