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  1. Just sold 50M Oldschool Runescape on 8/12/2014 took 5 min the deal. Very trusted and quick delivery money in-game + as money sending. Definitely recommend this guy as your dealer!

  2. generally, yes. but you could also somehow be a tank and get like 5 warnings before a permanent, like i did. although the 2 day to perma is the typical routine.
  3. fucking justice jenny over here, i get tired of people like you.... how the fuck do you prove an individual hacked you? you don't, THATS WHY THEY HACK YOU FREELY so what do you do? find the common denominator. TRIBOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT boring and old, you'll continue to see threads like this resembling tribot as the suspect, but go about your day.
  4. because when you can forge a new corrupt money making mechanism that may be as competitive as the other mechanisms at play (donations/vip) and can completely get away with it, and have a corrupt mindset, you do it. and it's called a corrupt business practice. it can either succeed, be on par with or lesser than those other things in terms of how much finance he reels in. really all he's doing is "making more money", and knowing the scripter he is, may have even made a script that does it for him at the press of a button. money corrupts minds friend.
  5. yeah 30m is child's play probly 3-4 billion or more at this point and still people are blind
  6. i actually never read any of your responses because you're a known troll for anybody reading your post history cry about it troll tard
  7. you act as though there's no such thing as a corrupt business practice you act as though the whole world would know if he did it, but they don't, because he's smart about it and does it selectively and infrequently, not to mention stupid fucking dogs saying stupid fucking shit like "herp derp gold generator". you act as though i would make this claim without 100% foolproof evidence on my part (yet only words to you) that i bought a completely new computer, put tribot on it, logged into my account 3-5 times to make sure tribot had the password and also put it in the client, hadn't visited any website other than tribot.org and java to set it up, and within 3 days my bank was cleaned and i was in falador. but oh yeah, it must've been the computer! yeah! maybe Dell put a runescape virus on it prior to my purchase! LMAO! you fools need to realize the more you refuse to believe something is happening, THE MORE IT WILL HAPPEN AND THE MORE HE WILL LAUGH AT YOU dwindle into the sheep's herd if you'd like but my only purpose here was to inform you of the wolf, otherwise i have money to make and other shit to do goodbye, and no i won't conclude this by saying "you're a fooking goofball idiot y dont u think before u post, bich" because i actually am respectful to you, knowing you're not as informed.
  8. more like your attempt at discrediting me because you're a known dumbass
  9. i love how all you people are mocking him despite the true fact that tribot DOES steal accounts, period. "wheres your pwoof?!?!?!" none retard, what am i going to do screenshot a blackscreened tribot application thinking "OMG tribot is hacking me" and not just an error of sorts? oh wait, 30m gone lol! the guy who got hacked is more informed than you mocking dumbass retards, you're all just fish for the bait. peace
  10. i lol @ people who actually don't know how he got hacked. what is logic?