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  1. Even though its tedious , I would recommend tut island by hand. I used to bot it a long time ago and like majority of them got insta "locked"
  2. So its counting each blowpipe shot as 330gp per shot, when it should be (185*(2/3))per shot +140gp per lost dart
  3. @worthy Theres an issue with the resources tab where it overvalues the price of blowpipe shots; I was able to reciprocate this everytime. One example,One kill used 6 adamant darts(140*6) and 18 scales(18*185) =4170 gp, the resources listed the blowpipes shots at 9240 gp.
  4. the only thing the resources tab doesnt record is broken/lost ammunition when using a crossbow or anything that isnt a blowpipe if im correct, is this something that could be implemented?
  5. the 6-way switch works fine but I havent had success having an 8 way switch without it rearranging
  6. Just started using the script, im really impressed and kind of shocked there arent as many people using this as I would expect...but better for the fewer users using it I suppose. My only complaint is that when i go for a 8 way switch on the top 2 rows, it stubbornly moves a potion on a slot of the top 2 rows; makes an 8 way switch now using 3 rows and is thus less effective... My only wish is if the script would accept multiples methods of magic instead of just trident. im kind of confident at lower magic lvls ( like 75-80ish) that Fire wave and fire tome would be better. otherwise truly flawless script and I look forward to using it more
  7. i had success doing slayer
  8. I have 3 small suggestions, however they are not super important. It would be nice to have an option to teleport after running out of food. also, if you run out of food during a fight, the script automatically logs out(if the option is set) instead of looting then logging out. would be nice if you could loot right before logging if possible one last one...its more economical when using serp helm to apply poision and then switch off helmets to preserve scales. this would be a helpful option, but i dont know if the ban rate would increase if the script switched helmets during every kill
  9. i just learned you can make an additional $500-1000 a month extra in the military/reserve if you are fluent in 1 or 2 foreign languages. kidna neat
  10. Ive had the best luck with botting combat at low-traffic areas and slayer. Slayer is hard to get big afk gains because you have to keep getting new tasks, but its really safe in my opinion.
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