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  1. wastedbro

    [ABCl10] Elite Chopper Free [Task Based] [ABCv3]

    The interface for shift dropping must have changed. I will see about fixing that soon.
  2. It depends. Currently, if Dax Webwalker supports the area, it should work (which is why the WC Guild does not currently work correctly).
  3. wastedbro

    Premium scripts gone?

    You would if your shirt needed tech support and sometimes broke for no reason.
  4. wastedbro

    Premium scripts gone?

    I wouldn't rule-out the possibility that the admins are also non-existent.
  5. I actually just found this issue myself. Will be fixed in the re-release, but I am going to try to hotfix it so the current script works. The reason this happens is because OSRS added a function key setting that changed the interface IDs, so my script thinks the keybinding setting button is the shift drop button. Edit: Fixed
  6. wastedbro

    Is Interacting With Object

    Hey I made this snippet, based on AlphaDog's Looking Towards Snippet All this snippet does is check all the tiles of an object, and returns true if any of the tiles are directly in front of the player while the player is doing an animation. /** * Determines if an object is being interacted with by the player */ public static boolean isInteractingWithObject(RSObject object) { RSPlayer player = Player.getRSPlayer(); return player.getAnimation() > -1 && Arrays.stream(object.getAllTiles()).anyMatch(t -> isLookingTowards(player, t, 1)); } /** * Checks if the animable entity is looking towards a positionable */ public static boolean isLookingTowards(RSAnimableEntity animableEntity, Positionable positionable, int maxDist) { if (maxDist > 0 && positionable.getPosition().distanceTo(animableEntity) > maxDist) return false; final int orientation = (int) Math.round(animableEntity.getOrientation() / 256.0); final int dx = animableEntity.getPosition().getX() - positionable.getPosition().getX(); final int dy = animableEntity.getPosition().getY() - positionable.getPosition().getY(); switch (orientation) { case 0: //south return dx == 0 && dy > 0; case 1: //south - west return dx > 0 && dy > 0 && dx == dy; case 2: //west return dx > 0 && dy == 0; case 3: //north - west return dx > 0 && dy < 0 && Math.abs(dx) == Math.abs(dy); case 4: //north return dx == 0 && dy < 0; case 5: //north - east return dx < 0 && dy < 0 && dx == dy; case 6: //east return dx < 0 && dy == 0; case 7: //south-east return dx < 0 && dy > 0 && Math.abs(dx) == Math.abs(dy); } return false; }
  7. Scripters have no choice, and have never had a choice when it comes to possible pricing and monetization options.
  8. wastedbro

    Potential for mobile botting

    There's no reason to think Jagex profiles touch input differently than mouse input. And even if they did, there's no reason to suspect the click points to be significantly different.
  9. wastedbro

    Potential for mobile botting

    Mouse hopping would eliminate that issue. In fact, I don't know why Tribot doesn't emulate touch screen input for the normal client. Jagex altered their systems when a few people got banned on touch screens in 2016 (according to the OSRS Wiki).
  10. It's probably trying to turn on your shift drop setting so that the bot can use the shift key to drop logs.
  11. wastedbro

    "Scripts cannot use reflection"

    You need to seriously reconsider your architecture.
  12. wastedbro

    WTB Private Raids Script

    This seems like a random, anonymous, unbacked claim of superiority. You usually never see those on the internet.
  13. Working on a rework of this script. Upcoming Features: New Log Disposal Options (fletch, firemaking, etc) Added Locations (WC Guild, more of Zeah) More customization for custom locations Better Axe Upgrade system Ability to purchase axes for upgrading (From GE) Dragon Axe Special Attack Deposit Box support