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  1. @Aropupu Got stuck on this screen after it ran out of food using phar+duel to bank with.Was running well for 5 hours+ until this happended
  2. The spot i use needs a rope to get back down,pm me if you want the spot thanks for the reply @J J
  3. Script misclicks on a ropes,I'm botting underground most of the time i find myself logged @J J
  4. Alch needs fixing keeps moving the cursor,Sometimes it dont do it
  5. Gl with sales,used this when it was free flawless script
  6. Can you add magic imbue with humidify to increase the xp per hour Magic Imbue 82 This spell enables the player casting it to create Combination runes without needing to use opposing talismans for approximately 20 seconds. (Confirmation required.) @Starfox
  7. Thxs for fixing ill post some progs soon
  8. Thxs so will the bones to peaches issue be fixed tomorrow?.Also could u add xp until next level ?
  9. Ty, Also - Ran for 18 hours still going 30k/hr will get alot more when u fix the looting issue great script
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