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  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/2007scape/comments/5grxxl/you_know_the_jmods_have_been_busy_when_green/ front page of reddit atm
  2. why play private servers, when you have bots ?
  3. @lets be friends please fix the custom tiles, its still not working properly at the island same problem at every spot, just different place its getting stuck edit: so bad right now, that you lose your spot once an hour
  4. it can be used the island and even rock crabs with custom tiles
  5. island or beach ?
  6. are you going to add the oak dungeon doors anytime soon ?
  7. @lets be friends maybe add world hop to a free world as well ? and make it right click to spot, so it doesn't spam click, the crabs standing at your spot
  8. reagroing is broken for me again, i have tried to restart client, but doesn't work. Btw make the script able to log in when you start.
  9. k dont bot a main, and use this for combat
  10. you are asking to give up stuff, so people will lose money
  11. why not give you free $ while we're at it?
  12. made 2 accounts without a problem, seems to be working again
  13. thanks for the service got my levels
  14. this is for mostly for mains, so i dont think anyone will run it, more than 6 hours a day. just want to see a 2/3 tick script.