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  1. The only option it has is "Best path" and I have the level required for the high agility path. The bot attempts to walk to the agility path, then it just clicks on the opposite side, then after walking for a few seconds it clicks back to the low level agi shortcut and SOMETIMES goes through it. And by going through it, I mean it spam clicks it and walks back and forth through it like 3 times before it realizes. It doesn't even attempt the shortcuts walking back.
  2. Cosmic crafting is broken, it just clicks the wall next to the agility shortcut rather than the shortcut itself
  3. Does this not use the agility shortcuts at the cosmics altar when normal crafting?
  4. This doesnt really work it seems. Doing air orbs it pulls the orbs out of the bank and then just keeps trying to pull more orbs out and keeps failing at that.
  5. Carlderp

    [ABCL 10] ExShopper - AIO Shop Buyer & Seller

    I tried using the trial of this, when I start the script it just says "downloading script" then it asks to accept an IP and instantly ends the script. This is happening no matter what I do.
  6. I came back months after trying this for the first time hoping that essence mining would be fixed. I was wrong. The bot still just tries to walk to the black area on the outside of the mine or it just walks around inside the mine just clicking stuff randomly.
  7. This bot doesn't support a rune pouch? Why not? I save 3 spaces that way when making astrals. Also sometimes it likes to sit at bank doing nothing, maybe randomly right clicking some other shit in there. Also the lunar runepouch method does not work. It pulls out the needed rune and then says that im not on lunars and ends. Doesnt know how to pull out more stamina potions. The amount of babysitting needed is astronomical.
  8. When crafting is there no option to have all the essence in your inventory and then the bot just uses the essence on the bank teller? Its faster that way. Also when crafting Astrals, if you have the fremmy elites done you dont need the seal on the island anymore, but the bot auto shuts down if its not on you when it starts. Any way around this? Also it only supports one kind of staff? Make it support whatever you have equipped please. Also is there runepouch support? I just banks my runepouch
  9. Carlderp

    |w| Constructor [REWRITTEN 2.0] [ABC2 L10]

    This bot gets stuck ALOT, like every 5 minutes. Whenever the butler spawns on the other side of the door the bot has no idea what to do and I have to manually call the servant back to the side I am on to get the bot to continue. I am making oak larders btw.
  10. I am also crashing upon start-up. Using LG as well.
  11. Carlderp

    Bought a script but it's not showing

    Yep, I checked that first thing and it shows that I spent 8 credits on it.
  12. Carlderp

    Bought a script but it's not showing

    No sir, it is aMiner v2
  13. Carlderp

    Bought a script but it's not showing

    I can't, it just asks me to buy it again.