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  1. can you update the bank booth id?
  2. Just use the Universal Combat Fighter bot. It will get the job done plus save you some money!
  3. This is so true. This site makes so much money, yet they cant put together a team fix a few bug and glitches. Honestly, there needs to be more updates. Support. Edit: Oh yea, I forgot to mention. I was in the TeamSpeak the other day and an admin thought it was funny to give out my IP so people could Ddos me. Honestly, pathetic.
  4. Finally! keep it up!
  5. seen this before!
  6. I dont get it...
  7. Apparently u get PID everytime u take a shit according to chris archie.
  8. LMFAO! Drug test! trololol!
  9. Good luck! Btw how are you dedicated if your botting?
  10. +1 Lol!
  11. 1-94 str at fightcaves. I pretty much botted 24/7 before bot watch. Now i don't really bot as much.
  12. Not a single ban on these 60 accounts yet? damn!
  13. Microsoft Security essentials ftw!
  14. 5'8 around 132-135 lbs. i'm 16 so i'm still growing
  15. Its norton. LOL