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  1. Has anyone successfully botted since the update has come out and not had their account banned after a 24 hour period? waiting to use until I know it's safe since im wanting to bot my main atm.
  2. You're a jerk.

    1. Cloudnine


      Lol thanks. I love you too Dylan. :P

  3. I feel like it should automatically log you off after the script stops unless the scripter turns the feature off.
  4. Just started it up will post a proggy for you later but the first thing i see that would be a nice addition is ex per hour to the paint.
  5. Anyways...Congratz to TheD on sectional moderator of the black market.
  6. I decided to go with an essay format rather than splitting it into sections.
  7. Why not... I'll put mine here too.
  8. Huh... I didn't even notice The Black Tux only made his account 20 days ago. I wonder why he applied.
  9. Good luck to everyone. I hope some good candidates are chosen.
  10. "Just wants attention" That's exactly what you sound like you're trying to get. And as far as a separate group from scripters. That's a great idea because not all of the script writers are top notch. Once again Scripters "Could" Be given the task but not all of them are suitable for it. There should be a group of scripter's that receive an additional title for random solving so they get the extra credit that they deserve for putting in the extra work. Well said both of you. In my opinion I'd rather Trilez put his time in working on the API and other things than having to fix the randoms almost once a week. I agree with most of this but Trilez is the one and only developer and the only thing he accepts help on currently are randoms, But having a second developer would be a huge bonus to TRiBot.
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