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  1. dantan

    Auto Favour Pro Development

    Yes~! Yesss ! Support !!
  2. @Aropupu Will you be updating the script to reflect the recent changes - Make all - X ?
  3. dantan

    [FREE] Trick's Gilded Altar v0.9 [Phials Method!]

    @fmtrick Would be nice if you can implement the above suggestions. As of now it seems very bot like.
  4. @Tri Why are the camera angles so fake sometimes? Who view & clicks from right from the bottom or from behind a wall >.<. Looting - sometimes it doesn't loot ? Radius range - It goes out of the radius and doesn;t come back so it sits idle doing nothing.
  5. dantan

    LG Banking Issues

    Been 1 week + Now since the issues persisted . Any bank standing script will have issues detecting the items and say it has run out of X item and the script will stop. I can restart the client 2-3 times but the issue will still come back after an extended period of time.
  6. Ask yourself this question, If you played legit .. how many hours would u tolerate doing 1 skill ? Now ask another question, how many hours does the average runescaper train 1 skill per day ? Apply this logic to your botting patterns.
  7. @Druid can you prevent dspawn ? Ardy knights it sometimes finds it way to block the ardy knight and it despawns.
  8. dantan

    Herblore Script - Super Combat

    Still dont understand why not a single herblore script supports this ? There's been request going back 1 year ago now and still no one has implemented it.
  9. dantan

    AlphaCrafter Pro

    It just randomly logged me out.. Didnt even finish @AlphaDog Script broken
  10. dantan

    JJ's Herblore [Mix, Clean, Grind]

    @J J Super Combat Support? No one on the forums have this .. ?
  11. dantan

    Woow, Tribot you fucking scammers

    Try scanning your computer for malware, use an antivirus like avira and malwarebytes. And no, i see no reason why anyone or even tribot would want to steal "2m GP" which isn't worth much at all. The motive just isn't there.
  12. dantan

    Woow, Tribot you fucking scammers

    You are probably keylogged. Maybe you should read closely, and before you throw accusations do provide some proof that tribot hacked you. Bare in mind they are a reputable site for a reason if not people wouldn't be on here.
  13. dantan

    Woow, Tribot you fucking scammers

    BROOO Calm your ass down. I've been on tribot for years and they have never ever hacked anyone. IF you got hacked its probably because your got keylogged or entered your passwords on some other phishing site.