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  1. Is Webwalker broken? Bot just stands in front of banks and never banks. If you manually open bank it adjusts and walks back to where it was. This worked like a week ago - i changed none of my settings.
  2. I'll try it out on an account done manual and another with your script. Suggestion: Anyway to make the name not pick from the list that osrs suggests? Pretty sure accounts that take a suggested name get watched more closely.
  3. Yeah, I never do. Always run tut manually. mixture of both, but I've experienced high ban rates on both free and premium.
  4. What's your method? Lately I've done a lot of botting with new lvl 3s. I manually run tut island, I trade them quest items and equipment for combat, mining, wcing, and fishing. After that I run JQuester for the 7 QP (Cooks Assistant, sheep shearer, and R&J). I train a bit of combat to about CB 20, then do WCing to around 20-30, mining to 15-20, and then fishing to 40. I diversify the first day of these bots quite a bit, however they still get banned fairly quickly. I'm doing something wrong along the way - im sure of it - just not sure what. My best guess is how I'm creating these accounts. I create a batch of 2-3 accounts per IP at a time so I don't get timed out and flagged. I do this all on either a Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure VM instance, where I can change the password when I need to. I babysit my accounts and turn them off at night. Last night two accounts I had created, gotten to 45 fishing, all were banned. So either 1 of 2 things here. It's the scripts I'm using or it's the VMs I'm using - I've heard of people not bothering with VMs and VPS due to ban rates, and opting into investing profits into new computers for botting. Scripts used: nRestocker: I use this to trade my mule in Lumby right after tut island, grabs the starting equip and quest items, changes all the settings to something not default, and then banks it all. JQuester - Free: I use this for the 7 QP OptimusAIO Combat - Premium: I use this to get quick lvl 20s in my combat skills. Auto Woodcutter: Gets me 15 WC aMiner: Gets me 15 Mining (for a premium script, this particular script being runs gets be banned quick, likely due to high botting rates in F2P worlds for mining) aFisher/ftwFisher: trains to 40+ fishing. I haven't gotten any further than fishing before getting banned. This is all on F2P worlds and likely contributes to the ban rates, but I can't justify using bonds yet until I maintain stable bots for at least a week to know I have a method to use. The bots that I do actively use and maintain are only because they are accounts that I bought - with either OSRS or USD - and they have misc quests, skills, time played, etc. I feel like finding these accounts and buying them is probably more stable, but I wanted to outline my method and get everyone's take on this. I really find the pursuit of automating multiple accounts with mules and stockers to be really intriguing and would love to figure out a method with a high success rate. One thing I haven't tried yet as well is buying a bunch of cheap proxies and applying them to the new accounts to separate 1+ new accounts with the same ip all doing similiar tasks - which I'm sure looks suspicious. Thanks,
  5. Is this still supported? I have all the items but the script completes cooks assistant, runs to GE, and then exits without doing Sheep or R&J.
  6. while smithing in tut it gets stuck Also, the bot doesnt change appearances at all. Very obvious bots haha
  7. Script still drops pickaxes.
  8. Yay!!!! Can't wait to send a batch of 30+ accounts into it tonight. I'll try capture those angle issues. I realized they may be caused by resizing while in stretched resolution, so this update may have fixed that problem indirectly.
  9. Don't know when or if ever since it's a free script - too bad since it was a beast.
  10. Great job with the recent update! I noticed the changes instantly. Keep up the good work. The script has troubles with some doors at some angles which it can get temp stuck on, but other than that this is awesome. Personal preference is maybe to give a selection after tut island for where the bot should walk to - since i always walk mine to the GE to my stocker EDIT: Last thing too, is personally i find the starting Resolution a bit resource heavy. Maybe have the bot change it right away? just a QoL suggestion
  11. Hi All, Thought I'd share a cheap alternative to VM/VPS options for hosting your bots. Recently I setup myself with a Microsoft Azure VM for free 30 days to host my bots off of. It works great and the setup is simple. For any of you out there looking into VPS hosting services, try out the free VM hosting offerings first to see if this is something you will pursue. I setup myself with a VPS from virmach for $20 a month and it's absolute shit. I wish I had tested out these VM services first. Lots of other sites offer trial period VMs that will outperform Virmach 9/10. EDIT: Google Cloud VM has a $300 trial for up to 12-months - which ever you use up first.
  12. Exactly the same thing just happened to me. My username didnt change, and I can reset the password. It's like my username is suddenly wrong. Even the emails i get from gmail say, "Hi Character Name Unavailable, " Then it lets me reset the password. Any one know what this is, or how to fix it?
  13. shoot, and I was so close to getting 97 str. Please fix fast
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