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  1. Should be working but I'm getting some reports of bugs here and there. If you try it out, be sure to let me know if something isn't working. The more detailed the report, the easier it will be for me to fix it.
  2. Yeah, always has been. I get the issue on 4k displays as well as my 3000x2000 surface book. Honestly not sure why.
  3. I'm currently working on a rewrite of my WC script with added features such as turning cut logs into planks at the WC guild and whatnot. PM me on discord to let me know how this method works and I might add it. wastedbro#9955
  4. This project is likely to be completed with a reduced set of features and/or incorporated into other projects. If I can't complete it at all, I will try to clean it up and do an open-source release with at least Turael support working well. Dax is working on some DaxWalker improvements that would greatly benefit this script. If those changes come through soon, it would help me get this to a formal release. In the meantime, feel free to continue using the beta.
  5. A fix is pending and should be included in the next client update, which will likely be a quick hotfix soon.
  6. Where is "there"? Any debug? For cave slimes, does moving the bot manually cause it to fix itself?
  7. Thank you for the feedback! Could you elaborate further on those bugs? When it fails to withdraw a shantay pass, what does it do next? Where does it get stuck? For the cave slimes, what does the bot actually do? "Stuck" can mean hundreds of things. As for teleports, I recommend either carrying runes for the major city teleports (or tele tabs), as well as a games necklace for Turael. Once we add Nieve, the tasks will last longer, resulting in much less time spent travelling, so teleports won't be nearly as important.
  8. Completely rewrote this framework to be much, much simpler. I also created a Builder class so that you can create decision trees using functional-ish programming, with a lot more flexibility on how you implement your code. Here is a link: https://gitlab.com/WBScripting/binary-decision-tree-framework Look in the "samples" directory to find out how to use this.
  9. No offense to anyone here, but there's no way in hell I'd ever pay any dev I'd meet on this forum $70-$100/hr. That's 20+ years of professional industry experience and reputation pay.
  10. You're talking about an entirely new infrastructure for a new game. Regardless of how simple the task is, you're looking at hundreds of dollars or more.
  11. Keep in mind that some scripters give you that number of auths for their lowest price they want to sell the script at. Just because a script's cheapest option includes 5 auths, doesn't mean that the scripter would be willing to sell 1 auth cheaper. Sometimes the extra auths are really just a bonus.
  12. Interesting. I figured it would auto-walk. I'm a bit busy during the holidays but I will be sure to take a look at this as soon as I can.
  13. @leixner Make sure you specify your settings when you find oddities in teleporting. There a lot of different ways you can set up teleporting for this script, and remember that the script makes some complex decisions that might be intended. I'm assuming that you set specific tasks to use a glory tele. I will double-check, but I think the script will only replace those if it needs to go to the bank for another reason, such as you're out of an item you set up in your inventory profile. Otherwise, if it finds that it still has enough items to do the next task, it won't attempt to make a trip to the bank. I realize that this can sometimes be slower, but the goal is to eliminate unneeded trips to the bank, which can sometimes be faster and save resources. Please let me know if you had some other settings configuration. .. And remember, the script will never use any teleport items you didn't specify in the inventory setup or the slayer tasks tab.
  14. Here I'll be posting information for setting up the GUI and script. It's a work in progress. Please let me know if there is anything unclear about the script setup or GUI so I can document it. Teleport System: Items are selected per task, from the tasks tab If you don't own the teleport item you selected, it will navigate to the task without it For the beta, the tasks will not have preset teleport items The script is smart enough not to waste the teleports you select if it finds a more efficient way to navigate (Thanks DaxWalker) Even if you don't set up teleports for each task, you can still set them up in your inventory profile(s) from the Inventory Tab. They will be used if needed. For example, my default inventory profile includes all the basic runes + law runes. The script will use any of the major city teleports as needed, greatly increasing XP/hr while keeping the GUI setup easy and clean. I also put a game's necklace in my inventory profile. This allows it to teleport right to Turael after a task, which saves a bank trip if one isn't needed. Note: Teleporting/Navigation will never be perfect. This script is meant to be 100% dynamic while still giving you as much customization as possible. We will have very few, if any, required teleport items, while still supporting all of them if you choose to do so.
  15. Sorry, it seems you have cut off two toes instead of the promised "1 for every day". The deal is off.
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