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  1. I have 3 small suggestions, however they are not super important. It would be nice to have an option to teleport after running out of food. also, if you run out of food during a fight, the script automatically logs out(if the option is set) instead of looting then logging out. would be nice if you could loot right before logging if possible one last one...its more economical when using serp helm to apply poision and then switch off helmets to preserve scales. this would be a helpful option, but i dont know if the ban rate would increase if the script switched helmets during every kill
  2. Hey i have a suggestion. the way the alchemist room works now, is when it runes out of runes, it immediately ends the script and the account sits, logged in with coins in inventory for a prolonged time. this is bad because it looks sketchy for somebody to just stop and be afk for 10 mins, and after a while, the account will log off by default and lose all the coins generated , losing points.| my suggestion is when the script realizes that the account has ran out of runes, immediately deposit the coins in the coffer, and then log out.
  3. still having problems, many times when DMM worlds release, or are condensed it often leads to problems with worldhopping on enchantment. IE... i turn it on, it attempts to worldhop into a F2p world. it then realizes its f2p and worldhops to a member world. it collects all dstones, enchants, then just sits indefinitely. i have restarted the client many times
  4. Enchantment room is broken for me. Doesn't worldhop and just sits . never had this problem and i have been using for a while
  5. Sand crabs seem a little finicky... I know youre supposed to hug the coast and not let any structures show on the map, so i set my fight tile at the coast line with a 6-square radius. Even when there is no buildings in sight it still gets stuck occasionally. I could use a smaller fight radius, but that would probably yield sub par xp results. I could also set a safespot, but then my character would stay on that spot, unable to fight crabs that might be a few tiles over
  6. Anarch

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    botted lvls 1-10 and got banned lol
  7. https://gyazo.com/9f12fcffe9cd4da89142d988ee5fe544
  8. thanks for the kickass script, this is like my 4th account ive gotten 99 fishing with
  9. id be glad to help, just any account with 40 ranged?
  10. yes i agree, i used to never get banned however the popularity of this script has increased even though the profits and point rates per hour have plummetted. Botting on new accounts even when hand made to a point are risky...i think jagex sees a fresh account getting 500k mage xp in one day and they get flagged or something, not positive. I have much more luck only botting on 1 account in mta rather than multiple. also take into consideration there is a bigger bot busting team than there was a couple months ago like 3 days ago i was getting a lil over 100pts/hr in tele but now im averaging only 85...not sure what happened also with infinity boots at around 900k, and it taking about 4.5hrs to obtain the points for them, thats only averaging 200k per hour and thats before taking the rune costs into consideration. yes other infinity items would be better to buy, but sometimes its better getting what profits you can before getting banned
  11. i keep getting banned, i dont think this script is that safe anymore....