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  1. Defiantly get this script. Oh,and last issue which is sooo tiny it does not even matter, but it would be cool if the script could show cosmics per hour? cheers
  2. Oh and I have realised when you complete or do a random the bot becomes quite slower, not sure why, cheers.
  3. the pker detector is going off tap haha, even sometimes with no one there, unless they other runecrafters? Does it still hop if they are not even in your combat range? had a 12h progy before, was good was slightly lower on average xp but did not die. I think once you hit 110cb+ you do not get pked as much
  4. Hey i have a up and go seller! if any1 needs a account to follow when they are botting pm me! ill give details. Only have a Demon one atm..
  5. Fmejimmy


    pin and authenticator=gg?
  6. Tbh this script is perfect, I get around 4000-4300 runes a hour/ 2000-2150 pure essence a hour with full pouches. Only problem is i get pked so friggen much! being 100-110 is the worse cb to rc! every1 has tb hahah. Last problem is, it sometimes does not pick up pouches.. but only takes 10-20mins to gather them all up again. Really recommending this script.
  7. Where is dhaorking mode? that may be why? It can be annoying having to manually get lower HP every 10mins haha. I also buy the games manually and turn script on once inside nightmare zone, and repeat this process once done.
  8. and it does not try to get lower hp, so if i really leave the bot i will be dharoking with 40hp ;s
  9. I have died 3 times from pkers... it does not even realise some1 is attacking it and it does not even try to tele away when below 75 % hp.
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