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  1. I'll stand by the claim I'm making. There's a lot of antiban you don't "see". You need to understand that Jagex doesn't have a video feed of your screen. Conclusions that you're making from visual data aren't necessarily transferable to conclusions that can be made via the data that Jagex collects. This concept is a two way road: Things that you see that you think are obvious aren't actually so obvious when you are looking at text on a screen rather than the game canvas. Things you never even notice, and sometimes things you aren't capable of noticing, are very obvious to Jagex, or at least moreso than you might think. I assure you I take this into account, and specifically target the factors that I think are important for avoiding bans. Of course, there are many huge factors outside of the script, but a good script can't hurt. Just yesterday someone posted a screenshot of them with 99WC from this script, on an f2p account (along with a 96 hour proggy). Of course, there's no such thing as a perfect script that works in 100% of situations. I'll look into improving the script to act more fluid. It's already programmed to attempt to click the bank before it stops moving, but again, it doesn't always work. Some locations are more fluid than others. But, I can expand this. Thanks for letting me know.
  2. Awesome Wasted Chopper progress screenshot! Especially on F2P.
  3. That seems odd. I'll test those settings and get back to you. You looked into it? Yes, and it seems to work for me. If you want to add me on Discord, we can figure out the issue more quickly.
  4. I recommend clicking tribot, running a script, and repeating those two steps until you're out of accounts.
  5. My advice is to not use proxies. Period.
  6. While that's a good first step, it's not guaranteed. Most web services that are trying to stop proxy users built their own blacklist/greylist of IP metadata. For example, those generic websites may not recognize the hostname or provider of the IP, and therefore determine it as not a proxy. But if Jagex sees that 95% of all accounts using an IP with that data end up being banned, then it's a pretty good indicator that the provider is not a legitimate ISP. This isn't Jagex specific. It's roughly an industry standard for any webservices that don't like proxy users. Ecommerce in particular is plagued with bots of the same nature. And let's say Jagex doesn't have enough data to determine you're using a proxy. Let's say they are 30% sure because the provider is unknown and never used by any other players. That's still a higher risk factor than using an IP from Comcast, AT&T, Spectrum, Verizon, etc.
  7. If you can't bot a single account, you're not going to be able to bot 20-30. Start with 1-3. And a VPN is roughly the same as a proxy. It just applies globally to your whole system. I honestly don't know how people use proxies. Very rarely does someone say "wow, my botfarm was struggling until I bought these proxies!". The only time people even talk about proxies is either to sell them or complain about how they still got banned. You're mostly just going to have to try stuff. If it works, keep going. If not, try something else. That's the best advice I can give. Oh, and avoid f2p botting. You'll never profit.
  8. The proxy you bought is identifiable as a proxy. GMX saw that your account was accessed via proxy. Perhaps they thought it was a hacker attacking your account, or maybe someone doing something shady on their service. So they just blocked the account. A lot of services refuse to service people using proxies because they don't want to deal with the headache that comes with people hiding their identity. Either that or they profit in some way by knowing your identity. Similarly, Jagex banned you because they saw a new account on a proxy that just got traded a bunch of items. Very obviously either RWT or botting. Another possible explanation is that the IP you got is blacklisted by both GMX and Jagex. That's pretty unlikely, though, that someone got IP banned from both those services with that specific proxy IP. I highly doubt this is the case. If only your RS account got banned, this explanation would be more likely. Proxies cause bans. I don't recommend using them unless you really know what you're doing. Had you not used a proxy, both of your accounts would probably be alive assuming you didn't do anything too suspicious on your alt. I recommend just botting an alt and ensuring your alt and main aren't logged in at the same time. Don't bother with proxies. You're main will most likely be fine. It's not guaranteed, though. If you want to be guaranteed safe, then your only option is to keep shelling out cash for proxies or a VPS or something and dealing with the highly increased banrate that comes with it.
  9. This is a failsafe that's being triggered a bit too early. Basically, the idea is that it will "give up" on a tree if the player doesn't start chopping so long after it clicks it (in case of being stuck, tree went down, etc). The time it waits until it gives up is based on the distance between you and the tree. It sounds like I need to make it a bit longer. I'll go ahead and do that. Thank you! I'm not familiar with the location. Add me on discord and we can discuss it, though! That seems odd. I'll test those settings and get back to you.
  10. It's fairly unlikely your ironman ban got your main banned. Jagex bans in waves. In fact, almost all games do. The reason is so that we can't identify what triggers the ban. As you can see, it's working quite well, because now you have all of these people trying to get you to make the same mistake but at a higher cost. While there have been legitimate reports of chain bans, they are usually from very large botfarms, where it's easier to identify, and most people don't experience them. I doubt this is what you've experienced, but as worthy said, it's possible. More realistically, both your accounts were caught botting, and then banned at the exact same time. Think about this way. The exact second your accounts got banned, so did 1200+ more. Would say that they were all chain banned through some sort of identity? No, it's just coincidence. The same coincidence can easily be applied to your two bans. In my own personal experience, it's the same. I've always had a main account (for making scripts) and bot accounts (testing + goldfarming). I've also never owned a proxy (maybe once in my 7 years here) and my goldfarm accounts usually run on the same PC I use my main account in. There has never been a time where my main has been banned that I can't attribute to running a specific script on it. Certainly no chain bans. I remember a very specific time once, where I had 6 accounts running the same script, same method, same machine, same IP. Five of them got banned at the same time and one stayed alive. The one that survived had higher stats, was an older account, etc. So unless Jagex systems had some bizarre glitch, it's pretty easy to deduce what happened, which is 5 accounts were each, individually caught botting, and then subsequently banned during the next ban wave, while the 6th one wasn't determined to be a bot due to other factors (probably account stats, but I don't know). Personally, I wouldn't risk running scripts on your main if you want to keep it. However, if money is not a huge concern, it never hurts to avoid botting on the same IP or machine as another account. But honestly, I think Looking Glass (VIP-E feature) would help you more than that. Just keep in mind that a significant number of people have reported faster bans while using proxies, regardless of where they bought the proxy. If you use one, I recommend avoiding high-risk botting. Meaning, make your account by hand. Do tutorial island by hand. Get at least a total level of 100+ by hand. Buy membership. And then don't bot popular goldfarm methods.
  11. Update [Version 2.10] Fixed an issue where sometimes the script would perform the first task in the list, despite the stopping condition already being met Fixed an issue where using the "up" and "down" arrows in the GUI to re-order the tasks didn't get reflected in saved profiles
  12. Update [Version 2.09] Changed the dropping algorithm so that it doesn't drop any axes. Previously, it dropped all of them but the one your character was using, but this should prevent dropping of axes above your level.
  13. Thread#suspend is deprecated specifically for being deadlock prone. If you want to prevent deadlocks, stop using it. Tribot uses another mechanism for pausing the thread, via the API which will wait naturally when given the command. You cannot access it. I dislike Tribot's mutli-threaded approach to logging in. If you want to make your own, make it single-threaded. Check the logout condition often, and call Login#login if it's met. Threads are intended for concurrency. Logging in can never run parallel to the rest of your script, so it's not a good idea to use a thread.
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