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  1. wastedbro

    WTB Private Raids Script

    This seems like a random, anonymous, unbacked claim of superiority. You usually never see those on the internet.
  2. Working on a rework of this script. Upcoming Features: New Log Disposal Options (fletch, firemaking, etc) Added Locations (WC Guild, more of Zeah) More customization for custom locations Better Axe Upgrade system Ability to purchase axes for upgrading (From GE) Dragon Axe Special Attack Deposit Box support
  3. wastedbro

    Error when starting premium script

    What script are you trying to use?
  4. wastedbro

    Permanent Scripts ??

    If you paid for a lifetime apple would you expect it to never rot?
  5. The Runescape Update has rendered most scripts unusable right now. GameObjects, such as trees, can't be interacted with as a result. Tribot needs to update in order for this script to continue working (there's nothing I can do, sorry). Please be patient. It should be automatically fixed within a day or two.
  6. I've been learning a lot about how bans work lately and have been exploring different opportunities. However this project is still alive. I will keep it in all my scripts. However, the reaction times are likely going to be scrapped. The effort-to-output ratio is looking to be too high to be worth it. I don't think it would be too helpful for bans.
  7. Yeah go with Client/Server approach with Sockets. It will allow you to take your master program, throw it on a server, and have it hook up to your scripts from any machine. TCP connections are very reliable for this stuff.
  8. wastedbro

    is botting even still worth it?

    Yeah it's a shame people expect money for work. But the good news is your math is a little off. Yes, premium scripts are pricey, relatively. However, there is a pretty decent selection of "free" scripts that you can run if your VIP. Even I use free scripts when I can. To start off, a VPN is not worth your money. It's not going to help your operation is inherently successful. So your first step is to create a successful operation. Afterwards, you can look at ways of protecting it via proxies, VPN, etc. So when you really look at it, you can get started with a measly $8/mo. I mean, that's less than OSRS membership. When you look at it, TRibot is the cheapest chain link in your fence.
  9. wastedbro

    Data Jagex can access? (Unsigned vs. signed)

    There's no code to suggest they do. The problem with doing it is legality. Spying on people's running processes is probably not legal in many countries. Well, not traditionally. There are a lot of technical implementations that would allow you to do it without too much privacy violation. However, it's not likely. It's legally gray, and not very useful. The running tasks on your computer are not identifying, really. I could easily change the process of any program I write. It's not hard. Most viruses get past it ridiculously easily. Also, Jagex is huge company with many investors and stakeholders. Sure, your average internet loser that makes runescape tools can get away with spying on you. In the real world, however, when millions of dollars are on the line, pulling shit like that is much more difficult. Ultimately, the owner of Jagex isn't a programmer or Runescape player. The owners don't care. They don't want something like that. It's risky. And it's ineffective. We could lose thousands of dollars, sure, but they could lose millions.
  10. wastedbro

    Idea on a technique used by BotWatch.

    Does it frustrate you that I provided no supporting detail or actual analysis of your idea? That's how I felt when I read your idea.
  11. wastedbro

    Idea on a technique used by BotWatch.

  12. wastedbro

    JAIOPrayer - Gauging interest

    If the guilded alter part can start from anywhere, auto-find a random host, etc, it would be premium-script level.
  13. wastedbro

    Script Safety

    Tribot stores info on your machine for your accounts if you put them in Tribot's account manager. It's technically possible to retrieve them if the hacker or malware knows about it. Scripts generally can't hack you, as the repository blocks most malicious code and prevents recording keys. There a lot of ways to get hacked. And Jagex basically let's anyone take your account if they know a couple personal details about you anyway.
  14. That's not random antiban. If you want to prevent/lessen missclicks: Increase mouse speed Use DynamicClicking Use Dax's AccurateMouse Class