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  1. This bot doesn't support a rune pouch? Why not? I save 3 spaces that way when making astrals. Also sometimes it likes to sit at bank doing nothing, maybe randomly right clicking some other shit in there. Also the lunar runepouch method does not work. It pulls out the needed rune and then says that im not on lunars and ends. Doesnt know how to pull out more stamina potions. The amount of babysitting needed is astronomical.
  2. When crafting is there no option to have all the essence in your inventory and then the bot just uses the essence on the bank teller? Its faster that way. Also when crafting Astrals, if you have the fremmy elites done you dont need the seal on the island anymore, but the bot auto shuts down if its not on you when it starts. Any way around this? Also it only supports one kind of staff? Make it support whatever you have equipped please. Also is there runepouch support? I just banks my runepouch
  3. This bot gets stuck ALOT, like every 5 minutes. Whenever the butler spawns on the other side of the door the bot has no idea what to do and I have to manually call the servant back to the side I am on to get the bot to continue. I am making oak larders btw.
  4. I am also crashing upon start-up. Using LG as well.
  5. Yep, I checked that first thing and it shows that I spent 8 credits on it.
  6. No sir, it is aMiner v2
  7. I can't, it just asks me to buy it again.
  8. I bought a script yesterday, a one time payment for unlimited use. Today it's only showing that I can use the trial version of that script, and its asking me to purchase the script again. I looked at my transaction history and it shows that I paid for it. what do?
  9. I found the problem, I got ripped off 8 dollars for this script. I tried the 2 hour trial, then bought the full script and it took my credits. I thought I had the full script but its showing that I only have the trial version. rip 8 credits
  10. When doing essence mining, it gets to the mine and then just continuously tries to run east, no matter what room i spawn in.
  11. Trying to catch red chins but when I try and grab the current tile no matter where I'm standing , it reads in (-1,-1,0) as my position.
  12. I bought VIP for 30 days a few days ago, under my account on the website it shows that I spent the credits and I have a subscription, yet when I log into the client it asks me to purchase VIP. If I buy the $1 trial, it works fine. I'm getting ripped off here.
  13. I am honestly not certain which room it was in when it happened. I haven't used the bot since. It always happened when the spike traps themselves put me into the "low food, returning to bank" state and it tried to run away from where it came in. I don't remember if it was clicking on the minimap or not. And yes, I am using looking glass. Also, my death spawn is fally.
  14. Goes for about an hour then stops. Ive never been around when it stops, but the debug just says "Performing antiban" alot