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  1. That's weird. Does it work when you start it again? What's your inventory look like when that happens?
  2. It really only occurs when you use tabs. Since the GUI runs separately from the client, sometimes when it uses game data (such as when setting up custom locations), it doesn't grab the data from the correct tab. It's better not to use tabs in general. You shouldn't experience this issue by just used multiple clients (1 tab each).
  3. To test, try closing out all instances, then delete the .tribot folder, and try again with only 1 tribot instance, just to make sure everything is clean. If that works, we can work up from there.
  4. I'm afraid I can't reproduce your issue. I tried custom oaks in Yanille, and it seemed to work just fine. And when it banked, the logs gained didn't reset. Are you doing 1 bot per tribot client?
  5. Custom locations should be working fine. How exactly are you setting it up? Run me by step-by-step.
  6. Yes, certain aspects of ABCv3 such as bank predictions and target acquisition will be a part of nwSlayer. However, not everything will be included (mostly half-baked stuff), such as reaction times. We do not currently have a release date. Progress is great, however, and the script is becoming more functional every day. I would expect some kind of beta within October.
  7. This will definitely be added. As Naton said, it won't be optional. If you have a necklace of passage (in the bank), it will use it. Otherwise, it won't.
  8. Keep in mind, all my work pre-2017 was wiped due to a 2 year absence. And really, I didn't do anything here for the beginning half of 2018. I doubt that I'll be going anywhere. I'm a developer for the Tribot Client itself. You are correct about the teamwork part. OSRS Scripting is notoriously difficult to work on in a team. However, I believe that is due to: Scripters being students and not fully grasping how to work on software as part of a team The architecture of most scripts The first part we have covered. I'm a full-time software engineer. Coding with others is what I do for a living. Having such a job doesn't give me massive amounts of free time, which is why I chose a partner for this project. I asked Naton for, among other reasons, he's someone who can work with others. The second part is also covered. I won't go into the details, because they're technical, but our framework is modular enough to make collaboration not only possible, but easy.
  9. This is what's known as post hoc ergo propter hoc, or false cause I did not hack your account. The administration of this website has access to the source code of the script. In fact, this script is old enough to have been checked by the admins, prior to sale. I don't know what was in your bank account, but I highly doubt it was worth more money than what I make as a scripter and **developer** for Tribot. If you wish, feel free to file a dispute. An admin will look over my source code and will know for sure whether or not it has the capability of hacking you. I have nothing to hide.
  10. You're not getting my point. The paths will be quite varied, even for the same locations over and over. That's an absolute guarantee.
  11. I assure you that the walker we use has enough variance to not produce such patterns, and that it will be equal, if not better, than custom pathing in regard to bans. More importantly, keep in mind that this is slayer. The pathing is so varied anyway that you'd need hundreds of custom paths (would literally take you dozens of hours) to even make it possible. Trust me, this approach is far superior.
  12. No. Scripts that use common walkers actually last longer. That doesn't matter though, because this script will work for as long as we support it. If for some reason Naton and I stopped supporting this script, recording your own paths wouldn't matter because the script would be taken down from the repo anyway (meaning there would be no lifetime nor profitability increases). Keep in mind that we are using both DaxWalker and our own custom pathing. This allows the script to by incredibly dynamic. For example, this script will allow to start it from pretty much anywhere. That feature would be impossible if it only used pre-set paths. It also makes it much more human-like. Defining your own presets paths would take you many hours. And many of them would not work (pathing can be pretty complex).