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  1. If the bot randomly runs away as soon as you start it, that means you set it to "Smelt" instead of "Smith" and vise versa.
  2. That's not exactly usable information. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/48037-guide-how-to-submit-a-proper-script-bug-report/
  3. Yes. This bug just means the bank can't withdraw something it needs to. This normally happens when you do something like try to make it smith cannonballs without a mold in your bank, or smelt iron without iron ore, etc, etc.
  4. In the past 2 months, I've made around 5 accounts on the same IP. I manually did each of them through tutorial island USING THE TRIBOT CLIENT None of them were banned in under a week. Some were only f2p. I botted all of them a little. One of them became my main (lots of 50+ stats). Some I just left sit for a couple weeks to do future experiments. Of course, most of them ended up being banned this month due to experiments and over botting, but again, they all lasted over a week of light to no botting. I can't tell you why you got banned and I didn't. I can't tell you why you get banned and the rest of tribot doesn't. The reason it's so obscure is that there are dozens of factors that contribute to this. But the thing is, we all have one thing in common. We all use the tribot client. Therefore, if we all get different results from the same client, then we can definitely, completely, 100% rule out the tribot client as the problem.
  5. If the client was detectable, then every time you logged onto an account with tribot you'd be banned. That's what detectable means. Why would Jagex only look at your client if you have abnormal playing behaviors? They have this neat thing called software that can do that automatically. If the client were detectable, it would take them 5 seconds to implement a program to go through every online player ever 5 seconds and ban the ones on botting clients. Since that obviously doesn't happen, you will never be able to logically prove the client is detectable. However, Jagex has been able to tell when people use OSBuddy. So there is some evidence they can see the client. But the difference between Tribot and OSBuddy is that TRibot has code to "block" detection. Basically, the most likely scenario is that when you use tribot, Jagex sees that you aren't using an official client, but they also can't tell you're using a botting client. Jagex has stated that they allow you to use any client, as long as it doesn't bot. Therefore, they wouldn't just ban anyone on non-official clients. So the most likely scenario is that Jagex can see we are using a third-party client, but they can't see whether it's a botting client or a legit client. And if you "cbf" to state your source, that means you don't have one or you take some sort of sick pleasure in being rudely condescending.
  6. Hmm, possibly. I have other projects that need attention but I'll definitely keep a note of this. It's a neat idea.
  7. They monitor everyone. They have anti-bot software. That's the point of software. It's the point of having god damn computers to start with. They automate things. Everyone is being monitored the same. Yes, maybe it's easier to get banned if you've had previous bans on your IP; it's possible, but there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever to back it up. However, there is evidence in half this forum that suggest Jagex uses anti-bot software. This biggest one being when is the last time anyone has seen a jagex mod walk up to your account and ban it? How about the fact that hundreds of bots get banned per day? Do you really think they have a moderator go through the millions of RS accounts every day to flick on and off the "monitor this guy" button? Makes a lot of sense. I'm sure mod weath sits there all day monitoring the 10,000 IP addresses with bans on them. That makes so much sense. Why didn't I think of such a time-saving method of antibotting? I must be a complete moron for thinking RS had software developers to automate incredibly basic tasks like making sure the antibot software works for everyone. For someone who prides himself in the knowledge of mathematics and theorycrafting, you can't seem to grasp what a computer can even do. Perhaps you should just work on what we all are, instead of playing the "underdog" who is most definitely right about everything just because no one thinks like you do. Seriously, you try to poke the smallest holes in anything I say. The sad part is, you're poking at air. Because what I say isn't fact. What I say is not law. I do my best to interpret the data I see on this forum. I look it up very often, and try to cite it as best I can. If you don't like it, you have to either interpret it in a better way, or give new evidence, because all you're doing is giving a bunch of "what ifs", and then take pride in your false belief that you accomplished anything except confusing new users and annoying productive ones.
  8. It says on Runescapes website that they give botters multiple chances. From all the posts I've seen on the forum, the only ones who get IP-Flagged are mass goldfarmers. I'm talking 10+ bans. Sometimes it takes 50+ bans according to some people. I've had the same, exact experience as these users with my IP. You never get flagged after 1 or 2 or even 3 bans. I guess your statements aren't invalid, but they contradict most, if not all, of the experiences posted by non-proxy sellers. Regardless of your belief, if you go around posting predatory advertising, just be prepared to get quoted by people like me in every thread.
  9. You know, Tribot already had a problem last year with proxy sellers literally lying about how proxies work to scare users into handing them money. It's very sad to see it popping up again. You've been on this forum long enough to know that's not even close to true.
  10. He deleted it because he couldn't handle being criticized. But maybe you can contact him privately and discuss conspiracy theories in a place where they belong (away from rational people)