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  1. Since this is an AIO woodcutter, your bot could be potentially anywhere. Not to mention the possibility of other fires blocking "specific areas", which would require using another "specific area". While I can't fix that, I can improve the algorithm by making the bot try to find longer stretches of non-blocked, east-to-west tiles within the immediate area. This would help. I'll add it on my to-do list.
  2. Update [Version 2.08] Changed the dropping so that Crystal Shards are not dropped. This allows you to chop in Priff (Thanks @sasukespy) Note: This is untested Fixed a rare issue where the script would try to chop a tree while the bank was still open
  3. Sorry to hear that. Botting is most difficult when running freshly made accounts on F2P, especially if you bot tutorial island (which is very high banrate). Not to mention, Jagex can see you're using a VPN, which as you know, most legit players don't. These are the most common types of goldfarming bot accounts, so Jagex has become pretty good at recognizing them. Unfortunately, there's nothing my WCing script can do to prevent that. Think about it this way, I'm almost certain that 99.999% of legitimate players don't cut trees for 9 hours straight the day they made their account. My WCer's antiban makes your actions and input more humanlike. It can't prevent you from making yourself look like an obvious bot. This is why I can, for example, bot my 3 year old main on my home computer for 8 hours daily and get 90+ WC no problem. However, I understand that these lessons can really only be learned by experience and you might not have been able to see it before buying this script. If you want the refund, just send me a PM to confirm and I'll reverse the transaction.
  4. There seems to a problem with Tribot regarding my latest script update. I will see if I can narrow it down by tomorrow. Edit: I've found the issue. I just need @TRiLeZ to update the repository and I can get this back up.
  5. Update [Version 2.07] Fixed issue where the GUI clear icon only appeared to clear the tasks, but they still ran after starting the script. You're not nooby at all. This was my fault It should be fixed now. Please try it out and let me know if it's still not working correctly.
  6. Yes, someone else reported this issue earlier today. It seems to be specific to the Varrock West Oaks. There also seems to be a weird issue where even if you delete all the tasks, the bot sometimes still holds onto an invisible task. This should be fixed within 48 hours. In the meantime, please go to your C:/users/[yourUser]/appdata/roaming/.tribot folder, which contains a folder called "Wasted Chopper". Please delete this folder, start the script, and avoid using Varrock West Oaks. Try Draynor Oaks or Lumbridge Oaks for right now and I'll PM you when Varrock is fixed. If this isn't satisfactory, I'm more than willing to give you a refund. If you prefer that, I'll still PM you when the issue is fixed if you want to re-buy. Thank you
  7. wastedbro

    Mobile Bot

    It actually is that simple. All of the few "mobile bots" that exist are basically autoclickers that click on an emulated device. There is nothing more to it. Jagex really doesn't need to ban the 20 people using them. They usually function like shit because they are based on color at best. See, color detection is difficult. Which is why the bots usually cut corners by using basic autoclicking. What's even more funny is that the specific bot in this new video uses your actual computer mouse. That should tell you how worthless it is, because making a mobile bot send clicks the device itself is actually trivial. If the programmer of such a "bot" can't figure even that out, why even bother?
  8. Can you add me on discord and we can investigate this further? Discord is cg24#9955 I tried to recreate your problem and couldn't.
  9. Try going to your .tribot folder (which is in c:\users\[your user]\appdata\roaming\.tribot), and deleting the Wasted Chopper folder within it. After you do that, when you start the script, the GUI will be completely empty. Try setting up a task from there and let me know if it happens again. I will also try to recreate the bug and get back to you.
  10. If the script isn't working and isn't being fixed manner, please submit a refund request. Otherwise, please allow the scripter to decide how to best handle their own product downtime. @tomelis3211 This is not a client issue, but rather an issue with a popular service used by many scripts. It's currently being worked on, according to Dax. If the script you purchased is still not working and isn't being fixed within a few days, please submit a refund request.
  11. A fix has been pushed to the Gitlab repo. Don't be afraid to submit a merge request.
  12. Update [Version 2.05]: Fixed issue where the script didn't use the dragon axe spec for the infernal axe (Thanks @varago) I seem to have forgotten to recognize them as dragon axes. It should be fixed now. Please let me know how it works out, since I don't have an infernal axe on my account to test. Thank you
  13. No. Plenty of people bot on the normal client without being banned, myself included.
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