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  1. adjustToCamera will rotate the camera to the tile the entity is on, whether that be an object, a character, npc, etc. It will also adjust the height of the camera based on distance. The further away you are, the lower the height will become to ensure the entity is one screen. Zoom is not adjusted. Also, there is inherent antiban with this method that will do things like rotate the camera and adjust the height simultaneously sometimes, with varying degrees of timing, as well as sometimes use the mouse camera control.
  2. A lot of scripts will simply move the camera to 90-100 height at all times. I find this a bit too uncomfortably predictable, so I let the camera go wherever in my WCer. However, that's not really all that great either. When you say "staring at a wall", you're referring to human vision. The bot doesn't really understand that concept. While it's technically possible to determine inside the script, it would take quite a few resources. Think about it this way, Jagex anti-botting code is written using the same resources as bots. If the bot can't easily determine if the vision is blocked, then the anti-botting code can't either. However, it would be quite easy to determine if a certain account kept routinely moving the camera up to 90-100 height at a specific interval. For my future scripts, I think I'm going to try to keep the camera higher more often, but do so in a way that isn't a braindead pattern. It's not perfect, but perhaps it would be a better balance. As for banrates, I really don't think it matters that much, if at all. But it's easy enough to implement.
  3. Kind of. I switched focus a little bit. I'm mostly going to be scrapping much of the mouse code, such as predictions. As good as it looks, it doesn't seem to do much in terms of bans. I'm actually experimenting with less mouse antiban. I'm currently working on a solid library for simply ensuring that individual OSRS accounts have their own set of modifiers and behaviors, so that when you run a large number of accounts on a single script, they will all have separate behaviors. This is designed to make it more difficult to figure out the specific patterns of bots, because they will all behave similar to humans, but different than each other (slightly).
  4. The walker engine client is open source. The part that actually runs inside the script. The server code, which does all the calculations for pathfinding, is closed source. Also, an API can be open source and still use API keys. The keys are irrelevant to whether or not something is open source.
  5. https://everythingrs.com/tools/osrs/itemlist
  6. Having 1000+ enum values in your code is already extremely hacky.
  7. Coming soon: Lot of new features coming up, including new chopping methods. Hoping to release sometime mid-June, but it will require a certain Tribot update to be pushed. I'll post updates as they come.
  8. Take a look at this for logic frameworks:
  9. I'll definitely have to take a look at this. A sample script would be helpful to see it in action.
  10. I agree with @Netami about your enthusiasm, but our scripter standards are a bit higher than the code you've shown. A few points: You need better separation of functionality. You should utilize the tools that object oriented programming gives you. Currently, you solve many problems with ifs and loops, when they could be better solved via classes, enums, polymorphism, or simply methods with return types. While clean code is less important for scripting, we would still like to see at least some demonstration of your knowledge in that domain. After all, if we know that you can produce clean code, we know that you'll be in a much better spot when your code breaks and you need to update it, therefore making you less of a liability if you have high-profile scripts. The scripts you've shown, while great, are too small. I currently don't know if you can handle a script with a lot of functionality. I consider that a requirement for scripter rank. Even if it's a simple AIO miner or WCer, as long as it reacts to various situations. I'd like to see at least some GUI code. It doesn't have to look pretty, but GUIs are important for scripts with any sort of complexity. That being said, you're on the right track. If you need help, be sure to post in the TRibot Discord or in the relevant sections in the forums. If I see them, I'll try to respond when I can. Good luck, and thank you for applying!
  11. Basically. Large time investment, lots of testing, etc.
  12. No ETA currently. We've been looking into it and it seems that both OSBuddy and Runelite have added protections against using them to bot. We'll keep the community updated as we figure things out.
  13. I'm currently working on it. It's actually done, but I'm including it in a larger rework of the script. I'll see if I can backport it to this version, though.
  14. The latest update caused TRibot to go down. It should be updated very soon, and the script should return to its normal functionality. Thank you for being patient.
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