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  1. If the bot randomly runs away as soon as you start it, that means you set it to "Smelt" instead of "Smith" and vise versa.
  2. I scheduled it for last month, but things got too busy and have continued that way. I haven't forgotten about it, though.
  3. As far as I know, only a small portion of users are receiving minor problems. Nothing script-breaking.
  4. I've been extremely busy lately. This is the first day in 3 weeks I've been on the forums for more than 2 hours. First of all, the script worked fine for me, but was broken on your cheap hardware. That's why the problems were so obscure. You eventually just kind of left the project when it was working decently. I didn't even know if it was broken. You now come back, months later, expecting me to be waiting to fix your stuff instantly. You've had the script for 3 months without reporting a single problem. I'm not your servant and I can't read your mind. You're just going to have to wait. And as for Tabinhu, I made your script last year I think. Scripts break over long amounts of time. I provide lifetime support for small bugs and moderate fixes. But I'm not rewriting your script every 6 months, sorry.
  5. That's not exactly usable information. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/48037-guide-how-to-submit-a-proper-script-bug-report/
  6. Yes. This bug just means the bank can't withdraw something it needs to. This normally happens when you do something like try to make it smith cannonballs without a mold in your bank, or smelt iron without iron ore, etc, etc.
  7. Thank you, this issue will be addressed when I overhaul this script
  8. Dragon legs, granite body, d med helm, whip, glory, rune boots, obby cape. All of that costs less than the script. I'd say shoot for 70-70-70 stats You can do it with lower, but the returns are quite lower.
  9. In the past 2 months, I've made around 5 accounts on the same IP. I manually did each of them through tutorial island USING THE TRIBOT CLIENT None of them were banned in under a week. Some were only f2p. I botted all of them a little. One of them became my main (lots of 50+ stats). Some I just left sit for a couple weeks to do future experiments. Of course, most of them ended up being banned this month due to experiments and over botting, but again, they all lasted over a week of light to no botting. I can't tell you why you got banned and I didn't. I can't tell you why you get banned and the rest of tribot doesn't. The reason it's so obscure is that there are dozens of factors that contribute to this. But the thing is, we all have one thing in common. We all use the tribot client. Therefore, if we all get different results from the same client, then we can definitely, completely, 100% rule out the tribot client as the problem.
  10. If the client was detectable, then every time you logged onto an account with tribot you'd be banned. That's what detectable means. Why would Jagex only look at your client if you have abnormal playing behaviors? They have this neat thing called software that can do that automatically. If the client were detectable, it would take them 5 seconds to implement a program to go through every online player ever 5 seconds and ban the ones on botting clients. Since that obviously doesn't happen, you will never be able to logically prove the client is detectable. However, Jagex has been able to tell when people use OSBuddy. So there is some evidence they can see the client. But the difference between Tribot and OSBuddy is that TRibot has code to "block" detection. Basically, the most likely scenario is that when you use tribot, Jagex sees that you aren't using an official client, but they also can't tell you're using a botting client. Jagex has stated that they allow you to use any client, as long as it doesn't bot. Therefore, they wouldn't just ban anyone on non-official clients. So the most likely scenario is that Jagex can see we are using a third-party client, but they can't see whether it's a botting client or a legit client. And if you "cbf" to state your source, that means you don't have one or you take some sort of sick pleasure in being rudely condescending.
  11. 1. This isn't sustainable. We aren't the government and we don't have control over sellers or buyers. If we do this, everyone will tell us to fuck off and we lose a lot of users. 2. This is stupid. Take an economics class, or at least a world history class. If you are over the age of 14, I will lose faith in the human race. 3. It's kind of offensive to ask Tribot to make a serious attempt to control people like that. Kind of a dick move. 4. Even if this was possible and sustained itself in the short run, it would fail in the long run. Higher prices would cause less buyers and more goldfarmers. According to the most basic economic law, when supply heavily outweighs demand, there will be a huge market surplus. This is bad. This is why it's more profitable for gold sellers to sell at a lower price. 5. I'm starting to think you're trolling. You got me good. I'll explain to you, though, that the gold market is a pure competition. No one has significant market share. This means no one can raise average prices. The only way to change the price is by government regulation. But there is no government. We could change the gold price on Tribot, but then everyone would leave because it's not hard to type 6-20 letters into your address bar. I'll also explain to you that it's impossible to get every gold seller from every website to cooperate. That's why economists have developed the word "pure competition". Also, if your plan was applied to the real world, it would either be a weird version of socialism or it would be applied to the private sector in the form of price fixing, which is a federal crime.
  12. Hmm, possibly. I have other projects that need attention but I'll definitely keep a note of this. It's a neat idea.