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  1. Had 3 extended super anti fire and it said out of anti fire pots and teled ... Also when ranging certain NPC like dragons is it possible to make it smart enough to stand out of melee range ? @Optimus
  2. I just tested again with your recommendations. Fix the luring while in combat it seems very silly, a real player wont lure a bandit that is currently aggro. Why does it hop when it kills the aggro bandit ?
  3. @Laniax Black jacking is very unstable atm. It is trying to lure when bandit is aggro ?? Also it is closing the curtain before the bandit is inside. I would not recommend people use this script for BJ you can easily get banned.
  4. dantan

    [FREE] Login script.

    Fuck you found my best money maker !
  5. dantan

    purchased both vip and extended

    yes. Lumbridge tutor hacked u
  6. dantan

    looking glass clickign random places

    Check if "block all user input is turned on" . If it is on turn it off. No idea about script clicking wrong places.. but try that step first, also let me know what script you are running ?
  7. dantan

    can't start script

    You are not VIP. But i guess your session might have ghosted.. you can go to your user panel/ instance manager
  8. dantan

    Doing free services

    My lawn needs to be mowed
  9. dantan

    Auto Runecrafter Pro Development

    Looking forward to testing astrals/cosmics ! Seem to be very neglected
  10. dantan

    What is real human mouse speed?

    I think it also depends on your mouse DPI ? Dont quote me on that but i notice my mouse moves faster at a higher DPI
  11. This script is getting better and better, best AIO on tribot by far. Also for those who say it can't detect NPC this is a common problem and a quick way to fix it is to restart tribot client.
  12. dantan

    Tribot crashing

    Hello everyone ! This is a known bug for a few months now ! The developers have done nothing about it ! They are well aware but to lazy to fix it !
  13. Since he is asking about spec.. Does this support all the godswords/bludgeon/armadyl cbow/dragon halberd . Also when looting coins is there a way to make it loot coins above a certain amount ? @Optimus