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  1. wastedbro

    Filter class deprecated

    There's no problem with using the pre-defined filters within the "Filters" class. As long as you're not creating your own Filters, it's fine. If you need to create a new filter, use Predicate instead.
  2. wastedbro

    [Suggestion] Best Antiban yet

    Not only that, but the fact that he couldn't even solve basic resolution problems is a sign it's incredibly poor quality, to the point that there likely is not even any color detection. I know, because I've solved those issues. Stay tuned for more info
  3. wastedbro

    [Suggestion] Best Antiban yet

    That bot is largely a scam by someone who doesn't know what he's doing. And it's not a native bot. It requires hooking up a tablet to your PC. It most definitely is a macro recorder.
  4. Naton and I both took around 2 weeks off development for our own reasons. Though, we're starting to get back at it. Current Status: Turael is fully supported now, including the trickier tasks It turns out that one of Turael's tasks requires a closed light source. Unfortunately, this means that we force a bullseye lantern for it, instead of allowing you to use just a candle. Teleporting was reworked (again) You now select teleport items per task If you don't own the teleport item you selected, it will navigate to the task without it Some tasks will preload with default teleport items For example: By default, Skeletons will use an amulet of glory. If you don't want to waste glory charges, you'd disable it or select another item. The script is smart enough not to waste the teleports you select if it finds a more efficient way to navigate (Thanks DaxWalker) Even if you don't set up teleports for each task, you can still set them up in your inventory profile(s). They will be used if needed. For example, my default inventory profile includes all the basic runes + law runes. The script will use any of the major city teleports as needed, greatly increasing XP/hr while keeping the GUI setup easy and clean. I also put a game's necklace in my inventory profile. This allows it to teleport right to Turael after a task, which saves a bank trip if one isn't needed. Note: Teleporting/Navigation will never be perfect. This script is meant to be 100% dynamic while still giving you as much customization as possible. We will have very few, if any, required teleport items, while still supporting all of them if you choose to do so. We added AccurateMouse support. Human reaction times were added to combat The GUI styling was completely refactored to allow for easy extensibility and modification in the future (possibly themes). Immediate Future: Our immediate goal is to fix all of the issues and release an open beta We are having issues with banking when the user configures a completely full inventory. Might still be some odd behavior quirks. Long-Term Future: After the beta, we plan to make the script logic bulletproof. Hopefully our wonderful users can help us with that. After the logic is bulletproof, we start adding more tasks and slayer masters Post-Release Development: We are still deciding what features to put off until after version 1.0 and the public release So far, we believe cannon support won't make it into v1.0 Safespotting may or may not make it into v1.0 While this feature isn't necessarily difficult to implement, we want to give ourselves ample testing time to ensure all of our users' accounts are safe Our minimum slayer master support for v1.0 is Turael and Nieve Please let us know if there is a demand for more slayer masters on release Note: These plans are what we are currently working on. They are subject to change as we continue.
  5. wastedbro

    TRiBot Firewall - Opinions

    Expect future releases of tribot to disable the firewall by default. With any luck, it will be removed altogether eventually. If you're so serious about it, use the firewall on your operating system or on your router. They exist explicitly for this purpose.
  6. wastedbro

    TRiBot Firewall - Opinions

    I'm telling you from my professional degree in software engineering as well as multiple years of experience. Let's take a very simple example; it's a known fact that most people reuse their passwords, despite them knowing the danger. We're talking about people willing to risk their bank account instead of use separate passwords or download a password manager. And we're not talking about your 85 year old grandma. People do it in every field, at every age, and at every technical competency. The Tribot firewall is capable of preventing a large number of not-so-competent programmers hack your account. But since it's inconvenient, many users just disable it, me included. And it's not "casual" to disable it. I welcome you to try. It's not particularly difficult, but the competency of most people who are interested in stealing childrens' game accounts is low. Many, many security features are that easy to circumvent. I mean, hell, TRibot is literally based on the fact that Java security features are fairly simple to break. You can argue that they are poorly implemented, but everyone uses it and no one markets it. Probably because it's not inconvenient, and offers at least a tiny bit of protection.
  7. wastedbro

