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  1. As for paypal i dont know what youre talking about. Email verified Business Account Paypal Verified VPN - No And still says fraud. FYI at the amount of people facing this we call it false positive, instead you should be more constructive rather than saying there isn't much to be done.
  2. TLDR Community says inactivate Moderator says Active ; I cant even buy credits with paypal coz i was flagged ? Admins did not even bother looking into it when there's clearly a massive problem that im not the only one experiencing. The fact that some of us did not get the VIP-E Extension during the down time sometime back says alot about how things are being handled. Again we are paying customers that are not getting the whole shabang . And about Premium scripts becoming stale : Yes and no, some scripters are more active and hands on, but recently the feedback ive given to some scripters seem to be ignored / not fixed.
  3. Its called Pattern . And patterns are one of the best ways to get you banned. Humans are random and not precise.
  4. It is likely they can see what account has previously logged on x client with x ip
  5. @TacoManStan Script broken.
  6. PM details
  7. How many credits are you buying: 8Have you added me on skype?: tryingAre you paying with 07 or Rs3 gp?: 07
  8. If you want to see how many people have complained about this... Go search threads with this string " suspect it may be fraudulent. " U won't be surprised.
  9. @Usa @TRiLeZ A bulk of us are facing this issue? Why is there no appeal process or any proper customer support? My paypal account is verified! Stop making us buy overpriced credits from 3rd parties its really unfair
  10. @Tri It cant alch items when there is a warning ? Do you understand that ? It alches fine for items below 20ish k but i think items above 30k it gives you a warning before alching
  11. You can do that and then when someone reports you jagex will investigate your account previous and current activity. So...
  12. It does not matter if you bot and play legit or not, If someone reports you they will investigate anyway, they will probably check the data (gameplay) before/during and after to see if there is any suspicious activities
  13. Arn't you limited to 5 credits (transfer) ?