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  1. [ABCl10] Elite Chopper Free [Task Based] [ABCv3]

    It only upgrades axes at the bank. If your tasks don't ever bank, it will never upgrade. If you have the premium version, you can structure your tasks so that it will bank at certain levels to ensure it upgrades, then goes back to powerchopping. However, the free version only has 2 tasks, so that's not possible.
  2. I actually have a server up that is capable of managing such a mule system. However, it is not ready for production. I haven't had a lot of time recently, so I apologize. Therefore, I can't give any hard ETAs. Thank you for your purchase!
  3. Looks like a Tribot problem. The second one... I'm not sure. What are your settings?
  4. You can certainly still powerchop them. But I will keep this in mind when I add special locations in the future for banking.
  5. No. It does not support any special banking. Only bank booths and chests as of now that are reachable via Dax Webwalker.
  6. I didn't even know this thread was still up. I'm not on skype anymore. You can add me on Discord: wastedbro#9955
  7. Clean Code Notes

    "Bank" would probably be a more appropriate name for that class, slightly. However... The noun classname convention makes more sense for non-static classes. TRibot's API is built around mostly static classes that perform actions. This is actually pretty rare, as most code you will read/write will not have such a purpose. It will be data-driven. Classes are meant to be blueprints, as Einstein said. Blueprints don't DO anything on their own, so verbs don't fit them. Tribot's static classes don't always fit the blueprint/object model very well, as they are completely static actions. In fact, they technically go against Object Oriented Programming (if you are a purist). Therefore, there's nothing wrong with the "Banking" class name in this instance. It's very situational. As @Einstein said, it's much more important that you be consistent, rather than "proper" by someone else's standard. The goal is for the source code to make sense on its own. To explain itself. If it does this, you've achieved the goal that these "standards" were created to achieve, even if the standards aren't perfectly followed.
  8. [ABCl10] Elite Chopper Free [Task Based] [ABCv3]

    Sorry to hear that. Make sure to use Free Trials when scripts have them. The free trial for my premium version WCer lasts 6 hours, so plenty of time to test all the locations you need. I will look into adding that location in the future, but can't do it currently. Honestly, the whole script is based on a universal framework that doesn't support that location and doesn't support deposit boxes. I hope to change this, but it's actually as simple as it seems. It is a problem I made when designing the script and I'm paying for it now, so I apologize for that.
  9. [ABCl10] Elite Chopper Free [Task Based] [ABCv3]

    Does not support WC Guild.
  10. Yeah picking up nests wasn't even supposed to be able to be selected while powerchopping. Don't use it unless you're banking. Dropping speed was made to be more human and it shouldn't affect the overall efficiency very much. Probably won't be changed. Over the course of 1-60 WC you'd probably save 5-10 minutes.
  11. I've used this script on looking glass before. Have you tried restarted the client twice after the thursday update? Are you sure you're not in resizable mode? (make sure you're in fixed mode) Also, what do your settings look like? More importantly, copying and pasting both debugs to me will help me a lot.
  12. [ABCL] Lunar Flax Spinner [Money Making]

    Try a different bank.
  13. Banned twice so far with little bot use

    It doesn't sound right. I've seen fresh F2P accounts last 72 hours straight with free scripts. Hmm, maybe just stop using the scripts you were using?
  14. Banned twice so far with little bot use

    Have you ever botted that account before with anything else? Are tribot and you the only things that have ever done anything on your account?
  15. Clean Code Notes

    Yeah we're definitely in agreement. Just when it comes down to actual code, that's not the definitions of those words in Java, C#, C++ and some others. Very good points. Thanks!