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  1. Skype: NEUROLOGICAL5 Watch for impostors.
  2. so i'm trying to refund him but he doesn't want to post his paypal on the forum publicly, awaiting a mod's response
  3. place yours here, mine is neurological5
  4. ^ yea idk what happened there. idk if the scammer told him to send to my paypal or if he just sent as he does regularly but i refunded him. told him to register/post here on account of that fact. dunno if that does anything. ty
  5. yes i have no issues paying you back as i'd rather keep my income... much more valuable than anything.
  6. that's a definite thing i'm doing after this no question. you have no idea how sickening thsi has become for me mentally, its almost not worth selling gold at the risk of waking up and your income dies randomly to literally anything. almost a joke.
  7. yep, skype told me they'd email me within 24 hours all day i've been doing what Drento on sythe instructed, spam live chat til i get some results... so far they've just told me to wait and have to verify me via email. i have 4 live chats still open from earlier today/an hour ago so i can show whats going on... all i need is to claim my skype back, thats it. i can happily repay anybody scammed, i just need the mayhem to stop.... anyone skype knowledgable? apparently this kid is god and can just get on it with no info but i can't even get it back quickly WITH info.
  8. yohojo i added you on skype on NeuroVS
  9. because my focus is more on making sure he doesn't put me thousands in debt rather than your 500 worth of gold i already have? don't be so selfish you're not the only fucked person here.......................
  10. whenever i get unfucked, waiting on these tools at skype to actually stop giving me false promises of locking my account and resetting my pw and actually do the shit.
  11. yea idk what to do, 4 times i've been on skype live chat today, twice i've had them yell in my ear its restricted til a review. 10 mins later, i receive a response on my main skype indicating the hacker is still on. is microsoft fucking frauding me LOL?
  12. lol omg hes still on it. this is so fucked.
  13. i screenshotted them on live chat saying that my skype is LOCKED now.... and to wait a few hours for them to review and send me an email. hopefully this is the end of this bullshit.
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