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  1. quite possibly, but not all my bots were banned from the same ip
  2. Im hoping this will benefit the smarter, more low-key botters while hurting the masses of less lucrative and conspicuous botters
  3. I've always been under the impression that low hp pures are better than high hp pures. Why? because in 90% of fights, it all comes down to the K.0. Having lower hitpoints allows you to allocate those levels into offensive stats such as str for deadlier k.o.s But wait...low hp means you will get bodied frequently!....not always. Sure, you should not have your hp so low that every rusher can drop you with ease, but there are also things you can do to prevent rushing. 1) wear phoenix necklace 2)anglerfish/sara brew 3)combo-eating foods Now, some people also claim that low hp means you will get knocked easily in fights. This isnt always true. Say you have a 95 hitpoint zerker, and your opponent maxes 40, roughly. You would then eat a shark at ~40-50 hipoints, otherwise if you eat at 50+, youre a safer, and no one likes safers. This being said, If you eat a shark at 50 hp, you would then be at 70hp. You get hit, your hp drops to 45, you eat another shark and now youre at 65hp.(just using these as examples.) Now using this information, how often are you really going to be 70+ hp? probably never unless you safe your titties off. So assuming you dont safe, and you eat within this threshold, 25hp(70-95) levels of combat stats are being wasted, those 25hp levels would convert to around 20 str lvls or so. Not only that, but if you have 95hp you should not have any worries of rushers. even at 70hp, using the three methods listed earlier, you should still have very little risk of being rushed. same rules apply to 1 def pures. Why have 90 hp when the highest hipoints you reach in a fight is around 60-70? So how do you avoid such high hp lvls when you train your account? there are a few methods of each skill that can be trained without gaining hp. Unfortunately they can be very slow Str-Barb fishing. Pest control(repair barracades), Warriors guild keg or shotput minigame. Atk-No methods train atk without hp as far as i know. You get 44 via quets, and the remaining lvls should be trained at pest control so you can still get atk levels with minimal hp gains, while some hp gains is necessary. Ranged-Cannon, Ranged Guild Magic-This one is important because a lot of pures train magic but not always the correct way. You should almost always try to train your magic without combat to avoid hp lvls. This is also the easiest skill to train without hp. Def-Pest control. Warriors guild minigame. Note: be careful about prayer level. In most cases, 13 prayer is better than 31 prayer as far as combat stats go. For low level pures, 4 prayer is sometimes better than 13. If 4-13 gives 1 cbt lvl but only 5% more off of 60 atk, you're getting 3.5 extra str lvls. On the same token, 1 cbt lvl would grant 4 str lvls. Most people call me an idiot when I try to tell them that low hp pures are better, and maybe theyre right, but from my own reseach, i believe that often times pures have an excess of hitpoints that are never really utilized in pvp fights, thus hindering their overall potential. Thoughts? do you agree with my approach, or am I just a lunatic? Let me know!
  4. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck no more weekend suiciding :'(
  5. the cannon feature works nicely. Im not sure about the ranged guild as i have never tried it on this script. Im not even sure if it supports it
  6. Sand crabs seem a little finicky... I know youre supposed to hug the coast and not let any structures show on the map, so i set my fight tile at the coast line with a 6-square radius. Even when there is no buildings in sight it still gets stuck occasionally. I could use a smaller fight radius, but that would probably yield sub par xp results. I could also set a safespot, but then my character would stay on that spot, unable to fight crabs that might be a few tiles over
  7. Which Jmod in particular should I tweet? my friend tried the wrong one and he doesnt know which one to tweet
  8. I will try this. It says that they will not appeal the ban, but because of the different IP addresses, hijacking is definitely plausible.
