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  1. great working script, but unfortunatly was banned ( both accs on different proxies... >.> ) idk if someone can make sense of the ban
  2. last post was almost a month ago?
  3. got me 85 def, thank, worked great!
  4. if you create accounts or know someone that does hmu -- also looking for a private script pm me!
  5. Please add or look into getting pouches back (via picking up after death), i will definitly buy if you do
  6. i knew a guy that had 13 running on the same ip a couple months ago. he made 250k nats a day
  7. Ok, how many runes/he does this get with small media and large pouches? and giant pouches ?
  8. If im not VIP i can still run one premiun script, right? How do i run that script, everytime i click scripts it says "Only VIP can run scripts..."
  9. well this just fucked the nat price harder
  10. Pmods Cannot ban, but it red flaggs your account, basicly putting it on a list for the jmod to ban. essentially, pmod in a certain line of thihnking can indirectly ban you.
  11. Problem is theres always some idiot that trys undercutting with like 200k nats to sell, but what he dosent realize is after he undercuts, someone will undercut him and so on.. better off to all sell for same price and make more money.
  12. Why submit an update that isn't test xD also why did it only break your script -.-....
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