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  1. too bad it isnt supported kinda annoying but o well
  2. whats the difference between bot busting and macroing major? Got three bans last night all major macroing. One account I hadnt botted on in a week but previously went hard core.
  3. script did priest in peril ernest the chicken and animal magnetism so far for me flawlessly. Add biohazard!!
  4. Wow that's crazy man, I didn't think this would be a bot they would pick up on so quick like that...I've been basically suicide botting on a staker 10+ hours a day with a different script. Time to slow it down for me I guess. I cant risk my pure =[ Was it a perm one? Did you get caught before?
  5. Yea I cannot wait for the rewrite of this idc if the price goes up but a rewrite would be amazing. The combat system like others have said needs to pick up on the fact its being attack sooner so it doesnt sit there being attacked trying to get another monster
  6. damn wish this worked would be amazing
  7. The wait times need to be less. What player waits 30 seconds between EVERY kill? well its not 30 seconds but the xp rates are much lower i guess its worth the risk on not being banned tho
  8. Seems to go crazy to rock crabs for me. Not noticing its in combat and getting a whole bunch of crabs stired up. Also not waiting till out of combat to loot and running like crazy. It seems like the rock crab option is only fr cannons? Every time i save it with the crab setting saved it does not save? Other wise it wont get aggro again
  9. works great! antiban is amazing!
  10. damn got hit with a perm ban on my main seems like it was prolly this script