  9. Its not the only motivation. I bot for fun, and also in hopes to make a few extra bucks a month
  10. I bought 5 proxies a few hours ago but im unable to use them yet because it still says the order is pending. how long does it take for my order to be active and not pending? EDIT: just got them
  11. A little about me My name is Jaren, I am from the United States and I am a 22 year old college student. I've been playing Runescape for ~12 years and have been botting for ~5years. Over the years Ive gone tired of the mindless grinding, the nonsense of nonstop hours of clicking just isnt for me anymore. The main aspect of osrs that entices me is the PvP scene as it is like no other. I have a passion for creating off-meta pures that I believe to be superior to the average pure.(examples include low hp, high str/range via range guild/ barb fishing/pest control)...(right before EOC i botted 99 ranged and str on a 10 hp account) I used to be quite successful with botting about 4 years ago, when botting Osrs seemed to be in its golden age. I had botted dozens of 99's, had super rare pure accounts. Unfortunately looking back, I was lazy and took for granted the slack of ban hammers. I mostly ran 4-6 bots at a time on average even though my computer was capable of double that. Not to mention, gold was valued at 3x the price it is now. I didnt really push myself, thus never reaching my true potential at the time. Racking in 300m/month while achieving great pure accounts just off a few bots at a time was enough for me at the time. Unfortunately I never really did my research about proxy's and how chain bans occur, and one instance I can recall that I was botting f2p cows on one account while my pure just hit 99 ranged purely off of ranged guild. The next day both of my accounts were banned, losing over 500m on one account and not to mention the awesome stats I had. I was deterred and wanted to throw in the towel. I took a big hit and didn't have much to show for. At that time I was too ignorant and naive to consider mules Another instance where my main pure (99 fish, 82 str, 99 ranged 99 mage 50 hp) got a 2 ban from botting pest control. It was dumb of me to risk such a good account for something i could practically afk, so I decided to no longer bot on that account. So thats what i did, I played on osbuddy and played pc by hand the next 2 days. Following those 2 days I got perm banned even though I never botted again on that account.....?chain ban again? That incident left me broken because of all the hard work I put in this account just to have it perm banned unjustifiably. The following years, I've tried to get back into the scene, however botting has become exponentially harder to accomplish. I used to have a small bot farm on MTA collecting infinity gear, and bans were very rare. I got many accounts 99 mage, several 94+ and dozens 85+. In comparison to today's times, Im lucky if I can bot MTA for 4 hours without getting banned the next day. While some scripts are still decently low ban rate(fishing, agility, etc) a lot of the better scripts are not as fortunate(combat,MTA,ranged guild) If i had to guess, I would say Ive had 300+ accounts banned in my botting career The past few months I have found enjoyment in playing Runescape again, especially with all the quality updates. Although practically all of my accounts have been eradicated, I decided to try to build up again. My good friend has a maxed main that lets me use when he is not on; I often find myself doing zulrah or brutal blacks by hand while i'm botting some other accounts. His account is quite good and I never had intentions of botting on it. Few days ago, I suicided some bots to make a quick coin. At the end of the night I muled off a small deposit(12m or so) to the main. The following day, I receive a picture text from my friend showing my his prized main got perm banned. The ban was listed as Macro/using 3rd party programs, but contrary to that I've never macroed or used 3rd party programs on his account specifically. The only thing that makes sense is a chain ban, as 4 other accounts of mine were banned at the same time, however 1 account wasn't banned that was botting heavily. Needless to say, I feel awful because his account that took him hundreds of hours to build is no more. While I do feel like this is my fault, I feel like jagex did me dirty, They banned an innocent account that potentially was in association with a botting account. If they did their research they would find that there were 2 different IP addresses logging onto this account, so one might be able to say it was hacked and the hacker was trying to add money onto it. Regardless, I am quite upset with this whole scenario. I wanted to just quit botting after that point, as losing my friends account really upset me. After some contemplation, I decided not to give up botting. I enjoy botting, and I believe I am quite good at it because I have extensive game knowledge, and experience in the botting scene, backed up with data of my own. Losing my friends account sucks, But I figure I can recreate his account in 6 months time If I am diligent, and on that note, I could in theory create 10 accounts like his in that time If I am motivated and proactive. I am more motivated than ever, as I believe I owe Jagex some payback So what will you do differently to avoid making the same mistakes? -I Will buy proxies. Hopefully this will prevent chain bans, which have been the most catastrophic for my bot farms. Also, I am sure my IP is flagged At $3 a proxy, I will buy 5 proxies at first and assign 1-2 accounts per proxy and see how that goes. If it prevents chain bans, $15 a month is definitely worth. -I will record my data daily. The most organized people make the most gains because they have data to work with and have it laid out so it is easy to locate. Commenting about bans can help prevent it from happening a 2nd time. -I will set realistic goals. Previously I never really pushed my limits on botting, even though I am fully aware of the potential it can provide. I plan to start with small goals while my structure is small, and as I expand I will create larger goals. Goals are important as a way of really pushing yourself and seeing how far you can go. -I will research and try new things. One of my problems is that I tend to stick to the scripts I am familiar with. This is because I have accumulated enough data to draw conclusions about whether its worth using the script or not. Unfortunately this really limits me from trying superior scripts. Perhaps trying a NMZ or MLM would be good
  12. Got me wanting to move to estonia now lol
  13. my maxed main 100% handmade just got perm banned for macroing/3rd party clients when i never botted nor logged onto tri on it, so muling can definietly get you banned, even if small amounts
  14. I like it because its a niche that rewards the people who do their research with multiple trial and error. It sucks taking some big hits sometimes but in the end its quite rewarding
  15. Got Banned? Fill out this form: Last location before getting banned?: Draynor Skill botted?: Agility Breaks or no? no If so how long?: How long did you bot per day?: 10 minutes. Banned before?: not on this account Type of ban?: perm VPS/VPN/Proxy?: (Yes / No/ Which) no Scripts Used? aAgility v2 Other Bots Used?: no How many bots at a time were being run?: 0 Date banned?: 8/25/16 Fresh account/Days acc used?: Fresh AF ..Did tutorial island by hand. bought membership then immediately went to gnome stronghold course to bot 1-10 agility. Took less than 10 mins. then home teled and ran back to draynor, logged out. Come back next day perm banned