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  1. I have a support ticket open for more than a week now and i also have pmed 2 support staff and no replies. So i think pretty much abandoned, probably why i have not renewed my VIP.
  2. Looks like none of you know what the issues are. The phials method is fine. His wilderness altar is broken and 2nd there is no fail safe when host locks house. You will definitely get banned for attempting to go into someones house like none stop for like an hour +
  3. Why are you even asking this question ? I have already posted the issues on your thread and still no fixes.
  4. The two "premium" ones are "broken" and have not been updated in a while. So many bugs and very bot like. Someone make a good prayer script so i can buy.
  5. is it safe to restart script during the quest ? will it resume from where it last left off ? Still not able to get past the random path. ( I did it manually the first time ) because it kept idling.. . Second time it failed also
  6. Is the update live ? Because its still doing that and i have restarted twice now
  7. Found a bug ! Step 10 Walking_to_draynor_bank - it keeps spamming home teleport while walking ! And then in chat it says you cant use that teleport at the moment Why not add rimington teleport for chemist instead of running all the way there ? And for banking in draynor why tele to lumby when you can use a glory ? Something went wrong at the traps in regicide , it kept idling and didn't get past that point. ( the traps where you have to choose the same path ( Random for everyone ))
  8. I can confirm that his prayer and herblore is way outdated, a while back told him multiple times to update herblore script but MIA.
  9. It wasn't locked at first and there is no way of knowing when a public host will lock ? , i expected a much more civilized reply from you tbh.
  10. @HeyImJamie Wilderness altar not working. Testing on house altar, host locked house to visitor and bot keep trying to enter.. please add a fail safe for this
  11. Fixes ability to purchase VIP first instead of fixing scripts not able to load ?
  12. I just tested again with your recommendations. Fix the luring while in combat it seems very silly, a real player wont lure a bandit that is currently aggro. Why does it hop when it kills the aggro bandit ?
  13. @Laniax Black jacking is very unstable atm. It is trying to lure when bandit is aggro ?? Also it is closing the curtain before the bandit is inside. I would not recommend people use this script for BJ you can easily get banned.
  14. Fuck you found my best money maker !
  15. yes. Lumbridge tutor hacked u
  16. Check if "block all user input is turned on" . If it is on turn it off. No idea about script clicking wrong places.. but try that step first, also let me know what script you are running ?
  17. You are not VIP. But i guess your session might have ghosted.. you can go to your user panel/ instance manager
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