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  1. Fishing Guild fishing platform 1 /2 broken it only goes to the furthest one.
  2. If they dont care here you think they'll entertain a dispute? Theyll probably shut the dispute down as fast as ebola
  3. Ive been waiting for my vip-e and script compensation. For real what's the excuse this time ?
  4. Still flawed and bannable. Bot Automatically knows fishing spot when there are multiple options ( Humans will have to right click and check the spot ) In locations with platform namely fishing guild - IS there no option to just choose one platform instead of going to the furthest which raises alot of red flags... The clicking and camera angles seem fake.. why is the camera view soooo low... When it afk can you put a notification to say how long it is afking for ? ( In bot client )
  5. The combat part of it could use some refinement , the looting system seems bugged also other than that i think its okay.
  6. Yes as when someone talks to you, you will be able to respond. Ive seen people report people who have behave suspiciously, once you get reported jagex would probably take a close look at your account activity.
  7. Please look into my account @TRiLeZ
  8. So i know the problem is nothing related to my pc i have a 6 core cpu. Basically my fps is like 10... and i see the cpu utiilization for osb is like 5%.. but if i were to open windows media player and play a video the fps goes up all the way to 30.. however once the clip autoplays the fps drops again.. anyone know a fix for this? It seems like my osb is not using enough cpu Update : I found a fix ! Go to task manager Go to OS Buddy Right click -> Details Right Click -> Set Affinity and set it to ONE core. You should be able to get higher fps. Im getting 50 fps now...
  9. My VIP was renewed before the issue however i have yet to get my extension and scripts that expired extended.
  10. SO Nothing happened... and zero updates.
  11. So looks like they won't be extending vip and scripts..
  12. Well he could have atleast given at eta etc like in 2 weeks or in a month or in a year .. don't leave us hanging !