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  1. Has anyone successfully botted since the update has come out and not had their account banned after a 24 hour period? waiting to use until I know it's safe since im wanting to bot my main atm.
  2. You're a jerk.

    1. Cloudnine


      Lol thanks. I love you too Dylan. :P

  3. I feel like it should automatically log you off after the script stops unless the scripter turns the feature off.
  4. Do not log in on the link. It is a phishing website.
  5. Nice script. It humidifies around 14k+ an hour and its 100 profit each. That's over 1.4m profit per hour. This should be premium in my opinion.
  6. I bought one today. Went smoothly.
  7. Clearly you are joking. He obviously should put a pin on the account before letting anyone else use it but at the same time if someone were to steal his items there should be consequences. In my opinion this is a legit service...though it is a risky one. You can make a lot of money with a decent staking account if you know how to stake properly.
  8. This has to be the #1 most retarded thread I have EVER seen.
  9. Just started it up will post a proggy for you later but the first thing i see that would be a nice addition is ex per hour to the paint.
  10. I actually charge 3.5m each for mine. So its a pretty good deal.
  11. If you don't have windows professional or ultimate 64 bit then it doesn't matter if you have more than 8 Gbs of RAM it'll only register 8 of it regardless of how much is actually installed.
  12. Really...? That's it. I was so excited that maybe he did some really nice updates.
  13. I more curious on what the update was. There is no threads or posts in announcements or in TRiBot development giving us any details.
  14. There is one in development from what i read. Hopefully he will release it. I have a pure to level up.
  15. Just used this bot to get from 1 - 52 prayer. It took 1 hour and 5 mins. Now I can start chinning on my pure