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  1. A fix has been pushed to the Gitlab repo. Don't be afraid to submit a merge request.
  2. Update [Version 2.05]: Fixed issue where the script didn't use the dragon axe spec for the infernal axe (Thanks @varago) I seem to have forgotten to recognize them as dragon axes. It should be fixed now. Please let me know how it works out, since I don't have an infernal axe on my account to test. Thank you
  3. No. Plenty of people bot on the normal client without being banned, myself included.
  4. Update [Version 2.04]: Fixed a bug where the script wouldn't burn teak logs (Thanks @WhiteboyWelch) Improved burning tile finding algorithm to blacklist tiles that it fails to walk to Added special logic to the castle wars teaks location so that it walks to more ideal tile before starting log burning Fixed
  5. Yeah, that's likely. The script checks for any animation to determine chopping, so if monkey form chopping has no animation, I'm not sure how to make it detect it. Do you know of any other indicators? The first thing it always does is check the bank if you have axe upgrading enabled or if it needs something (axe, tinderbox, knife, etc). So it's probably teleporting in order to reach the nearest bank.
  6. You can block user input from within your script by implementing the "EventBlockingOverride" interface in your script class. Example in Kotlin: class test : Script(), EventBlockingOverride { override fun run() { } override fun overrideKeyEvent(keyEvent: KeyEvent): EventBlockingOverride.OVERRIDE_RETURN { return EventBlockingOverride.OVERRIDE_RETURN.PROCESS } override fun overrideMouseEvent(mouseEvent: MouseEvent): EventBlockingOverride.OVERRIDE_RETURN { return EventBlockingOverride.OVERRIDE_RETURN.DISMISS } } Example in Java: public class test extends Script implements EventBlockingOverride { @Override public void run() { } @Override public OVERRIDE_RETURN overrideKeyEvent(KeyEvent keyEvent) { return OVERRIDE_RETURN.PROCESS; } @Override public OVERRIDE_RETURN overrideMouseEvent(MouseEvent mouseEvent) { return OVERRIDE_RETURN.DISMISS; } }
  7. The sale has ended. Thank you everyone!
  8. Update [Version 2.03] Improved redwood chopping area detection so that the script doesn't think it's outside the redwood area I understand there might still be some instability with redwoods. I'm currently leveling up an account to better debug it.
  9. The redwood chopping is a bit unstable as I didn't have an account to test it (and still don't). Would you mind adding me on discord so we could go through some of those issues? My discord user is cg24#9955
  10. Can you tell me your settings, that status of the script, and if anything appears in your client or bot debug windows? Also, any other important info like your inventory, etc, or a screenshot? Can you give me a mathematical formula to determine if a camera angle is "good"? What does "good" mean? Also, like I said, it would be very difficult for Jagex to detect clicking through walls, as they would have to be constantly monitoring the object models for every model on screen and determining how much space they take at any given second. Your CPU would be shot lol. But I'll tell you what. I'll go ahead and add an antiban option for keeping the camera at a high angle. I'll try to make it less hardcoded than every other script.
  11. Keep in mind that Jagex isn't video monitoring your screen. Technologically speaking, it would quite a stretch for them to detect if walls were blocking vision of something the player is doing. Most scripts that have "good camera angles" just hardcode it to go to about 85%-100% height. Not only is that more detectable, but if I were to implement that, the script would develop similar patterns to all the other bots. If you want, I can add that as an antiban option, but I don't recommend it.
  12. It might be fixed with my latest update since I now check that the tile is reachable before trying to go to it for firemaking. I can try to recreate it soon, but let me know if it happens in the meantime.
  13. Update! Version 2.02 Fixed bug where the script would try to light fires on tiles with plant objects such as daisies (thanks @contemporary) Improved firemaking algorithm to search for tiles close to the player via path distance rather than raw distance Fixed a bug where the script tries to walk on tiles under trees in order to light fires I checked that spot out. How did it even get there?? Also, what was it trying to do? Click a tree, go to the bank, go to the trees, etc? A screenshot would be helpful, especially with the status.
  14. Version 2.01: Fixed a bug that caused the script to try to click the wrong tree if it was behind another tree. Thank you @Flax
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