    TRiBot Firewall - Opinions

    No such thing as perfect security. Sometimes, all it takes is protection from script kiddies. However, in software development, the saying goes that if the security feature is inconvenient, the users will not use it. That's what we're seeing here, and why it looks as if it may be removed.
  8. wastedbro

    TRiBot Firewall - Opinions

    Yes. For obvious reasons, I won't elaborate.
  9. wastedbro

    TRiBot Firewall - Opinions

    Pointless. If I wanted to hack someone, I'd just tell them to disable the firewall. Most users would do it. Or I'd just make my script disable the firewall on startup.
  10. wastedbro

    about charachter profiles (ABC2)

    Assuming you figured that out, all you would get is "This account has X probability of using the bank booth over the banker NPC if it was using a bot" Which, the only way to figure that out is take the seed, generate thousands of bank preference calculations, and use some basic stats to average them out to find the real probability. That seems like a lot of work for very little info, plus it would involve using our API, which Jagex likely would never do.
  11. wastedbro

    Accounts keep getting locked

    Botting on proxies is certainly more difficult than botting on your home IP. I've never had a chain ban from 5-15 simultaneously running accounts. I've had wipes, but they were clearly mass bans (unrelated to IP). I've used my "main" on the same machine as every bot I've ever had banned, and it's still alive to this day (despite roughly 50-100 bans on the same machine(s) it's logged on from). One of the reasons I became very suspicious of chain bans was one day where I had 6 accounts running on the same method, same breaks, same machine, no proxies. I woke up to 5 banned and 1 alive. The one that was alive had better stats, more playtime, and was a bit of an older account (nothing special, though). I realized that had I been chain banned, this account wouldn't have survived. It helped me visualize the misconception I see where people assume that when they have multiple bans, it must be through IP. On top of that, despite dozens and dozens of bans, many on the same IP, I've never had any trouble firing up my main or just a new account to bot on. I'm not saying chain banning or IP flagging is a myth, but I am saying that unless you're a big farmer, you may as well disregard them, as you're unlikely to experience them. However, sometimes things happen to small farmers that look like IP flagging or chain bans, and it leads to this misinformation. Of course, despite all of these normalities, it does not mean anomalies don't exist. Just because it's extremely unlikely that your main is at risk from botting another account on your IP, it doesn't mean it's not possible. To minimize this, I would recommend not botting while you're playing legitimately.
  12. wastedbro

    Accounts keep getting locked

    Well, your IP is almost certainly not "virgin". Top-level IPv4 IP address exhaustion occurred years ago. It's not possible to create a brand new IPv4 address. They're all recycled at this point, and there's no way to confirm whether or not any given one has been "used". Also, Jagex can clearly see your IP comes from a giant data center somewhere. Considering 99.9% of legit OSRS players don't play using a massive data center IP, they can pretty much already see you're up to something sketchy (most likely botting). You're best bet is to use your home IP until you have 20+ bots or so running concurrently. Using a proxy with only a couple bots is a waste of money and sabotages you.
  13. wastedbro

    about charachter profiles (ABC2)

    If you know our RNG seed, then all you have are the numbers we generate. You still have no idea how they're used or in what order, so you can't possibly reverse engineer actual actions from them. The reason why the RNG seed is so dangerous to, say, gambling, is because games of chance generally have a very simple outcome as a direct result of the randomly generated number. This isn't the case, here. The numbers we generate are used to generate more numbers which are used to modify the actual random generators that determine the probability of actions. I don't even think it's possible for you to reverse engineer them. In fact, it would be very difficult even if you had our source code. Also, the value in character-specific randomization is so that all of the bots behave differently from each other. I don't think there is any evidence that inconsistent play patterns on the same account results in increase chance of ban. As a scripter, I constantly have to switch play patterns, in mere seconds. I have to test my script, run it, interrupt it with my input, as well as do it manually, sometimes all within the same day or session. I never get banned testing scripts unless it's a stress test (running for long periods).
  14. What made you change your music preferences since last year?
  15. Tribot was down yesterday due to an OSRS update. Everything should work fine now. Please let me know if there are any more issues